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Ever thought of living a life where you can just pack a few necessities in your backpack and. travel all over the world while still making money? Well, you are not alone. There are millions of digital nomads in India whose such a lifestyle is a reality. From my personal experience, it’s such a relief getting to work at your own time, anywhere and still manage to take care of your bills by the end of the month. Many fed up employees have continuously resigned their 9-5 jobs and embarked on a never ending trip around the globe. The whole experience is both satisfying and fun. I will share with you secrets to make it while telecommuting in India or anywhere in the world:

  • Too much travel can be disruptive

Truth be told, travel is exceedingly fun but also exhausting regardless of how much experienced you might be. Every time you decide to hit the road to work from a far away land, you lose your precious working time to choosing suitable places for travel, booking flights, packing, relocating and making re-adjustments. All this time you would probably be bidding for orders, getting work done and perhaps relaxing. Undue delays in terminal stations also waste so much time.

  • Enabling auto-reply email response can be life-saving for any travelprenuer

It is often difficult to get fully prepared for the unknown especially while abroad. No matter how committed you might be in checking your email; you may miss out some very vital emails especially from clients hence losing great working opportunities. Sometimes your phone, laptop, devices fail indefinitely and it could take a little long to get back online. During your offline period, your, potential clients, clients or colleagues may get impatient and end up cancelling an order and stopping any future dealings with you. To avoid such kind of frustrations, get an autoreply email response.

  • Avoid storing your work files on the laptop’s hard drive

I learnt to be saving all my files in the Cloud, Drop box or any other online storage platforms the hard way. This happened during my first trip of working online from India after my laptop crushed after falling off from a cliff just when I had completed a 10 blogs milestone and deadline was here. For a moment, i regretted having made a decision to work online from India. How would I convince my client that I had actually done the work? The entire experience was both frustrating and de-motivating. Starting all over again from scratch was boring and I finally ended up reassigning the task at least so that I don’t lose my regular client. I always advice all remote workers to save their work online as anything can happen, anytime.

  • Only work from pre-vetted co-sharing space

There are thousands of co-sharing spaces in India advertised online with extremely appealing photos. Unfortunately, some of the photos uploaded online are actually downloaded or non-existent and going to such co-working spaces can be incredibly misleading. Your first trip co-working in foreign and can turn out to be the stuff of nightmares when you finally arrive and realized that the space is no-longer in operation or it’s all cracked up. Only book pre-vetted spaces using credible sources in the co-working industry.

  • Working with a timeline is magical

Has it happened to you that a day ends and you cannot really account for what you’ve done a whole day despite sitting behind a computer the entire time? This often happens especially if you do not have a work plan or a to-do list. You realize that a day is gone, the client has started mailing you for pending orders yet you have hardly finished. Since I begun working with a work plan, such cases are a thing of the past. Every day after rising, I always come up with a bucket-list of what I want to have achieved when the day ends. It’s magical how it works!

  • Always account for a jet lag to increase your productivity

Yes, it’s possible to fall fast asleep having been sitting on in a 60000 miles flight and still feel dog tired on arrival. Travel fatigue is real and unavoidable but good thing it can be anticipated for. So, always allow yourself a day or two at the end of your trip in order to refresh enough. In case you are traveling to a destination that is only a few hours flight, a jet lag of few hours is enough. But if you’re taking a continuous flight from Los Angeles to say India, you better get prepared for a major break down at some point!

  • Make your destination your source of inspiration for increased productivity

It is important to remain focused, but this doesn’t mean you should be ignorant about your surrounding ass a travelprenuer. No matter how determined you may be to get work done, always create time to learn about the local culture in your new destination. This will truly enrich your experience and break the monotony of having to work round the clock. If you fail to pay attention to the existing surrounding as you shift location, you’ll be missing out on getting new great opportunities and distinctive professional abilities.

  • Get out of your comfort zone

It is in the human nature to get comfortable at less involving tasks but I’m here to tell you; that way you won’t grow. It’s time to pull out from that comfort cocoon and get ready to take up new challenges. If throughout your nomad lifestyle you’ve only been completing a fixed amount of work, keep increasing the number anytime you get to an interesting destination. You can start small if you are a beginner, but ensure that every day you do a little more than yesterday.

There are thousands of independent remote workers in India who are performing excellently in their nomadic lifestyle. But it all narrows down to getting personal discipline and determination to live a free and fulfilling career life.

