Twitter is one of the top social channels where you can find new information and new connections. However, it is also an underutilized social channel by brands and companies. People find that Twitter is not as easy to use as Facebook is because of the limited content space, the rate at which you can find and connect with people, etc. Only 63.5% of marketers are in favor of Twitter for a good ROI. But it doesn’t have to be that way.

Twitter is a great social channel to invest your marketing time and money in, what with

  • Over 313 million monthly users
  • An average of 6000 tweets sent per second
  • 78% of people who follow SMBs retweet content from that business
  • 75% feel better about an SMB after following and reading its Tweets
  • 69% of respondents have purchased from an SMB after following them on Twitter

With the right kind of strategy in place for this social channel, your marketing can go places.


Be it Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter, every kind of marketing requires a set of objectives—goals that define your marketing success and are in line with your company’s core values. Zoom out and you will find four goals staring back at you.

Your marketing should deliver—

  • More leads and increase sales
  • Build brand awareness
  • Boost brand loyalty
  • Provide social customer support

From here on, you can narrow down your goals depending on a marketing campaign or a product release. This is the (first and) most crucial step towards building a successful marketing strategy. You need to know what you are at, what you are going to establish, and how far you have succeeded. So, take time to figure this part out.


Once you have decided what you are going to achieve through your Twitter marketing, you’ll need to have a strategy in place. Trust me, if you skip this part, you’ll have an unhappy boss, a lot of unexplained questions, and a marketing budget gone down the drain.

Know Your Competition

It’s necessary. It makes your strategizing fun and easy as well. What are they doing right, how are they being a hit, what works, and what doesn’t—you need to know these and everything else there is about your competition and their strategies. There are plenty of tools that can help you get this done in a matter of seconds.


Target Right Audience

There are plenty of Twitter users and it is most likely that your brand or company does not cater to all of them. You need to sort through and identify the right audience to whom your brand is relevant and who are most likely to make a purchase. Twitter offers a comprehensive list of targeting options to help you narrow that down to your niche.

Is One Twitter Account Enough?

Well, this depends on your company, your goals, and the brands you have. For example, if you have different departments and want to handle them through different accounts, then you might have one for sales, another for customer support, etc. If you have more than one brand like does, then you’ll need one for each. Let’s say, your company caters to audience from different countries across the globe, then you might want to have one account for each country that you sell in. You get the drift of it, don’t you?


Connect And Integrate

Your strategy should integrate with other departments. If there is a new feature release in your product, then this should not just be posted on your company’s Twitter account but should also be communicated to your Sales and Customer support teams so that they can answer questions being fired by prospects and existing customers.

This kind of communication is necessary to keep your strategy steady and your marketing in place. Else, it has the potential to bring your company down to dust in a matter of minutes.

Your Brand Is Unique

Write a piece of content and share the same post across all social channels. That’s easy, right? But, I’m here to tell you to NOT do just that! Though it might be a shortcut, it might not work for the long haul. Most often people following your brand on one channel will be doing that on other channels as well. You don’t want to present them with the same content on all the social channels, do you?

Create fresh, unique, and custom content for each social channel. It might take a little extra bit of your time but it’s worth it. As an alternative, you can create all the content in one go. You can then schedule it to be published at different dates and times using a social media management software.



Use Twitter Tools

As mentioned earlier, there are plenty of tools that will help you get a lot done and a lot out of Twitter. From social media management softwares to tools that offer specific services, from paid to free, we have all that covered in a neat list.

Complete Your Profile

verified account

A Twitter profile is the face of your company’s social presence. You need to make sure that it is complete, up-to-date, and has a bio that conveys what your company or department does. If you have an account for your customer support then, let it show on the bio.

Add a clear image of your company or brand’s logo. People don’t want to see egg heads for a profile picture.

Get Verified

Yeah, this part is not just for celebrities! If you are a brand or company you need to have the Twitter seal on it. You need to have your account verified. Once Twitter verifies your account, there is a tiny blue tick mark that appears next to your brand’s Twitter profile name. This adds credibility to your brand on Twitter. Learn more at the Twitter help desk.


