Jamaica is a well-known resort island and has always attracted those who love lazy days on the beach, strolling along the coastline, or exploring the spectacular lush tropical surroundings. But there are so many things to see on the island. Beautiful landmarks, museums, and natural gems will envelop you as you take in the island’s cultural offerings. Let’s look at some of the sights that you should add to your “to see” list.

The Bob Marley Tour

Of course, the reggae legend, Bob Marley made the island famous on a global scale. Because of this, he is seen as a hero, and many landmarks and monuments bear his name. If you, like millions of others, have fallen in love with his message and music, the Bob Marley Museum is a must-see. Here you can see various items and objects which were connected in some way to the famous legend. The museum features the precious gold and platinum discs given to Marley for his influential music, as well as the costumes he wore and his first guitar. It’s one of the many attractions and tours on the island that’s guaranteed to delight you.

Enjoy Local Artwork

There are a handful of medieval structures on the island that has survived over the years. St. Catherine’s Cathedral and the Royal House are two of these buildings and are well worth the tour. Another landmark to consider is the National Gallery, which displays local artists’ work. The original collection was launched in 1920, and the gallery has grown dramatically since.

Many up-and-coming artists exhibit their artworks at this famous gallery, where you can admire and enjoy them.

The Blue Mountains

As exciting as the cultural landmarks are, the natural ones are even more captivating. The Blue and John Crow Mountains National Park holds the title of the biggest national park on the island. It is also the most well-known, and for a good reason. The mountain range looks like a massive plateau with deep ravines and many hills. An excursion to the park will overwhelm you with its beauty. There are hundreds of birds and wild animals to witness, and the winding pathways will see you arrive at the mountaintop. From this vantage point, you can revel in the awe-inspiring vista of the surrounding landscape. Nature lovers will also enjoy Fern Gully, which boasts a few hundred different types of ferns.

Crocodile Pong

Situated near to the island’s west coast is the Crocodile Pong, another natural gem. Obviously, based on its name, the park is devoted to crocodiles and is something to behold. And what would a trip to Jamaica be without some time to enjoy the best beaches. St. Anna’s Bay, Long Bay, and Port Royal all have secluded beaches that are ideal for a relaxing day in the sun.

A few other sightseeing options around the island:

• Go rafting down Rio Grande River near Port Antonio
• Take a tour of the Appleton Estate Rum plantation
• Go caving on the north coast at the Green Grotto Caves
• Explore the Caribbean’s formal pirate capital, Port Royal
• Head just out of Montego Bay to Cockpit Country to bird watch

The island has so much on offer for tourists and travelers. Whether you are looking for a party, a relaxed vacation, or a cultural experience, Jamaica has just what you need. Although it’s easy to be lulled into spending your days on the pristine beaches, experience some of the local culture, tour the landmarks, and immerse yourself in the vibe of the island.

Rajasthan is known for its generous hospitality, rich and exuberant culture, traditional heritage and sumptuously delicious dishes!

From the classic Daal Bati Choorma, to the staple delicacy Laal Maas, Rajasthan’s got so much laid out on its palates to satiate the hunger in you!

Here, we have rounded up some of the best dishes a traveler must try out while visiting Rajasthan!

Daal Baati Choorma

This traditional delicacy of Rajasthan is truly an amalgamation of the delicious and the contemporary.

Consisting of bean daals, roasted flour balls known as Baatis dipped in buckets of ghee, and sweetened hard flour powder called Choorma, it is considered the finest dish in town when it comes to the delicacies of Rajasthan!

It is available in most Rajasthani cities in restaurants that serve it par excellence!

Your trip here just wouldn’t be complete until you savor this delicious Rajasthani offering!

Laal Maas

While the Daal Baati Choorma bags the top spot for being the most delicious Rajasthani dish for vegetarians, Laal Maas undoubtedly takes home the trophy for being the same in the Non Vegetarian category!

Cooked slowly with generous addition of spicy red chilies, this ‘Masaledar’ offering of traditional meat makes it a savory delicacy, to be tried at least once when in the state of the Rajputs!

