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The group behind the CU Asia occasions are conveying the first Asian collaborating gathering to India! CUIndia will unite cooperating space administrators and lovers, tech organization, financial specialists, land accomplices and others intrigued by the advancing working environment.

The Startup Country subject respects the developing startup scene in India and the parts that the cooperating development has in supporting the developing positions of consultants, creatives and business visionaries that are driving India’s development into the new economy.

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Hardcore digital nomads tend to have some very interesting birthdays while traveling. Birthday meals at local haunts are always a different experience but some chains give out great birthday deals. There are some restaurants where you can get some great birthday offers, whether its just appetisers, desserts or a full fledged spread. Mix up some offers below to have a great birthday meal:


Outback Steakhouse: They have excellent offers on appetisers; the more appetisers you order, the higher your discount.

Joe’s Crab Shack: This chain has a straight up free appetiser on your birthday so by default it’s an amazing offer. They also have half off on certain days and even big discounts for big parties.


Hooters: If you celebrate your birthday at Hooter’s, it means 10 free wings and if you join their eclub, you will get to know more offers the run through the year.

Red Robin: You can get a free burger at Red Robin on your birthday and team it up with some super cheap offers on appetisers.

Firehouse Subs: Signing up to Firehouse Rewards before your birthday means you get a free medium sub on your birthday. The offer is valid for the following 6 days.

IHOP: Like signing up for something called a Pancake Revolution doesn’t sound good enough, celebrating your birthday here would mean free meals including items apart from pancakes too.

Souper! Salad!: Being a member of the Souper! Salad! eclub gets you a coupon for a free buffet on your birthday.

Johnny Rockets: You get a free hamburger just for signing up to the Rocket club. Once you’ve joined it, get another free burger on your birthday. Enough said!

Ponderosa Steakhouses: Sign up for the Ponderosa Steakhouses Club Sign Up and get offers all through the year, with special birthday offers.

Denny’s: Not only do you get free coupons by joining Denny’s Rewards, you can get value meal selections beginning as low as $2. They also have an all you can eat pancakes offer for $4.


A number of places like Chili’s, Applebee’s, Baskin Robbins, Jack in the Box, TGIF and Buffalo Wild Wings offer a portion of free dessert.

Arby’s and Del Taco offer free shakes on birthdays if you sign up to their rewards programmes.

Cold Stone Creamery and Dairy Queen have buy one get one free offers so if you don’t have company you can have two desserts all to yourself!

Wish you a great celebration folks!

Volunteering is a great way to slow travel and understand the people and culture in a particular place. Not only that but volunteering also helps assess a hidden skill that you possess; be it cooking, gardening, teaching or imparting art classes. So let us take a look at volunteering opportunities that India has to offer the digital nomad community.

Teaching: Teaching academics, English and arts to students can be a fulfilling journey as you get present to the creativity and intelligence of the children out there. It can be an opportunity to learn a thing or two from the mini superheroes as their imaginations are at work. Some places where you can volunteer to teach is Volunteer Teaching English Program in Palampur, Travel to Teach, Teaching English in South India, etc.

Community help: If participating in community service is your thing then volunteering in the space of community help should be on your list when travelling in India. You can help in farming, dairy activities, carpentry, documenting the local religious rituals, experience local culture, teach and a lot more activities depending on the location you are at. Different organizations and NGOs have different criteria, duration and structure for volunteering which is quiet flexible per person. Check out these places if you wish to contribute: Rose organization in Uttarakhand, Volunteers for Rural India, Seva Mandir.

Women Empowerment: A quote by Jacqueline King reads, “Women who support, uplift and encourage other women without fear of competition are the most confident women in the world” and rightly so some of us would love to help other women on our travels to uplift themselves and their lives. India is a diverse country with many areas wherein one can contribute towards empowering women. Some activities that you can work on are basic literacy classes, counsel women who have been victims of emotional & physical abuse, training them to be self-dependent, train in basic activities so that they can earn a living. It is a rewarding experience when you see someone progress and shine brightly to better their lives. You can volunteer here and here.