Marketers have always preferred real-time engagement and it seemed to have worked all these years. However, Twitter has informed its users to focus on right-time engagement. It also encourages brands to have a steady and regular flow of relevant content pouring in. A good social media publishing software can come in handy.

Now, don’t freak out. It’s really easy if you these ingredients when tweeting.

Keep it really short. Though Twitter allows up to 140 characters, 90-100 character long tweets work best. Focus each tweet on one message instead of squeezing in a lot of information. And there’s only so much you can do with a character limit.

Use visuals. Get a little creative.  Throw in a couple of images, a GIF, or may be a short video that complements the content. Twitter says that tweets with visual content get 3x engagement than the ones without visuals. It also lists out a set of dos and don’ts for you to consider when creating visual tweets for your brand or company.

Include relevant hashtags. Similar to Instagram, hashtags are the connecting links that bring users to your tweet. They work like search keywords. You need to find and use those hashtags that are relevant to your brand or company. As a best practice do not use more than two hashtags in your tweet.

Interact. One of the best ways to interact with your audience is to ask questions (of course, relevant to your brand or company). You can even run polls to understand what people think about your brand or to get feedback from customers on a product.

Stay active. Retweeting and replying to tweets is another way of keeping an active presence on Twitter. The noise around a product or campaign can die down quickly if you do not keep the conversation going. It is also necessary to be responsive to questions, comments, or feedback that customers may have about your brand, product, or company.


Paid Advertising

Organic marketing alone won’t cut it. Sometimes, it is best to complement it with a bit of paid advertising. This will help you reach a bigger set of target audience and also achieve your goals quicker. In short, paid campaigns help amplify your marketing efforts. Twitter offers a step-by-step guide on how to achieve your goals and which type of campaigns are best suited for each one of them.


Twitter Chats

With all those tweets, replies, and retweets going around, you could host your own little Twitter chat party for your brand. Twitter chats are a great way to showcase yourself as the thought leader. They also help a great deal in brand advocacy and to help build a community around your brand.

If you are new around here and want to join a Twitter chat instead of hosting one yourself, then you can look for them here:

Twitter Moments

You read that right! Moments are nothing but a curation of the day’s best events and stories. It was opened for everyone last year and I think you should try your hand at it. Here are 10 tried ways you can get it to work for your brand or company.


Live Videos

Live videos were something that Twitter brought in to beat the competition from Facebook and Instagram. It could be a quick message by your company’s CEO or a glimpse of an event you are hosting, you could use live videos to boost your marketing. It is as easy as typing out a tweet. As mentioned earlier, visuals always help get your audience’s attention. And with live video broadcasting, you can spice things up a little.

Influencer Marketing

Influencer Marketing is the in thing in today’s online and social marketing. And it seems to be a hit, thanks to all the humongous fan following for a lot of people. Influencers can help you boost your marketing efforts by many folds. Here are five steps to help you rock the influencer marketing like a pro.

  • Find out about your target audience
  • Research and learn about your influencers
  • Set a goal or objective for the campaign
  • Determine who will create content—you or the influencer
  • Measure results


Twitter analytics

Measuring your marketing progress is necessary for creating the next best campaign. If you do not know what went wrong, how will you fix it? If you don’t know what worked well, how would you leverage it?

Twitter has an inbuilt analytics system to help you define and measure your marketing success. It breaks down the report for you by

  • Engagement
  • Link clicks
  • Retweets
  • Likes
  • Replies
  • Video views
  • Photo or video clicks
  • Detailed expands
  • Profile clicks

It also has options to customize the duration of the reports and download them. The downloaded CSV report gives you a more in-depth analysis on how your brand has been performing. Once you start getting a sense of what’s working with your audience, you can start tweeting similar content.

But this can get challenging if you have more than one brand to monitor and report on. Get the help of one of the many Twitter analytics tools available to crack this. 


That’s Twitter marketing for you in a nutshell. Go on now and create a strategy for your brand. And don’t forget to come back to tell us how it worked for you. Good luck!

