India is a land of incredible diversity, painted in broad strokes by ancient tradition and modern multicultural landscape. It’s a country brimming with people and littered with famous locations and overwhelmed by the sheer number of events one can enjoy. Yet, in spite of all this, it is still a mystery to many people, even to those who have visited the country. It’s such a different yet familiar, strange yet captivating world. In order to fully enjoy it, try to veer off the popular paths every now and then. However, just like any country whose culture is much different from your own, there are dos and don’ts you have to follow if you want to explore India off the beaten track.

Explore India Off the Beaten Track: Dos and Don’ts


Manali is a mountain valley in Himachal Pradesh that sees a lot of adventurers flocking in to explore its trails. However, if you want to avoid all this ruckus, head to Kalap. Located 2,300 meters above the sea level, this tiny village in northern Uttarakhand is not accessible by road. The surroundings are pristine and breathtaking. You’ll have to trek so bring enough bottles of water with you. In fact, while you are in India, always have several extra bottles of water in your backpack, since dehydration can be a real problem. Additionally, if you want to explore India off the beaten track, try to avoid going too much to the north-eastern border with Pakistan if you are American or European. You might end up becoming a target for hostile individuals.

Explore India Off the Beaten Track: Dos and Don’ts


Maheshwar is a beautiful holy town in central India. It is dedicated to Lord Shiva and it lies on the banks of the Narmada river. If you are inclined to do so, stroll along the ghats and enjoy a sunset boat ride along the river. However, be warned — heat and humidity can be too much for some people to bear, which can lead to skimpy outfits. This might sound problematic, but if you are a woman, it would be best if you wore long sleeves and avoided shorts and skirts that go above the knees. Likewise, if you have the permission to enter any of the temples in this small town or any other, take your shoes off.

Explore India Off the Beaten Track: Dos and Don’ts


If you want to marvel at some of the most intricately carved temples you’ll ever see in your life, you have to visit Osian in Rajasthan. You’ll find it about an hour and a half north of Jodhpur. These wonders of ancient architecture date back to 8th to 11th centuries. If you are in the mood for more adventure once you see the temples, you can go on a camel safari at Osian’s Thar desert location. It shouldn’t be too strenuous for you, but make sure you are insured in case you lose something along the way. In fact, you need to make sure you have travel insurance before you arrive to India in case of loss, thefts, and medical emergencies. Additionally, you should make sure you’ve been properly immunized with vaccines before you come in direct contact with the endemic fauna of the region. After all, camels can be very dirty creatures.

Explore India Off the Beaten Track: Dos and Don’ts

Hidden gems

All in all, going off the beaten path in India is a good thing, especially if you avoid cities. Visiting small towns can be a discovery on its own and a true adventure. For example, the handicraft villages in the Kutch region of Gujarat are incredibly vibrant. The region is also known as India’s “wild west”. Additionally, if you are in the mood for high altitude, visit Spiti on the altitude of whopping 3,800 meters. On the one hand, big cities offer various accommodations. If you want to share the accommodation with flatmates, look for them on various websites, meet interesting people and save money along the way. However, if you spend most of your time out of the cities, you’ll avoid the traffic nightmare that is unavoidable in all bigger urban areas.

Explore India Off the Beaten Track: Dos and Don’ts

Visiting a new country is like plunging into uncharted waters. It can be a daunting experience. However, with some knowledge under your belt and a few pre-learned tricks up your sleeve, you’ll certainly make the most of it. India is a unique country with too many beautiful sights to count. This gives you an opportunity to create a perfect vacation just for yourself.

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Hmmm, relationships. To be sincere with us all, relationship is more than just what most us of take it to be. While some see it as a journey, others see it as a way to out of loneliness. Irrespective of what our opinions are on relationship. One thing that I know, which is for sure, is that relationship requires, hard work, commitment coupled with a lot of sacrifices.

Relationships can somewhat be quite complicated even for partners who live the conventional kind of lifestyle, not to talk of we Digital Nomads. An average digital nomad will be on the road for at least nothing less than 8 months in a year. This is not to scare us, it’s just a clarion call for us to fasten our belts and look for a way in which we can make our relationship work most especially while we are on the move.

Travelling and moving around from one place to the other with or without our partner has the tendency to make things south. While on the road there it is very possible we lose touch of romance, intimacy and some other fun stuff that come with a happy relationship.