Ker Sangari

A typical desert dish, Ker Sangri is kind of a vegetable substitute that doubles up as a pickle! Made with generous dressing of traditional spices, it fits the bill of being a true Rajasthani low budget delicacy, and is best served with Bajra Roti or other flour eatables.

Gatte Ki sabzi

This classic Rajasthani preparation with hardened bean flour balls cooked in thick, spicy gravy is an ideal dish to be consumed with Bajra roti and hot rice.

The USP of this dish is its variegated tastes and rich combination of spices and ‘besan’, which enthralls the taste buds like never before!

A must try dish while you’re exploring Rajasthan!

Gatte Ki Khichdi

While we are talking about the ‘Gatta things’, there is another Rajasthani delicacy prepared with Gatte that will bring hungry waters to your mouth!

The Gatte ki Khichdi, is a slight Rajasthani rip off of the traditional khichdi with bits of besan gatte in between bouts of delicious looking steamed rice cooked with spices.

This classic Khichdi is offered in most parts of Rajasthan, and is perfectly prepared by expert hands of the best Rajasthani cooks!

If you want to taste a little modern Rajasthani cooking, do try out the Gatte Ki Khichdi!

Kadhi Pakoda

Another classic Rajasthani dish; Kadhi Pakoda is besan balls cooked with a generously spiced curd gravy.

Spicy, sour and pungent in taste, Kadhi Pakoda is best consumed with hot, steamed rice and Bajra Roti.

This savory Rajasthani delight is available in almost all Rajasthan cities, and is best served with an ample dressing of coriander and lemon fillings!

Methi Bajra Poori

These steamed hot flour preparations made from the traditional Methi grass and Bajra grasses, are an absolute delight for the food monger.

Spicy and petulant, these pooris are best eaten with Raita and steamed potato gravy.

Being a Rajasthani staple, you’ll find every restaurant you visit hoarding these and serving best with added creative ingredients!

Govind Gatte

Also known as Shahi Gatte, this is a royal, more nourishing rip off of the Besan Gatte. The Besan dumplings are first filled with generous spreading of cashews, nuts and other dry fruits, and then steamed slowly in rich, spicy gravy pastes.

A royal preparation, this dish is sure to excite your taste buds and take you back to those royal, golden days!


Once we are done with the full course, the next step is to jump over the Dessert menu. Rajasthan is home to some of the sweetest, most savory preparations dripping with ghee and sugar syrups!

Ghevar is one of those. This traditional Rajasthani sweet is made with hardened, sweetened milk solids, sometimes infused with generous spreading of cheese for its delicious cousin, Paneer Ghewar!

Take this after your satisfying Rajasthani thali, and you’ll never feel so full again!


This traditional sweet preparation is made to endear your taste buds and give you the taste of Indian Doughnuts!

The squishy maida body adds to the rich texture of the sweet while the embedded sugar syrup provides it with its trademark sweetening taste! A must try in Rajasthan.

Badaam Ka Halwa

A constant in Rajasthani households, especially during winters, Badaam ka Halwa is a traditional sweet dish prepared with suji, cashews, almonds and lots of milk!

Best served hot with sumptuous amounts of ghee dressing, this halwa will make for a perfect after meal dessert!

Churma Ladoo

This delicious ladoo spin off of the staple choorma with Daal Baati, is a perfect dessert to top off your meal with! Prepared with grinded baati powder sweetened with sugar bits and rolled into a big ball, this sweet dish will surely enlighten your taste buds and give you a ‘higher taste’!

If your heart is hankering to try out these delicacies now that you’ve read about and seen them on your screens, we at HippoCabs are here to whisk you away to this state of enormous cultural and heritage significance.

Book a cab now, and relish the bexotic feelings the rich culture of this kingdom of the Rajputs bring!

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Touring is so fascinating. The whole world has a significant number of destinations waiting around in your case to check out. The possibility to come across a person and lifestyle that vary from your very own is intriguing, but it’s also probable to plan less complicated trips. There are numerous treasures just ready being identified with your back garden whenever you study in which to seem.