Pet Care: If you like your four-legged friends and miss them while being a digital nomad then pet volunteering is the answer to stay with these lovely creatures. Some activities that you will get to do at a pet volunteering programme is build pet shelters, dog walking, taking care of pets, provide veterinary services, rescuing and rehabilitating the animals, etc. When in India, try your luck at Paws or Podvolunteer

Performing Arts: Does the nomad in you wish to infuse with the local culture of a place then demonstrating your artistic skills is what you can volunteer in. Many such opportunities are available in India wherein you can teach dancing, singing, painting and any other skill that you wish to teach to the locals. Aku Pema Performance Arts is one such group in McLeod Ganj that aims to preserve traditional Tibetan art and culture along with welcoming volunteers to teach other performing arts to their students. Definitely a win-win situation for both!

Happy volunteering readers!

Yes, Its hard sometime when it comes to convincing traditional style clients that being a Digital Nomad Doesn’t Mean You Will be Unavailable. Right?

So lets talk about it,
Most people’s lives are a tug of war between following traditional job life and  moving towards global living. Concepts are getting redefined and it applies more to jobs than to anything else. Making a living no longer means having a 9 to 5 job that gives you a comfortable salary and a company car. People work out of offices, out of homes, and even while travelling. For those of us who are digital nomads, our more traditional clients often have trouble grasping the concept of our lives. In some cases, we even lose out on work because they have trouble believing that we take our work seriously. Here’s how you can reassure them that even though you aren’t stationary, your work or your role in an organisation is no less important.

Always be connected: The first logical step to convince your clients that your not a beach-bumming procrastinator is to be connected. Make sure your internet connection is fast enough for them to always be able to reach you. Stay online during your working hours so you can address any email sent by them promptly and keep them updated.

Be prompt with your work: Deadlines are the most important thing to a freelancer. If you want to show your client that you are serious about your chosen assignments, always make sure to submit them on time. Submitting them before time would make a better impression of course, but try not to ask for more time. If there’s anything an already skeptical client would not accept is postponing a deadline.

Have Skype meetings: Regular email updates are an important way to notify your clients of your progress and to keep you on top of things as well. But a better way to reassure a client would be to suggest having a daily Skype call to make your report in person. Being visible to your clients enforces that you stand up for your work and take accountability for it wherever you may be.

Don’t mix your leisure with work: Everyone has their own workflow. If sitting on a deckchair and working by the poolside while sipping a drink helps you get your work done, so be it. If however, it is proving a distraction, it is best to head back to your room, sit in a straight-backed chair with your laptop on a table and finish your work. Keeping your working hours separate from your travel time will ensure you get your work done well in time.

Being a digital nomad requires a balance in your life. The reason we are nomads is that we want to learn more about the world, and the only way to do so is to literally get out. While we know that this doesn’t need to interfere in our work lives, it could be challenging to convince clients the same. The best way to do so is by proving that travelling is your way of life and not a fancy, and that it does not affect your work in any way.

Stay Confident! and roll the way you do. 

Waking up to a sunrise in a different country is what you dream of, don’t you?

The dew on the grass, the birds chirping and the aroma of freshly ground coffee is inspiration enough to make you feel completely alive and start the chores of the day. What if this picture-perfect life comes to a standstill due to an earthquake ripping the city apart that you are currently in?
Yes, nature has its own way to balance everything and with no control over natural disasters we have to accept it. Here is what you can do in case a natural disaster hits the town you are vacationing in:

Even before a disaster strikes: While you are setting foot in a new place, ensure your passport/visa details are given to friends there who can assist in case of a disaster occurs. It is a good idea to download apps that can send SOS messages with a click to your family in case of an emergency situation. Check out Life360, Disaster Alert, Earthquake Alert, etc.