Does this now mean that being a digital nomad, does not really give room for a relationship? NO, with my few years of experience in the industry in an active relationship, I do hope that some of the insights I’ll be sharing with us in this write-up should point our relationships in the right direction. Below are some of the ways in which you can spice up your relationship while on the road.

Be Open and Honest With Our Partner

Being open and honest is one of the key ingredients needed for any successful relationship. When going on a trip to Thailand, we must always let our Thailand be Thailand. We should not be found wanting taking pictures in some caves in Brazil when we ought to be in Thailand. Lies can really pull some bad strings in any relationship such that if care is not taken, such a relationship might crash without notice. When it comes to being open, we must be very open to our partner, because this might be the only way to make our partner see what we really are going through. Our partners should be the first to know when things are not really making sense. He or she must always be aware of our locations at every point in time.

Be Time and Date specific

Most of the time, our partners will definitely miss us (for those of us that who do not travel with our partner), so the need for us to keep with date and time. When we fix 5 pm to do FaceTime with our partner, we shouldn’t for no reason be excused. When we fix a date to return home, we shouldn’t for no reason compromise, even if at all we want to miss out on a date, we should come up with tangible reasons, and we must be sure to notify our partner beforehand.

Always keep him/ her in the loop

Obviously, most of us might live in countries other than that which our partners reside, time zone differences might also have some roles to play here. The need for us to always keep our partner in the loop and fill them in on every single detail when the time permit. Above all, we must be good listeners. Through effective listening, we tend to discover some things about our partner which sometimes might not be communicated directly.

Try doing things together.

This might sound kind of impossible, but it’s however very possible, watching a movie via Netflix at the same time, reading the same book, or playing online games together with your partner if he/ she is type that loves playing games are some of the activities that could foster high level of intimacy between us and our partners.

Learn to express love.

This is one of the most important things we need to continuously do for our partner. With or without distance, we should inculcate the habit of expressing love to our partner. Doing this brings about:

  • Unending Romance and intimacy
  • It keeps the fire burning.

We could express love to our partner’s in a numbers of ways. Some of which includes but are not limited to the following:

  • Sending of postcards
  • We could also arrange for flowers to be delivered at her doorstep
  • While going on a trip, we could leave notes, stating how much we care about our partner in places where he or she could easily stumble on it. Under the pillow may possibly not be a bad idea, under the coffee machine might also be cool. Just be sure to place it in places where it could easily be found by her after your departure.

Rules and boundaries must be clearly stated.

Some folks may not like the idea of their partner’s going to parties, having guest around or going on dates while away. These are some of the things that should be sorted out before setting out on a trip.

Here are some other ways in which we could spice up our relationship, while on the road.

  • Always make her feel important
  • Always keep in touch and be consistent with it.
  • We must always be mindful of the fact that we are not single anymore. We shouldn’t be found doing things singles do, you guys should know what I mean. LOL.
  • We shouldn’t be too distracted with work, there must be hours of the day, dedicated to having fun with our partner.
  • We must learn to keep to our words. we must try as much as possible to let our NO be NO
  • Finally the most important. There should be an agreement when it comes to spending. Spending out of budget could really upsetting at times. Anytime we decide to spend out of the budget, let’s be sure to fill our partners in before doing such.

There are no singles ways to make a relationship work, what works for me, might not apply to your relationship. But, I strongly believe that some of the points raised in this write up should help spice up our relationship and make it more fun.

One of the reasons why a lot of people are drawn towards tech related jobs is due to no other reason than the high level of flexibility that comes with such jobs.

Tech related jobs give the flexibility of working from anywhere on the face of the earth once there is internet connectivity.

Tech related jobs offer a lot of flexibility ones you have the required set skills to compete effectively in the market.

You have the opportunity to choose where to work from. You can choose to work freelance, become a full fled digital nomad or work full time from the comfort of your home, the choice is yours to make.

Having the required set skills may not necessarily be enough to get you a job, but rather knowing where to get the jobs from.

If you really are interested in getting a full-time remote job with a company, then this article is for you. I guess it’s time to quit looking for jobs on those freelance site.

Take your time to carefully read through this article as it features some of the top rated websites where you can easily land a full-time remote job in no time.