When it comes to increasing productivity as a digital nomad more so in India, it is really no different from increasing productivity in any other sector in most cases the same underlying principle will still apply. India is a really vast country and has a lot of different climates, the following are more ways one can improve on their productivity when it comes to being a digital nomad.

  • Create a schedule

Having a time schedule is a vital especially for good time management, that means you need to practice a lot of self-discipline and dedication , being self driven means do all you can to optimize on the available time you have an always knowing what and where you are meant to be at a given time. Being in India as a digital nomad it is great to get accustomed with your surroundings, getting to know people as well as knowing how to network is as crucial. Clearly outline your goal scheduling your time.

  • Having set hours and a dedicated working place.

Having a dedicated working place is extremely crucial more so because it gives a sense of responsibility and professionalism, in as much as many claim the main reason they resulted to being digital nomads was to escape the monotonous day jobs characterized by a nine to five working schedule and office desk was to get freedom, the truth is that a professional working environment sets the mood for focus and creativity. It brings a lot of motivation and sets a working tone. Having a set out and dedicated number of hours when you are most productive is the best way to get a lot done.

  • Minimise distractions using technology

When it comes to making the most of your time you will need to keep the distraction at a minimal level that means making a clear distinction between the working hours and adhering to your set obligations and set goals. One thing that really stands out when it comes to technology is just how useful it can be especially when it comes to handling duties as well as planning both long term and short term. That is where applications and calendars come in handy. You can easily plan out your day and your week at your own convenience and even follow up the plans made.

  • Take breaks.

This is probably something that most people never really put to consideration but taking breaks is as crucial as the actual work , breaks are important with maintaining a high level of concentration and optimizing productivity. This is because a person’s concentration span is limited and you cannot extend it beyond a given period regardless of how good you might be. Breaking down your time into bits of thirty minutes is a great way to maintain concentration and ensuring you do not compromise on the quality of your work in the end. Small five minute breaks go a long way, just unwinding and moving around or just listening to your favourite song is a great way to change the monotony of a task.

  • Regular exercise

Working out is something that most people may not consider and may not be aware of despite being very important. There is a direct link between one’s overall health and their level of productivity. This is why exercise is so important; it can range from something as simple as regular yoga to taking up a sport. Exercise takes you out of your comfort zone and brings a level of tolerance and discipline and in the end it results to one being more motivated as well as being in a really good mood. It is no coincidence as to why some of the most successful people in a wide range of fields will so often attribute their success and productivity to regular exercise. It enhances your mood by releasing dopamine which is the “feel good hormone” and in the process ones overall health and immunity improves. This goes on to reflect in all other aspects of life including overall productivity. For a digital nomad this can be a great opportunity to explore one’s surrounding and environment, it’s a fun and exciting way to make the most out of a given location.

  • Get enough sleep.

Sleep time is as important as the working time you have set aside if not more important. Productivity and moods are severely altered by one’s sleeping patterns. That means setting aside time to sleep enough and sticking to the schedule is essential. And this is where discipline comes into play. One must be ready to commit to a given time. Though there is no harm with having a cheat day once in a while.

  • Change your working environment

Consciously being aware of your surrounding and taking the initiative to spice things up by changing the environment and experimenting with stations every once in a while can go a long way in improving your productivity as well as giving you a renewed sense of purpose. It’s a great way to increase your productivity especially if you are in a new environment. This can be something as simple as taking your laptop and going to a lovely park where you can enjoy the fresh air; you will be surprised just how much of a difference it is capable of making. And India with its vast scenic places is bound to be full of beautiful places you can enjoy this. Digital nomading in India can be very exciting especially if are an adventurous kind of person.

  • Take time to appreciate what you are doing.

Perhaps what is my favourite way to keeping productive is appreciating what I am doing. Being a digital nomad more so in India seems like a very exciting venture. But what might be even more exciting is finding fulfilment in being a digital nomad. It takes a lot of courage to get started but if you constantly find something to be grateful for and you constantly take pride in what you do then it will eventually reflect in your level of productivity.

In as much as being a digital nomad looks like an exciting venture filled with a lot travelling and meeting all new people and places there serious factors one needs to consider before venturing into India. India is a densely populated place and with such comes a few consideration before resolving to drop everything and travelling all the way to India to start a career in being a digital nomad and being a remote worker in India. The following are some of the things one should consider.