Emergency Essentials: When tragedy strikes, be alert and pick up certain essentials like phone power-bank, wallet, laptop, travel documents and medical supplies in that order before vacating the spot. It is important to always pack your bag in a way that you always pick these at a go and just rush to safe spot!

Smart Reflexes:

  • In case of an earthquake, help yourself by immediately running in an open area wherein no physical thing or building can fall on you. Check out for any wire cables and stay away from them as they can electrocute you.
  • In case of floods, move to a higher area and help others to do so. It is extremely crucial to be away from wires and also switch off any electrical appliances in the vicinity. Hold onto any floating object to stay afloat if the pressure of the water is high.

Support: Once you are safe and sane, it’s time to help others.

  • As people lose their homes and loved ones in natural disasters, they undergo an emotional turmoil which needs immediate attention but is often overlooked. At such a time, we can help these strangers with a few words of encouragement, therapy or medical help, art therapy classes to make them experience a different side to the grim reality. 
  • If you are able and willing, you can help in the relief measures being taken on-ground that can include cleaning debris, being an emotional support for children & senior citizens, provide shelter to others, etc.
  • Being digital nomads, it is easy for us to get help digitally from friends, folks or people willing to help disaster victims. Apart from updating your social media pages about your safety, you can start a Facebook page, start a WhatsApp message chain or broadcast videos of the situation to garner any sort of help. Be specific and ask for monetary help or help in terms of food and basic sanitation items.

As a digital nomad, we can showcase our humane side to the strangers and friends that we have made during our stay in a particular city in case of natural disasters. Be Safe and Keep Exploring.

A famous quote says, “If travelling was free, you would never see me again

Who better than the digital nomads to endorse this quote with their consistent urge for travelling for long durations! However, the treasured green piece of paper (Money :p) comes in the way. They are known to accomplish their dream to travel by incorporating travel hacks in their daily lives and saving on cash. We bring to you ways in which the internet will hold you good through the rough days on the road. These will help you save on cash for a rainy day.

Referrals – Many brands work on referral basis wherein the idea is to refer your friends and folks to utilize their services or place orders online. In this scenario, the nomad in you can make use of this opportunity to refer your bunch of besties to use the service that in return will contribute to your pool of online cash/ points. You can comfortably use these points to book your hotels or at times flight! Case in point being websites such as Goibibo, ixigo, etc.

Online offers: Time and again travel portals come up with interesting discount offers on flights and hotels which should be taken advantage of every now and then. Another hack is booking a flight much in advance than the trip date which results in saving a decent amount. You can visit to avail of such discounts

Bank retail offers: Retail bank offers are another way to keep your travels going. While the money is safely parked in the account, banks give a lot of offers that can include discounts on purchases, lucky draws, free trips, etc. from time to time. Take advantage of these offers and thank us later!

Mobile wallets: Mobile wallets function like your debit/ credit card albeit you can easily operate it from your mobile phone. These hassle-free wallets are a perfect way to manage your money and save time as your purchases can be paid via the e-wallet system. Paytm, Mobikwik and Oxigen wallet are the major mobile wallet players in India.

Comparison sites: What if before every trip you got to know the flight cost in comparison with other airlines? You would be able to save a lot by booking the cheapest one and Skyscanner is one such website that you should log on to for checking out comparative rates. Wego is a similar website that assists you in comparing rates of flights and hotels.

All set to implement these tricks to make the most of your travel!

Apart from being creative, what does a dancer, painter, writer, singer and chef have in common? It is the opportunity to work from anywhere and provide their services to lead a good life. Their creativity can boost their travel plans and vice versa. Well, how is it possible? In this article for the digital nomads, we decode the ways one can utilise Facebook to their advantage while on the road.

There are various interest-based groups on Facebook that can be utilised to get work in remote locations, volunteer and promote travel in general. We list some of them below:

Digital Nomads Around the WorldAs the name suggests, it is a great platform to exchange knowledge, share stories, ask for assignments, endorse one’s services & capabilities. No wonder, it enjoys a great membership of 20,000+ members in spite of being a closed group.

