Being a remote working nomad, often means frequent trips to other countries and moving around a lot. Since some of these trips last only for a couple of weeks, packing everything is probably not the best option and it is better to bring only the essentials on these travels. In order to feel comfortable, most of the digital nomads already have pre-made lists of things to bring on their journeys. This makes it a lot easier, simply because some of the items on the list are necessary for everyday living while others may come handy in certain situations. For instance, a good laptop that has a strong battery is for some a must have thing while traveling. Let’s take a look at some of the essentials that you should bring with yourself if you are a digital nomad. Continue Reading

Being constantly on the move – life has its rewards but challenges too. Travelling all the time and maintaining a steady job on the go can be quite a daunting task. Remaining efficient and consistent at your job and constantly being on the top of things is difficult. These few tips might can help – Continue Reading

The desire of every remote worker is to have some super fast Internet connection in order to easily and quickly finish up one task and begin another one. There is nothing that is as frustrating and disappointing as taking hours without end to have just a single page loading. This greatly demotivate a person to the extent of loosing hope on whether we shall be able to meet the deadline. In India, strategies to deal with this problem have been implemented. They include: Continue Reading

This digital arena will never cease to amaze most of us. Days are now long gone when analogue watches were the only thing available in market. Today, there is more to smart phones since the smart watches were launched in market. The good news is that these watches are serving more purpose that just displaying time and being used as alarms. Continue Reading

Nowadays, office culture seems to have been taken over, supplemented by the remote working culture. Although this has come with it’s list of advantages, it has its own downside as well. Among the things that boost the employees morale is working together as a team in a common vicinity. This brings about employees cohesion as they share opinions as they work. Unfortunately, social cohesion is unheard when it comes to remote working where each person works from their fixed locations yet towards achieving common goals of the association. Continue Reading

Health is one of the most necessary things in life, and for people who are working as Digital Nomads, it is sometimes not that easy to find the right medical care and treatment in a foreign country. The good news is that with the right health insurance, a doctor’s certificate for medication, and with doing a bit of research about the health care system in a country that you are planning to visit, you’ll have not that much to worry about and you can travel with ease. Continue Reading

Interestingly, the rule of diversity seems to be all over the world. What is acceptable in one country may be super wrong when done in another country. Therefore, it is really necessary for you to be able to learn the acceptable etiquette and code of behavior in different countries. This will enable you to accomplish your business goal while in any of those countries. Let us have an overview of some of the do’s and don’ts in various countries.


Belgium is an interesting country where people do greetings by simply shaking hands. Additionally, it is only considered good manners avoiding proximity especially when it comes to opposite sex. You are supposed to allow some respectable personal space what is generally referred to as staying at arms length. It is also expected for you to communicate at low tones as a show of humility. Snapping fingers is also considered a rude behaviour at Belgium. These are etiquettes that are quite sensitive and are worth observing while at Belgium, whether on a visit or business trip. Failure to do so may cosy you dearly.


While at Canada, it is always considered respectable giving people a firm handshake. This should be done without having shades or a cap on you. It is also considered not in order inquiring personal information from the people you meet along the way, particularly when it is the question of health matters which are considered private and confidential. It is important that you observe and maintain this code of behaviour anytime you find yourself at Canada as a way of ensuring good public relations with the nationalists there.


As compared to the etiquette requirements at other countries, Brazil can be considered to be quite lenient. First off, it is always considered good manners giving a firm handshake while maintaining eye contact. Additionally, it is a common and acceptable code of behaviour for women to kiss at the cheeks. Close proximity while conversing is also considered acceptable at Brazil unlike in most other countries.

Even better, it is always acceptable for people to periodically hold meetings as a way of keeping in touch with each other. During the gatherings, there is nothing wrong with enquiring about personal details of some people.


In France, giving people a light handshake is what is regarded as being right. It is also not in order addressing people by their first names unless they have asked you to; always use the last names instead. Knowing French is also a must have skill in case you are going to freely interact with France people.

Basically, learning the acceptable codes of behavior in different countries will save you the hassles of futile marketing efforts during your business trip. It also gives you some peace of mind in having free interactions with the nationalists in various countries.

Make sure to remember these notes while on your nomadic journeys.

Being a DN, you are always on the move in search of the most adventurous places with a conducive working environment?. The good news is that companies in some of the commonly visited countries clearly understand what the remote workers want. Therefore, all their commitment in work is to ensure that they provide the best of the best environments that will increase productivity.

A conducive environment for a remote worker is one which is in a calm, serene environment with strong WiFi networks. This facilitates a quick surfing process thus making everything super easy. Among the utmost companies in terms of conducive working environment for remote workers include:


Hubud has been considered a home away from home by a good number of digital nomads that have been there. Besides having airplane pick up points, it provides a super calm and adventurous working environment. Presence of the stunning Balinese forest provides a super interesting place of gazing at in between the work breaks thus refreshing tour mind. The calmness of the surrounding area is just amazing and hence making it productive for any determined co-worker.

Surf office

Surf office company is present both in Libson. The house has been beautifully constructed and rooted in a super ideal location within the vibrant city of Libson. It has several flats not forgetting the super egornormically furnished and stylish rooms within. You actually enjoy your stay in all the rooms all through your stay there. Even better, there is a well designed surf office that will temporarily become your working space for the time being. It has been found out that the appearance of the room alone is likely to lead to an increase or decrease in terms of productivity. The surf office company in Gran Canaria. It’s strategic location within the waters enables you to enjoy visits to the surrounding beach to enjoy wave rides as a way of breaking the monotony of being on screen all the u day.


Looking for a company that will provide all requirements that any remote worker will enjoy in? Canvesarai has it all. It provides the best of the best environments ever to facilitate productivity for any digital nomad. The design of the rooms in the apartments are simply welcoming and with a super friendly design to facilitate your comfort all through the working duration.


This company gives you the best opportunity to work on board with them securing your completely monthly salaries. The freedom to work with them enables you to go around places without being chained to your cubicle and time tables. They completely support the fact that a traveler is much more open minded and creative with work. ‘Digital Nomads India’ is proud product made by the lovely team of Webricots, now this is a fact you didn’t knew. Did you?

The above mentioned companies are just a few of the many others in market that also understand the digital nomads totally. Therefore, you may consider seeking their services in case you are in any of the countries where they are located.

Majority of the remote workers find themselves traveling almost every time. One of the main reasons for this is to simply explore the world. Another common reason is in search for a more conducive and productive working environment with a robust WiFi connection. This is something that started small but has really taken root in this digital arena. However there are several challenges along the way as well as some tips on getting over them. Let us demystify some of them:
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Having a number of things to observe such as tight deadlines, reliable storage of work, reliable WiFi networks and so on?. The good news is that mobile app developers are working round the clock to ensure that each individual need of remote workers is met adequately. As a matter of fact, you will find that majority of the people that are up to date with the latest Apps in market are the remote workers. Let us briefly analyze a number of must have Apps for digital nomads. Continue Reading

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