  • Personal Definition Of Freedom

The fact is most people resolve to being digital nomads in a bit to get “freedom” from the monotony of daily living and routine but the truth is this may play out differently for different people. Having to leave a stable job and start a new one full of uncertainty is a big step and one needs to be sure of what they really are after to avoid regret and wasted time and opportunity. Freedom may mean being your own boss and in some cases having the freedom to do what you love when you feel like.

  • Building Relationships

Being a digital nomad more so in a place such as India means you will need to be comfortable with the climate and as with the nature of the occupation you will need to be ready to learn how to network with people. That means knowing how to interact on a one on one basis and building new relationships. Interactions and also working remotely in India. When it comes to working online in India there also a lot of logistics and locations one needs to consider.

  • Have A Base

In as much as it is exciting and liberating to constantly be out and and about living your life and exploring new frontiers you will need to have a nice place to always go back home to. It may be a simple apartment or a rented place. Just make sure it is a convenient place for you and if your family if you have one. It can be a real challenge constantly having to move from place to place with no definite shelter. In India prices of houses and apartments may vary depending on the location and value of property it is advised one to do thorough background research before settling on a certain place.

  • Plan Your Goals & Get A Well Defined Plan

Having to go out and be a digital nomad and work remotely is a great way to explore the world and sample new cultures and experiences. But having a set goal and being focused towards trying to fulfil a certain obligation is something also important. It is important to know that the world is full of uncertainties and nothing out there is guaranteed. Lay down your goals and an action plan to back it. It will not only serve as a motivation to keep you going but will also help you improve on interpersonal relations.

  • Have a Plan B

As stated earlier the world we live in is full of uncertainties and India with its vast population, getting to be a remote worker and getting a chance to be outstanding might prove challenging. In as much as it helps to be motivated and go after your goals you can avoid the frustration and possible mid life crisis by having a well laid out plan in case all else fails. It really helps being out and about but having a good back ground in other areas might prove helpful.

  • Have a Routine And Stick To It

Maybe something that no one will tell you is that being your own boss has its advantages but it comes with its fair share of challenges. This means you have to be ready to be accountable for the work you do and you have to learn to follow up on your goals with no supervision. It may not be easy but if you are disciplined then you will enjoy it every step of the way. Look for the time you are most active and productive and try to get as much work done within that period of time.

  • Be Flexible

In as much as it helps to have a routine being a nomad means you will have to be travelling a lot. Learn to adapt to new environments and surroundings. It also means you will have to learn how to be productive even on transit. Whether on a train or on a plain learn to make your laptop your best friend. And that is why having a light laptop is essential you are motivated and you don’t find it hard to get things started.

  • Don’t Stop Learning

We do live in an information age and as the nature of a digital nomad in India and working remotely you will find new and up coming technologies and you will have to be well accustomed to remain relevant. A lot of companies and individuals attribute their success to being flexible and adapting to change and being aware of what the new trends are in the market. Being obsolete is very easy so constantly be up to date with the latest trends.

  • Family

Having to move around may be stressful if you have young kids. Being a digital nomad may not always work best when you have a family and everyone in the family keeps moving out and about. Kids need to enjoy their childhood and have a stable education. If you are a couple then it is best if one of you only gets into being a digital nomad at least at the children’s best interests. That way things can work out. More so being a digital nomad in India.

  • Remember To Have Fun.

Perhaps the most important part of it all is to remember to have a good time. Life is short so if you decide to work remotely in India as a digital nomad, explore the site sample the culture and meet new people. Make the most out of the experience and have fun while it lasts.

So, who is a telecommuter or a remote worker? It’s a person who can work from anywhere as long as they have a stable internet connection and a laptop with them. Our generation is sick and tired. Tired of the current horrible job market, working under supervision over all the years, a thousand-and-one job regulations to adhere to, rising super early to go to work yet get pea-nut payment by the end of the month. Thanks to the digital nomadism lifestytle which has come to the rescue of many fed up employees. Digital nomads in India make money through various ways including blogging, social media marketing, affiliate marketing, e-books, online coaching and other ingenious ways.

If you are serious and passionate about traveling while working online, I will share with you easy real-life steps on how to get started in the digital nomadism career:

  • Join Digital Nomad Communities

Before I joined any digital nomad community, I hardly thought it was necessary at all. I always relied on advice from a few friends who have been remote workers in India and reading blogs of successful digital nomads online which was quite limiting. Interacting with other nomads in digital nomad communities gave me a great exposure on how to find new clients, the best software to use for time tracking, ways of finding talented graphic designers and many other business tips that have contributed to my success story today. 