Girls Love Travel – It is a travel social club for girls who travel solo or in groups. In their words, they are a community to assist the members with growing their travel bucket list, finding others to explore the world with and help empower with safety and support when they are out traveling! It has a massive following from members across the globe. The last I saw, it was 68089 members and still counting!

17000ft Foundation – It is an organisation committed to improve lives of people by improving education and creating livelihood opportunities in very remote villages of Ladakh. They offer volunteering services and thus it is perfect for all the digital nomads to participate in the same. They enable volunteers to stay, share their knowledge and time and take back something incredible in return; priceless moments with the local kids.

Making it Anywhere – This one seems to hit the bull’s eye! It is a global network of entrepreneurs, helping each other to build successful businesses across a huge range of industries. With features like monthly video hangouts, free trainings, constructive criticism leading to improvement and virtually meeting like-minded individuals, this seems to be a community for every digital nomad to be a part of.

Airbnb Action – The name needs no introduction as it is quite popular with the traveller fraternity. This group on Facebook is a community of hosts and guests who believe in the power of home sharing. The fraternity of digital nomads benefit both ways, by hosting or by being a guest, as there is a lot of cultural exchange involved.

So which community are you going to be a part of?

As amazing as it is to be a digital nomad, there are a fair share of problems that we face. Due to the nature of our jobs, we always need to be in an area with good connectivity. Or often, we find ourselves stuck in a room working the whole time without taking a break. Or if we’re handling every aspect of an assignment, we might just go nuts trying to handle everything at once. Here’s why working with a team comes in handy.

Security: Companies that have a distributed e-teams have the advantage of securing multiple backups in different physical places. With so many digital companies, the risk of losing data means backups have to be secure and done on a regular basis. If technical failure results in the worst, there will always be a backup with another employee.

Connectivity: In an office, a connectivity issue means the entire team is helpless to continue working. However, with a distributed team, if one member of the team is disconnected, a client can always connect with another member. Crises like these can be addressed remotely without wasting time waiting for teams to assemble.

Focussing on one aspect: While working independently certainly puts a lot of pressure to manage several aspects like client communication, content management and technical particulars, working with a team gives you the benefit of focussing on your area of expertise. Delegation of work or departmentalisation exists just like in a physical office, only virtually.

No distractions: Distractions that happen at an office like a colleague’s birthday, continuous phone calls, and water cooler chit-chat are much lesser at a home office. Employees are able to choose their zone and perform their tasks with more attention.

More productivity: Employees who work remotely tend to be more dedicated to their work because they have the freedom of scheduling their work hours according to their convenience, as opposed to fixed times at a physical workplace. Such conducive and agreeable conditions greatly increase the overall productivity of employees as well.

Work flexibility: Working remotely makes working hours flexible for everyone. It gives all the employees the ability to manage their personal and professional lives as per their convenience, resulting in happier workers who are willing to give more to the company.

Worldwide experience: Many big worldwide companies who work as a distributed team have a high rate of success because they have employees from all over the world. Hiring people from all over the world means that you can work with the best in the field. Working from different timezones also means someone or the other is available at all times for clients to get in touch with.

Time and cost savings: Distributed companies that work remotely save a lot on renting or buying a physical workspace as an office. Employees too, do not have to waste time and energy in commuting to and from a physical workplace. Besides, a lot of capital is saved on infrastructure that an office would require. This greatly contributes to the efficiency and quality of the employees’ work.

The biggest advantage of working with an e-team is the scope for expansion. The camaraderie formed while doing your part to achieve a common goal only makes groups more motivated to tackle bigger projects and aim for higher goals. The satisfaction that comes from teamwork also increases the morale of the entire team and encourages their support as well.