If you are an engineer or a web developer you must have heard about Stack Overflow.  Stack overflow runs a job board that primary list jobs related to programming and development.

With Stack Overflow you have the chances of landing any remote job related to web development and design. Why not dust you resume today and start your application here for jobs.

If you are a designer on the lookout for the high paying remote job. Then dribble jobs is the right place you should be looking at for remote jobs.

Ranging from graphic design jobs to UX/UI design jobs, Dribble jobs is got you covered. Dribble jobs run a job board that is fully dedicated to folks with knacks for design.

Working Nomads is the job board for those who do not really have the time to go on a job search.

With working nomads, all you have to do is subscribe to their email list. They also give the flexibility to filter jobs that will be sent to you via email upon signing up.

Remote jobs that are listed on this website include but it’s not limited to web design, graphics design, and some other administrative jobs.

Skip the drive is a like the search engine for remote jobs. With Skip The Drive, all you have to do is input your job keyword into the search box and it will automatically crawl other job boards with jobs related to your keyword.

Although the search result might come with a lot of jobs which you might not necessarily be interested in.

You just have to manually go through the search result to check for those jobs that resonant with what you have in mind.

With Skip The Drive, you could search for any job of choice, ranging from writing to web development jobs, Skip The Drive is got you fixed.

We work remotely is one of the biggest job boards out there where you can easily find high net paying tech jobs.

Tech jobs listed on this job board includes web development, software development, and some design jobs.

They also have some other jobs that are not technically inclined, jobs such as customer support and virtual assistant can also be found on this website.

The advantage this website has over other job boards is that new jobs are listed every ten minutes.

With We Work Remotely you should expect nothing less than five new jobs listed per day in your job category.

There are no doubts that flexjobs is one of the largest job board out there where you can easily narrow down on any remote job in no time.

Flexjobs has over fifty categories of jobs from which you can choose from or filter from doing a job search.

As we speak flexjobs has over 30,000 jobs listed their job board. The constraint with Flexjobs is that you may have to subscribe in other to be able to submit applications for jobs. The subscription starts from $15 per month to $50 per year. In my opinion, I feel the fee is worth the service rendered by this folks because they list loads of high paying jobs per day.

If you are a website developer or designer you will definitely find this job board very useful.

The flexibility this job board has over other job boards is that you do not necessarily need to subscribe or register before you can submit applications for jobs.

Owing to the high level of competition between the male and the female fold when it comes to tech related jobs.

PowerToFly is one of the few job boards out there where you can find tech jobs that are restricted for females only.

The jobs listed here are not that much since the website is only restricted to use by female visitors.

But the good thing here is that, the level of competition here is minimal when compared with job boards that offer jobs for all gender.

With Virtual Vocation, you may have to pay a token in other to become a premium member.

Although you can apply for the membership for free, you might in a way be restricted to some of the website job features.

Some say the jobs here are not really that mush technologically inclined, I disagree with that thou.

This website is often regularly updated with tech jobs, so all you have to do is apply some filters while searching for a job.

System and development gurus should be on the lookout for this website. You can land any type of remote job from this website.

Ranging from full time to part time jobs this job portal is got you fixed.

The constraint with this job portal is that you only few jobs are listed, at times only two or three jobs might be listed for a whole week.

Ruby Now runs as job board dedicated is only to developers. If you are sure of your set skills you should definitely land a job here with time.

However, you may have to be on the lookout for remote jobs here as they list other jobs which are not remote based.

With the above website, you should be able to land your dream remote job in no time, all you have to do is revamp your resume and invest on a badass laptop.

Why not start applying for jobs on the above-listed websites, who knows you could land that remote dream job of yours today.

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Thailand is one of the best places to live as a digital nomad. Ranging from its unique landscape to the evergreen vegetation. Be rest assured to have a wonderful stay. As a result of the political stability enjoyed by the country.

Thailand can be said to be among the popular travel destination for tourists and digital nomads around the world. Also in Thailand the cost of living is relatively low as compared to places like China and North Korea.

If any of us have it in mind to travel just to have some fun or reside in Thailand to work as a digital nomad. Here are a few of the few things that distinguish Thailand from other travel destinations around the world for Digital Nomads.

1. Unique Landscapes

One of the major reasons why digital nomads from all over the globe so much love Thailand as a travel destination is because of the diversity in the landscape. 