  • Find a way to generate steady income

Being a digital nomad does not exempt you from expenses; if anything you only pocket the profit after catering for all expenses including accommodation, flight charges, food, co-sharing space fee and so on. Before you can even make your trip arrangements, ensure that you are earning regular income that is capable of sustain you in any foreign country without experiencing financial set-backs. This means you have to increase your money-making avenues like say Upwork, Fiverr, Freelancer, Homework market and any other platforms that will help you generate income. 

  • Rent your Home/ sell your home

Becoming a digital nomad sometimes means staying without a permanent place you can call home. If you’re serious about being a digital nomad, you need to be a person who can comfortably embrace this state. Incase you can get tenants to live in your house while you are away,  hire a person they can count on in case any issues arise. Property management agencies are a good option if you want to go the professional way. Alternatively, you can consider selling off your home. But this is a difficult decision to make especially because of the uncertainty of digital nomadism.

  • Get a storage unit to put all your belongings

I was done living a life crowded in all corners especially during weekends and all I wanted was to become a digital nomad in a far away country. But how exactly was I supposed to detangle myself from the script and be a telecommuter? Am I supposed to sell off everything I own including Precious, my pet? These are some of the questions that kept lingering in my mind and they can certainly bother anyone. After you are certain about starting the digital nomadism lifestyle, get a garage sale for all belongings you may not need. There is always that one thing you find really find difficult to part with; yet you cannot travel with everything you own to foreign lands. For such, you may need to get a storage unit and start paying for it a year prior so that you avoid any anxiety while you start your journey.

  • Get someone to take care of your pets while you are away

At first, I had thought I would carry Precious with me throughout my travels. This was definitely not a good idea considering climate change factors and a whole slew of laws and regulations in different states. Hence, do not even consider carrying your pets along as you embark on your trips. You may also have to add extra responsibilities like dealing with immunizations, quarantines. Let your pets remain at home with a person whom you can trust for their long-term care while you’re away.

  • Get a credit Card without International fees

Most of the credit cards have an extra cost for any ATM withdrawals and purchases. You need to avoid any unnecessary charges when you can. Hence, consider a card such as an American Express Card that lacks those extra costs. It is important for you to access your cash at low or no cost at all.

  • Find good Travel Insurance In case of emergencies

Problems are unpredictable and may arise anytime while you’re traveling, so getting good travel insurance is a must-have.  Ensure your insurance is valid throughout the time you’ll be away so as to cater for any emergencies or other health-related incidents that may arise. Always bear in mind that healthcare is a prerequisite need and different states have different healthcare systems.

  • Join a credit monitoring site

It’s crucial that you get a service provider to monitor your credit anytime while you’re away. They should be able to send you message alerts whenever an unusual activity is detected. Issues with credit can arise at anytime and you may only realize 6 Months later that your identity was stolen when you do not have much to do then. The other option would be to get a security freeze for your credit throughout your time away.

  • Book your Housing Prior to arriving

It is always advisable that you find your accommodation before arriving to the actual destination. Whether you will book some cottages or decide to reside in a hostel, do intense research on how to make booking arrangements before arrival. Through my personal experience, I’d advice anyone to look for a temporary accommodation first. On arriving to the desired destination; look for a long-term accommodation.

It took me about 3 Months to get my feet in digital nomad life in India, full-time travel lifestyle. It would take around the same time for any digital nomad in India to find out what’s working best for them. But throughout your lifestyle as a digital nomad, you will have totally different encounters in almost every new place.

Touring is so fascinating. The whole world has a significant number of destinations waiting around in your case to check out. The possibility to come across a person and lifestyle that vary from your very own is intriguing, but it’s also probable to plan less complicated trips. There are numerous treasures just ready being identified with your back garden whenever you study in which to seem.

When heading overseas, use ATMs to acquire some money as an alternative to working with trade services. You can drop income for those who do if not. As an outcome, you may help you save money and possess additional to invest on other matters.

Once you have picked the desired destination, master all the things you can with regards to the spot. Locate a great map of your vacation spot, and take some time to know concerning the geography as well as most essential attractions. If you study the realm, you’ll have an easier time while you vacation.

Proven Travel Tips

Make your vacation arrangements way ahead of one’s excursion. Most often, you will discover journey promotions by scheduling early, but last second specials may appeal to those people with a lot less stringent wants. Also, you may appreciate the practical experience together with your good friends or relatives.