When your life is all about making friends and connections on the road. A lot of these friends become contacts you need in your professional life. Apart from maybe getting new assignments, you may also need their professional services sometime. Here are some people who could help you out during your travels:

A Travel Agent: When you have to take off at short notice, a friend who’s a travel agent can get you the best and cheapest fare. They also have news about good deals and if their own network is extensive, even some competitions that have getaways as prizes. In any case, having a travel agent as a close friend ensures that you’ll always get tickets whenever you need them.

A Health Advisor: The benefits of having a health advisor as a friend are countless. The risk of facing a medical emergency is a serious possibility when you’re on the road. Vaccinations are an important part of international travel and they can also advise you about what medicines are legal in other countries. Having health professionals as friends is also an opportunity to educate yourself about emergency medical procedures like CPR and first aid.

An Emergency Finance Pal: When your clients are delaying your payment and you need to move on in life, you need a friend you can borrow money off temporarily. Also, in case of financial emergencies while travelling, they should be able to send you money on short notice. Needless to say, this should be quite a close friend who doesn’t mind you borrowing money occasionally.

A Fellow Traveller: Fellow digital nomads who have to travel like you do are very valuable friends. They know where you should head to, or where not to head to and can become your biggest general advisors. A lot of networking online is based on swapping information and they of course make great travel companions too, in case you find yourself going to the same destination. These friends are the best emergency contacts

An Admirer Of Your Profession: And finally, it doesn’t hurt to have a friend who thinks your travelling work life is the best thing in the world. They can sing your praises and convince your skeptical relatives that your job is meaningful even though it doesn’t involve sitting in front of a computer all day long. They are the ones who spread tales of your adventures far and wide and can even drum up some business by unofficially publicising your work.

Asking for help in the digital world is easy because you are connected to countless like-minded people. Apps like Twitter are a great resource for connections like these and new information is always pouring in. These are technically what is bringing the world closer together and making travelling much easier for a lot of people. Always make sure you have such people to keep yourself safe and make the most of your travels.

What are the pre-requisites for a digital nomad who wants to live a life of travel and freedom in equal measures? A good wi-fi, a laptop, some good coffee and constant flow of inspiration, isn’t it? Today’s article will be just that; an introduction to the places that are perfect for the lifestyle of a digital nomad in India.

  1. Dharamkot, Himachal Pradesh: This quaint little area ahead of McLeod Ganj in Dharamshala is filled with cafes that offer free wi-fi connection. Enjoy the wholesome sandwiches and coffees with the views of the mountains to provide you that eureka moment. Be sure to carry an umbrella as it rains pretty frequently there, without any warnings!
  1. Rishikesh, Uttarakhand: The holy town of Rishikesh sees a lot of digital nomads who come to experience the Ganga aarti and settle for some time to work as well. They enjoy the perfect blend of adventure, spirituality and food in the culturally rich Rishikesh. Imagine working four hours in a day at a café and spending the remaining day exploring the narrow lanes, talking to the sadhus and indulging in some authentic Indian cuisine. By the way, the cafes in Rishikesh offer wholesome continental dishes as well, if that is your preferred choice of food.
  1. Wayanad, Kerala: Imagine working amidst nature! Visualize lush greens, gentle breeze flowing past and you are working on your laptop with unlimited cups of the choicest blend of kaapi. When not in the mood to work you can explore the waterfalls, treks, caves or shop for the authentic spices, coffee, tea, bamboo products, honey and herbal plants in God’s own country.
  1. Goa – Life comes to a standstill when you are in Goa with the susegad vibe all around. So then how do you switch on your laptops to work? Well, you just grab a King’s, sit in your room facing the beach, munch on some pork chops, play soothing music and work will be a breeze.
  1. Auroville, Tamil Nadu: Everyone should visit this charming experimental township at least once for a slow travel stint. With their aim of realising human unity, the inhabitants encourage people from across countries, religions and backgrounds to come and stay. Imagine the peaceful vibe when you are at work in this township designed by architect Roger Anger

What are you waiting for? Take your pick and pack your bags!

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