Unlike some countries in Europe, there is a landscape for everyone.  For those who do not like to visit the beach.

There are a lot of mountain in Thailand where you can go hiking. In the megalopolis capital city of Thailand, Bangkok, you get to have access to whatever can be gotten from a city market.

Ranging from floating market to delicious urban meals that come at a price that will not break the bank.

For folks who love to stay in places with a mix of country side and City. Chiang Mai and Phuket should be the destination of choice as it very close the infamous the Andaman Sea and the pristine mountain.

2. Supersonic Internet Speed

One of the major factor that comes to play when we plan a travel is internet speed of the place to visit. If we dare visit a place with ridiculous internet speed that simply implies we going on a vacation rather than going to work.

Now that’s on lighter mode. The internet speed in Thailand may not be as high a compare to places like China or South Korea.

But then compared to some other places I have visited over the years, I’ll say the internet speed in Thailand is super-fast.

If you are not required to transfer heavy data, the internet speed in Thailand might just be perfect for you. Even in places like Phi Phi the internet speed is higher as compared to some other parts of the country.

You can easily move there in the event that you need to transfer heavy files. If you wouldn’t like to stay in any of the above places have mentioned. You may decide to stay close to places like Beachub and KoHub both of which comes with a beautiful atmosphere and awesome internet speed for digital nomads.

3. Tremendously Inexpensive

The cost of living in Thailand is tremendously cheap as compared to places like the United States of America and China.

Most of us who travel to Thailand always consider it as a treat because of thing a relatively cheap in the country.

Most especially in Chiang Mai, the famous and popular travel destination for digital nomads in Thailand.

In Chiang Mia, you could rent a decent studio apartment for as low as $70 per month. A decent mail cost between $2 to $4 in Chiang Mai and some other parts of the country.

To top it all, we can also rent a scooter for as low as $70 a month. Getting an apartment here in Thailand is as simple as getting an ice cream in the States.

That’s how good it is in Thailand. If you are new  in Thailand, the best way to find your way around things is to consult the locals. They are more than willing to offer some assistance.

4. The locals Are Very Friendly

Throughout my stay abroad, I have never meet locals that are friendly as the people of Thailand. They loving and easy going folks.

There are a lot of lessons to be learnt from the people of Thailand most especially the way they keep a balance their work and life. 

Most of the time you find the in groups either during dinner when you’ll see the grandma serving some hot noodles to the family.

One of the things have come to notice about the people of Thailand is that you’ll always find them smiling.

If you having a bad day, meeting one of this folks might spice up your day because they say laughter is contagious.

5. Fluid in Speaking English

As compared to some other regions in Asia I must say the Thai citizens are fluent in English.

At the very best you do not necessarily need a translator when you need to make some purchase. You could easily relate and great a few number of people in English.

Although at some point, we may need Google translate to help, but it rarely happens. However, in cases where we run into problems of translating. With Google translate we should be just fine.

  • Lot of Nomads Around

Over the years Digital nomads rarely travel to Thailand due to flooding and some other natural disasters.

But in recent years, there has been a tremendous improvement in the number of digital nomads around.

Be rest assured to find other digital nomads around wherever you go, don’t be scared, you are not alone.

To connect with digital nomads in your area or in other places around the world, Nomad List gives that flexibility.

  • Amazing Weather

Although there are no seasons in Thailand as compared to some other places in the world. From reviews and testimonials from Nomad list, I must say the weather condition of Thailand is super awesome.

During the raining season in Thailand you might experience few short showers and the sun too is not so extreme or harsh.

Am sure you are going to love it out there in Thailand. The atmosphere is beautiful and accommodating.

In my experience over the years, Thailand is one of the best places to reside as digital Nomad. In Thailand, you get to experience a mix of work and fun because as there are a lot of fun places to visit.

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We would like to tell you that this special article comes straight from our Founder’s heart, Enjoy the article!

As a digital Nomad , one of the reasons why we are always so envied by folks who go to the office on daily basis is being our own boss and the flexibility we have to travel the world at any time.

A lot of people go to jobs they do not like. I kept on wondering, why do people hold on to jobs they do not like?  Anyways that discussion is for some other time.