If you have to own vaccinations to be able to vacation to a region, ensure you deliver the vaccine certification with you even though touring. It’s possible you’ll require it whenever you depart or enter the nation, and possibly when you are travelling among metropolitan areas. If you do not hold the excellent paperwork, people that deal with tourists will only not be authorized to let you pass a specific level, and at this time you can be held for what might be days until eventually, they know apparently, you aren’t a threat to distribute a sickness. best Vietnam Tours;

On arrival, look at your hotel room’s alarm. You hardly ever know what the one that was keeping there past may have experienced it established to. When you make sure you convert it off or reset it, you can help get your holiday started off on the appropriate foot.

Convey issues to keep your toddler occupied. Check out to carry several of your kid’s favorite toys. It’s also a great notion to buy a different toy or two to be used on the vacation as unfamiliar toys may well engage your child for a longer time intervals.

Making an attempt finding in the big exercise session before you board the aero plane. Lengthy flights are observed to be difficult to sit using. You’re again and legs can begin to cramp up just after sitting for such quite an extended period. Workout or, for the minimum, a session of stretching ahead of a flight can limit your cramps and reduce sore muscle tissue.

Frequently, once we go away home, we stop up getting significantly of residence with us. To make sure, you reduce well, only provide great toiletries along with you. Toiletries are classified as the most critical things that you just will convey. Only pack potent types.

In case you are licensed for it, using a motorcycle may make for a beautiful trip. The ability to love the driving alone, driving speedily, as well as the gas efficiency, will help the vacation get started inside of an exciting way. It could be quite fulfilling to vacation by motorcycle.

Deserts have excellent views and appealing vegetation and animals. There’s something attractive about looking at a desert with the 1st time, and it can be something that ought to be experienced by absolutely everyone.

When travelling on the highway with young children, take along some cookie sheets. Use the cookie sheets as being a surface on which your youngsters can engage in cards or rest their coloring textbooks. In case your young children are probably younger, deliver together magnetic quantities and letters to supply an educational activity.

When you are travelling for several hrs., pack some snacks. Clean fruits will improve your mood and help your digestion. Given that you’re taking together some delicious contemporary meals, it will eventually help you save from acquiring all those high-priced airport treats, and also have something to share along with your neighbor over the aero plane.

When you choose to modify to a different time zone speedily, you ought to aim to help keep you awake right until all around 8 pm local time. Intending to the mattress as well significantly sooner than typical will just make your jet lag last more time, as one’s body remains devoted to the previous time zone. So alter as fast when you can to your new time zone, so you are going to get over getting jet-lagged quicker.

Ensure that you provide a relative or buddy with an additional copy from the trip’s itinerary. It needs to consist of the names, addresses and phone numbers of the places and any individuals you anticipate to go to. Make sure you depart behind your travel itinerary which includes each of the appropriate information and facts. best Vietnam Tours;

Once you go on the vacation, never neglect your get in touch with lens circumstance. You can retain merely a smaller bit of hair gel or lotion inside to last via the journey.

In the event, you put on corrective lenses, pack an additional pair of eyeglasses when touring. Using this method, if the glasses break on the flight or your journey, you have a spare couple. You might wish to retain them on your particular person, or you can pack them right into a suitcase in the event you want.

Hmmm, relationships. To be sincere with us all, relationship is more than just what most us of take it to be. While some see it as a journey, others see it as a way to out of loneliness. Irrespective of what our opinions are on relationship. One thing that I know, which is for sure, is that relationship requires, hard work, commitment coupled with a lot of sacrifices.

Relationships can somewhat be quite complicated even for partners who live the conventional kind of lifestyle, not to talk of we Digital Nomads. An average digital nomad will be on the road for at least nothing less than 8 months in a year. This is not to scare us, it’s just a clarion call for us to fasten our belts and look for a way in which we can make our relationship work most especially while we are on the move.

Travelling and moving around from one place to the other with or without our partner has the tendency to make things south. While on the road there it is very possible we lose touch of romance, intimacy and some other fun stuff that come with a happy relationship.

Does this now mean that being a digital nomad, does not really give room for a relationship? NO, with my few years of experience in the industry in an active relationship, I do hope that some of the insights I’ll be sharing with us in this write-up should point our relationships in the right direction. Below are some of the ways in which you can spice up your relationship while on the road.