When heading overseas, use ATMs to acquire some money as an alternative to working with trade services. You can drop income for those who do if not. As an outcome, you may help you save money and possess additional to invest on other matters.

Once you have picked the desired destination, master all the things you can with regards to the spot. Locate a great map of your vacation spot, and take some time to know concerning the geography as well as most essential attractions. If you study the realm, you’ll have an easier time while you vacation.

Proven Travel Tips

Make your vacation arrangements way ahead of one’s excursion. Most often, you will discover journey promotions by scheduling early, but last second specials may appeal to those people with a lot less stringent wants. Also, you may appreciate the practical experience together with your good friends or relatives.

If you have to own vaccinations to be able to vacation to a region, ensure you deliver the vaccine certification with you even though touring. It’s possible you’ll require it whenever you depart or enter the nation, and possibly when you are travelling among metropolitan areas. If you do not hold the excellent paperwork, people that deal with tourists will only not be authorized to let you pass a specific level, and at this time you can be held for what might be days until eventually, they know apparently, you aren’t a threat to distribute a sickness. best Vietnam Tours;

On arrival, look at your hotel room’s alarm. You hardly ever know what the one that was keeping there past may have experienced it established to. When you make sure you convert it off or reset it, you can help get your holiday started off on the appropriate foot.

Convey issues to keep your toddler occupied. Check out to carry several of your kid’s favorite toys. It’s also a great notion to buy a different toy or two to be used on the vacation as unfamiliar toys may well engage your child for a longer time intervals.

Making an attempt finding in the big exercise session before you board the aero plane. Lengthy flights are observed to be difficult to sit using. You’re again and legs can begin to cramp up just after sitting for such quite an extended period. Workout or, for the minimum, a session of stretching ahead of a flight can limit your cramps and reduce sore muscle tissue.

Frequently, once we go away home, we stop up getting significantly of residence with us. To make sure, you reduce well, only provide great toiletries along with you. Toiletries are classified as the most critical things that you just will convey. Only pack potent types.

In case you are licensed for it, using a motorcycle may make for a beautiful trip. The ability to love the driving alone, driving speedily, as well as the gas efficiency, will help the vacation get started inside of an exciting way. It could be quite fulfilling to vacation by motorcycle.

Deserts have excellent views and appealing vegetation and animals. There’s something attractive about looking at a desert with the 1st time, and it can be something that ought to be experienced by absolutely everyone.

When travelling on the highway with young children, take along some cookie sheets. Use the cookie sheets as being a surface on which your youngsters can engage in cards or rest their coloring textbooks. In case your young children are probably younger, deliver together magnetic quantities and letters to supply an educational activity.

When you are travelling for several hrs., pack some snacks. Clean fruits will improve your mood and help your digestion. Given that you’re taking together some delicious contemporary meals, it will eventually help you save from acquiring all those high-priced airport treats, and also have something to share along with your neighbor over the aero plane.

When you choose to modify to a different time zone speedily, you ought to aim to help keep you awake right until all around 8 pm local time. Intending to the mattress as well significantly sooner than typical will just make your jet lag last more time, as one’s body remains devoted to the previous time zone. So alter as fast when you can to your new time zone, so you are going to get over getting jet-lagged quicker.

Ensure that you provide a relative or buddy with an additional copy from the trip’s itinerary. It needs to consist of the names, addresses and phone numbers of the places and any individuals you anticipate to go to. Make sure you depart behind your travel itinerary which includes each of the appropriate information and facts. best Vietnam Tours;

Once you go on the vacation, never neglect your get in touch with lens circumstance. You can retain merely a smaller bit of hair gel or lotion inside to last via the journey.

In the event, you put on corrective lenses, pack an additional pair of eyeglasses when touring. Using this method, if the glasses break on the flight or your journey, you have a spare couple. You might wish to retain them on your particular person, or you can pack them right into a suitcase in the event you want.

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