In today’s article, we’ll be looking at how to manage our businesses effectively while on the road. Our kind of lifestyle, unlike others, gives the flexibility to do whatever we want at any time.

We must also, however, be aware that too much of a freedom comes with prices to pay most especially for those of us with self-control weaknesses.

Given the level of freedom at our disposal, who says we cannot party every single day, we can decide to close our laptop at any time and go party at the beach with those beautiful Scandinavians or Latinos depending on where we work from.

Our lifestyle is fun and adventurous but could be detrimental to business if we do not strike a balance between work and play.

Effective time management plays a pivotal role here. I wouldn’t judge any of us because I know how tempting it could be times when the locals keeps ringing your phone to join them for a carnival or a pool party. Who doesn’t want to party?

There is nothing bad in doing any of the fun stuffs mentioned above once there is a balance. It only takes discipline, proper time management and to top it all, scheduling ahead of time and all our business goals would be accomplished in no time.

Here are a few of the secrets have enjoyed over the years while running my business on the road.

1. Leverage on your optimal working hours

As a Digital Nomad, noting that time of the day when we are fired to work non-stop is one of the most things to bear in mind while running a business abroad.

Knowing those hour of the day gives the flexibility of getting things done in no time. Often times when I miss my window, am not always happy because for the rest of the day because I’ll be struggling to get some of my jobs done.

Jobs that would take only about half an hour during my optimal working window would take me nothing less an hour and a half. This could be so annoying a times. But here is my advice on this one, schedule your jobs ahead of your optimally working windows. The remaining time of the day could be channelled into doing some of the fun stuffs we love to do, you know what I mean, *winks!*

2. Have a schedule

Now, this is very important, with my experience over the years, I know how hard it could be to maintain a work schedule while on the road.

Most of the time we tend to reschedule some of our tasks because we are always on the move. In an article published by Life hack, it was argued that planning ahead of time gives the following under listed flexibilities.

  • Scheduling ahead of time tends to reduce stress. We get to experience a piece of mind knowing that task would be achieved at a definite time.
  • It gives room to accommodate the unforeseen circumstances that tend to disrupt the working hour
  • It makes job evaluation effortless

That said, advancements in technology has also made life easier for mankind when it comes to scheduling.

There are numerous project management software’s nowadays that could help with project management. I personally prefer Asana and Slack to any other software because  both are highly sophisticated and  easy to use project management softwares.

3. Give yourself some breaks off the road

We should try as much as possible to take so days of the week off the road and dedicate them fully to work.

Scheduling ahead enable us to catch up on some pending projects. Dedicating some days fully to work makes it easier to have more fun when the time comes because we wouldn’t have to start thinking about some emails that has to be sent while hiking.

Sometimes ago I was in an other city to have some fun with a colleague. I discovered all I could think about were jobs left to be done.  I had a divided heart and could not really get the best out of the city I was in.

Ever since then I decided to dedicate both the second and third day of the week fully to getting my jobs done.

4. Know when to say NO

As a Digital Nomad with numerous set skills, we tend to get a lot of job offers from clients all over the world.

Some offers might be so tempting and mouth-watering. But, we just need to know when to say NO. It’s always best to say NO to offers and business proposals that will no way contribute to our core business.

If an offer will not contribute to our business, we need not to be too courteous to say yes. Also, we have to learn how to say NO to folks we meet on the road.

We cannot always to accept every invitation to a party or carnival from people we meet on the road. Some of these guys are on a vacation, they are there just to have fun, unlike us running a business on the road.

5. Strategise ahead

We must endeavour to plan ahead and stick to the plan if indeed we really want to succeed in business.

We need to have a calendar for our activities, when it’s time to have fun do not hesitate to have it to the fullest. When it’s time to work give let’s endeavour to give it the best shot.

Let us try as much as possible to be proactive, every time count in business.

Over the years I discovered that with proper planning I was really able to stay ahead of so many of my projects and I also noticed I had more time to travel. It’s just all about planning.

It’s not really easy sticking to plans atimes. But if we can endeavour to stick to the above strategy I guarantee that we will meet our business goals in no time. It worked for me.

Discipline is very key in business, we can’t eat a cake and have it back. See you around some other time. I wish you have a great time ahead.


Ashish Malviya
(Founder – Digital Nomads India | Webricots)

To know more about the founder of Digital Nomads India. See here.

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