Be Open and Honest With Our Partner

Being open and honest is one of the key ingredients needed for any successful relationship. When going on a trip to Thailand, we must always let our Thailand be Thailand. We should not be found wanting taking pictures in some caves in Brazil when we ought to be in Thailand. Lies can really pull some bad strings in any relationship such that if care is not taken, such a relationship might crash without notice. When it comes to being open, we must be very open to our partner, because this might be the only way to make our partner see what we really are going through. Our partners should be the first to know when things are not really making sense. He or she must always be aware of our locations at every point in time.

Be Time and Date specific

Most of the time, our partners will definitely miss us (for those of us that who do not travel with our partner), so the need for us to keep with date and time. When we fix 5 pm to do FaceTime with our partner, we shouldn’t for no reason be excused. When we fix a date to return home, we shouldn’t for no reason compromise, even if at all we want to miss out on a date, we should come up with tangible reasons, and we must be sure to notify our partner beforehand.

Always keep him/ her in the loop

Obviously, most of us might live in countries other than that which our partners reside, time zone differences might also have some roles to play here. The need for us to always keep our partner in the loop and fill them in on every single detail when the time permit. Above all, we must be good listeners. Through effective listening, we tend to discover some things about our partner which sometimes might not be communicated directly.

Try doing things together.

This might sound kind of impossible, but it’s however very possible, watching a movie via Netflix at the same time, reading the same book, or playing online games together with your partner if he/ she is type that loves playing games are some of the activities that could foster high level of intimacy between us and our partners.

Learn to express love.

This is one of the most important things we need to continuously do for our partner. With or without distance, we should inculcate the habit of expressing love to our partner. Doing this brings about:

  • Unending Romance and intimacy
  • It keeps the fire burning.

We could express love to our partner’s in a numbers of ways. Some of which includes but are not limited to the following:

  • Sending of postcards
  • We could also arrange for flowers to be delivered at her doorstep
  • While going on a trip, we could leave notes, stating how much we care about our partner in places where he or she could easily stumble on it. Under the pillow may possibly not be a bad idea, under the coffee machine might also be cool. Just be sure to place it in places where it could easily be found by her after your departure.

Rules and boundaries must be clearly stated.

Some folks may not like the idea of their partner’s going to parties, having guest around or going on dates while away. These are some of the things that should be sorted out before setting out on a trip.

Here are some other ways in which we could spice up our relationship, while on the road.

  • Always make her feel important
  • Always keep in touch and be consistent with it.
  • We must always be mindful of the fact that we are not single anymore. We shouldn’t be found doing things singles do, you guys should know what I mean. LOL.
  • We shouldn’t be too distracted with work, there must be hours of the day, dedicated to having fun with our partner.
  • We must learn to keep to our words. we must try as much as possible to let our NO be NO
  • Finally the most important. There should be an agreement when it comes to spending. Spending out of budget could really upsetting at times. Anytime we decide to spend out of the budget, let’s be sure to fill our partners in before doing such.

There are no singles ways to make a relationship work, what works for me, might not apply to your relationship. But, I strongly believe that some of the points raised in this write up should help spice up our relationship and make it more fun.

Sooner or later your presence will definitely be noticed in the local community where you work, either through your appearance or by the way and the manner in which you speak. Your presence might not be really noticed if you are working remotely from a big city unlike when you are working remotely from a small town. The sooner you realize that you can’t completely hide your identity the quicker it is for you to blend in with the locals. Below are few tips that might help you in blending in easily with your local community while working remotely.


The smart thing to do as a digital nomad is to research the dress code of the locals. In some part of the world, it might be termed offensive walking around with a bikini or short dresses that expose some part of your body. The colour of your cloth too is of great significance depending on the culture of the guys in your local community. Putting on black cloth might be seen as a sign of mourning the dead. Embrace the culture and dress code of the people in your local community, in no time you will be seen as one of theirs.

Learn the language

This is very vital if you work in a country that speaks in languages quite different from that of your home country. Therefore it is imperative you learn the language of your host community. You might find it very difficult making a purchase at the local store without the knowledge of your host community language .Master the short phrases in their language, at least the greetings.

Eye Contact and Body Language

This factor is often not considered important in blending with your host community, but it plays a vital role in getting you settled down. In some parts of Europe, it may be considered rude and supercilious staring at someone longer than five or six second, most especially when this act is not accompanied with a smile or greeting. While in some other parts of the world, maintenance of eye contact during at interaction is considered as a sign of honesty and respect. However, doing this in some Asian and Africa countries might also be considered rude and disrespectful. Eye contact is also acceptable in some Arabic countries but it not acceptable during a conversation with the opposite sex.

Personal space

Another factor that plays a pivotal role but often neglected is the distance of interaction with the locals. You should observe the way and manner in which the local greet one another, taking note of the gesture and facial expression accompanied with the greeting. Observe whether they kiss each other or shake hands while greeting. The mode of greeting may also vary with age and gender.

Volume of your voice

It is advised you keep your voice down until you have figured out the way and manner in the locals use their voice during a conversation. The locals might get so irritated with a loud voice, you may be considered as being arrogant for raising your voice. Above all try not to make any personal statement while in the midst of the locals it may be interpreted to something else.

Blending in with your local community is not all about completely losing your identity, it’s more of you being aware of your new environment which makes it easier for you to get accepted by the people. Take your time to study the culture and adapt to it. I guarantee you will enjoy working as a digital nomad from that country.

Being a remote photographer, you need not be near the camera in order to take the perfect picture. The camera can be digitally or remote controlled or can even be designed with a sensory system. This means that a picture will be automatically taken when the sensor picks up any type of movement in front of the camera. Now, with the introduction out of the way, we can move on to more important things such as how do remote photographers actually get clients?

Pictures are always worth a thousand words

If you’re looking for serious clients that will stay loyal to you no matter what the picture crisis is, you need to pull up your socks and stop looking your photos as a job. You need to look at them as if they’re telling your story – your photography story.

Marketing 101 – Do your own thing

If you’re not getting as many clients as you initially thought, don’t opt for the copycat photographer image. Many photographers copycat their competitor’s marketing strategy. After all, if it works for them, why won’t it work for me? Because your competitors are marketing their own photography story. It’s as simple as that. And the pictures you take will say the rest.

It’s not just pictures – it’s a captured moment in time

Ever thought you can capture time in a bottle and treasure it forever? If you’re a photographer, you can with the simple click of a camera button. The image you captured there is a moment in time and can be held onto forever. It’s just like a split second in time of a memory in the making. That’s what you do – you create a way to capture time that can be treasured forever. It may make you feel like a pioneer, but if the pictures don’t tell a story, you give that time captured a way to escape…

Don’t conform to “it must be like this” or “look like that”

The main reason clients would want to make use of your photographing services is the fact that they also have a say in the way their pictures look. They need to know they’ll be in for an original experience every time. If you take photographs of families, keep the “could you stand up straight” or “make that smile a little bigger” to a minimum. The ones in the photo need to feel comfortable and natural. As much as it may be about the picture, it is about the memory that picture creates. And you are in control of that memory so give them a great one to remember!

If someone wants a photo taken, whether in action or not, they want it to stand out from the rest. That’s why you need to make your photos stand out – the best way of getting clients.

As digital nomading becomes more of a popular and lucrative career choice among youngsters in their 20s, it has also started turning heads among the older generation. More and more professionals who work office jobs are beginning to understand that they too can become digital nomads. Their kids are on their way to becoming independent, they have bought that house they always wanted and they have climbed the professional ladder to a high position in their company.

So what could be stopping them from beginning their life as a digital nomad?

Digital nomads at 40 vs Digital nomads at 20: While many youngsters and millennials take their time figuring out what profession they want while being digital nomads, people over 40 have the advantage of a practiced skill set and years of experience to offer. They are more likely to get freelance work and know what their work is worth.

How to pick a career: Many digital nomads work in the fields of writing, photography, social media management, digital marketing, web design, graphic design and IT. It is fairly simple to find freelance work in these areas as they are constantly in demand. However, there is an online market for nearly anything these days and once you find your niche, the work will begin to flow.

Money: For a nomad, experiences are far more important than material things. If you are willing to spend your savings on travelling, you definitely have the right idea about digital nomading. Your savings will also be a buffer till you begin earning a steady income from freelancing.

Motivation: Do smoothing you’re passionate about. It seems cliched but the only way you will be a successful digital nomad is by doing what you love. Being your own boss is a matter of discipline and self-control and your source of motivation is solely your work. So make sure you are completely invested in what you choose to make a living out of.

Planning: Your planning begins long before you actually begin working as a digital nomad. Extensive research is required in all spheres of you future life: your destination, the market you will cater to, your reach online, your major competitors. It is wise to begin planning as early as a year before you set out being a digital nomad.

Networking: Other digital nomads can be a great resource for information and tips. There is a major network of digital nomads online and they are always willing to help each other out. Talking to others who made a decision to become digital nomads will give you answers to many questions you might have before starting out.

Being a digital nomad at 40 is hardly any different than being one at 20. In fact, you have time and experience on your side. If fear is the only thing holding you back, it is something you need to approach practically. The foremost thing to remember is that it is not impossible. If you find that the lifestyle does not suit you, you can always come back to the old life. But if you do take the leap, it will only give you rewards, even if after a while.

While many people quake at the idea, travelling with toddlers can be an adventure in itself. If you’re a digital nomad (or nomads, if you’re a couple travelling with toddlers), your schedule is going to be a constant juggling of work and your child’s schedule. But it doesn’t need to be as daunting as it sounds. With a little preparation, you can make sure your child enjoys travelling as much as you do.

Control your child’s food intake before flying: Sure, your kid needs snacks and feeding them small amounts can seem like an easy fix to keep them occupied but the last thing you need is for our child to want to go to the bathroom just as your flight is taking off. Also, control how much sugar they consume before flying. A hyper child is going to be everyone’s problem.

Add plenty of games to your phone or tablet:
Sometimes screen time can be necessary for you child. A long flight demands plenty of distractions and your child can only watch so many movies. Keep games and picture books handy on your tablet or phone so they do not get bored.

Travel by night: Picking overnight flights will save you a lot of trouble — your child will sleep, you can sleep peacefully too, and your fellow passengers won’t have a thing to complain about. Also, your child’s sleeping patterns won’t be disturbed, and he’ll be well rested for when you reach your destination.

Pick the aisle seat: The window seat may keep your toddler entertained but it won’t work for long stretches. Instead, pick the aisle seat for easy access to the bathroom, which is a far more important requisite on long flights.


Scheduling around your child:
Your toddler is always going to be your first priority on the road. However, it is not impossible to work while travelling with your child. Nap time will always give you a stretch of uninterrupted time to work. Early bedtime for children means you can squeeze in an hour or two of work before you head to sleep yourself.

Making use of small pockets of time: A lot of time during the day goes in supervising your toddler. Early mornings before your child wakes up or long meal times when your toddler is taking his or her time to finish eating can be useful hours that you can get work done in.

Kids clubs or babysitters: Many places offer kids’ clubs, where your toddler can make new friends while you work and supervise at the same time. If you are living at a homestay, you can ask your host to babysit for a couple of hours or ask if anyone will be willing to do so and that you can pay them for their services, while you catch up with your work.


Book ahead:
Planning ahead and booking hotels will make life easier for you and your child. After a long flight, you will mostly need to avail some services as soon as possible and booking a place to stay will save you valuable time that you will otherwise waste while looking for a place to stay.

Family deals: Many hotels have family deals as well, so always look for those while booking a place to stay. Similarly, look for hotels, restaurants, and local attractions that are child-friendly, as these come with services like kids clubs or babysitters.

Living in homes instead of hotels:
Luxury isn’t always a good thing while travelling with your toddler. You may not be able to take them to fancy restaurants or to the bar if you want a drink. An alternative to hotels are homestays, bed and breakfasts, or house swaps. They are in a position to personalise your stay for you and if they have small children as well, your child will have company while you work.

Spending Time

Travel slow: Travelling slow becomes a necessity when travelling with children. A couple of days will be spent in getting your child adjusted to the destination, and balancing your work with exploring a place will take several more. You can take your time to thoroughly go around though, and long stays at any place can get you higher discounts at hotels.

Short outings: Find local attractions that do not require you to spend the whole day out. It may get too taxing for your toddler and will require you to carry too many supplies “just in case”. Instead, schedule short outings so you can still make it back for important breaks like nap time. You can always revisit their favourite spots again in the duration of your stay.

Take turns with your partner: If you’re travelling as a family, things just become easier. You can take turns with your partner working and taking the children out, and head out together on some days. Your child stays occupied and you can get more work done as well.

Check the menus: Your toddler is not going to take to local food at once so always check restaurant menus for your standard fast food options. Sometimes a plate of french fries is the only thing that will keep them happy.


Hygiene: In small places, hand sanitisers can be your best friend. If you can’t find a place to wash your hands or if water cuts are a problem at your destination, wet wipes and hand sanitisers can go a long way to protecting your child’s health.

Vaccinations: Children are very susceptible to infections and illnesses while travelling. Always check with your doctor before taking any trip with your children. Make sure all their vaccinations are up to date and if you’re travelling internationally, get the medical equivalents of emergency medicines in your destination country.

Hope those tips will make it easier for you. Happy Traveling 🙂

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