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Life on the road, new destinations and meeting new people from different walk of life might be pretty exciting and at the same time, it might also come with various challenges. Been your own boss comes difficulties and challenges. Most of the time you’ll have to get things done super fast with a terrible internet connection. As a Digital Nomad, you’ll definitely be faced with some challenges which hitherto would have never have been a challenge if you are aware of some website or you have installed on your laptop or mobile device some of the applications I’ll be outlining to you in this write up.


This is totally the coolest website you’ll definitely need to visit, most especially when you are working in a noisy environment and you need some level of concentration. This website claims to use neuroscience approach in selecting cool background music while working. The free trial version of this web application limits you just to an hour of play. But you can as well go for the paid version which cost a token of $4 per annum.


For folks with limited design know-how. Canva is the ultimate tool needed to get your designs done in no time at ease. This website has a library with over ten thousand stocked images from which you can choose from in case you don’t have a perfect one for yourself. This website also gives you the flexibility of curating professional looking website graphics, flyers, info-graphic design just to mention a few.


This is the perfect project management tool for you and your team. This supplication comes handy most especially when you are multi- tasking between different projects or you have a large team of guys working on a project and you’ll have to stay updated at all times. Asana works perfectly with iOS and Android devices, not so surprised why it is regarded as one of the must have tools for a Digital Nomad.

Rescue time

Rescue is the perfect time management tool you’ll have to get installed  installed on your laptop as it helps your keep track of your numerous tells you the time you spent on watching a movie, writing or surfing through the web. Just name it. Rescue time basically helps you keep track of every of your activities.

XE Currency

This is one of old time Digital Nomads favourite. This application gives you the flexibility of converting in between currencies. The coolest part of this application is that you can sync ahead of time and recall when needed most especially when you don’t have a working data.

Other must have applications and websites for a Digital Nomad

  • WikiSherpa
  • Trail Wallet
  • Tripit
  • Ditto
  • Flycut
  • AutoHotkey
  • Wisetamp
  • Rapportive
  • Boomerang
  • Trello
  • F.lux
  • Shopify
  • Everytime Zone
  • Zero
  • 1password
  • Work from
  • Sugar Sync
  • Schedule once
  • Spaxtel
  • Earth Class Mail

To stay ahead of time as a Digital Nomad it is advised you consider installing some of this apps on your laptop and mobile device or you visit the site listed on this website.

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Apart from being creative, what does a dancer, painter, writer, singer and chef have in common? It is the opportunity to work from anywhere and provide their services to lead a good life. Their creativity can boost their travel plans and vice versa. Well, how is it possible? In this article for the digital nomads, we decode the ways one can utilise Facebook to their advantage while on the road.

There are various interest-based groups on Facebook that can be utilised to get work in remote locations, volunteer and promote travel in general. We list some of them below:

Digital Nomads Around the WorldAs the name suggests, it is a great platform to exchange knowledge, share stories, ask for assignments, endorse one’s services & capabilities. No wonder, it enjoys a great membership of 20,000+ members in spite of being a closed group.

Girls Love Travel – It is a travel social club for girls who travel solo or in groups. In their words, they are a community to assist the members with growing their travel bucket list, finding others to explore the world with and help empower with safety and support when they are out traveling! It has a massive following from members across the globe. The last I saw, it was 68089 members and still counting!

17000ft Foundation – It is an organisation committed to improve lives of people by improving education and creating livelihood opportunities in very remote villages of Ladakh. They offer volunteering services and thus it is perfect for all the digital nomads to participate in the same. They enable volunteers to stay, share their knowledge and time and take back something incredible in return; priceless moments with the local kids.

Making it Anywhere – This one seems to hit the bull’s eye! It is a global network of entrepreneurs, helping each other to build successful businesses across a huge range of industries. With features like monthly video hangouts, free trainings, constructive criticism leading to improvement and virtually meeting like-minded individuals, this seems to be a community for every digital nomad to be a part of.

Airbnb Action – The name needs no introduction as it is quite popular with the traveller fraternity. This group on Facebook is a community of hosts and guests who believe in the power of home sharing. The fraternity of digital nomads benefit both ways, by hosting or by being a guest, as there is a lot of cultural exchange involved.

So which community are you going to be a part of?

As amazing as it is to be a digital nomad, there are a fair share of problems that we face. Due to the nature of our jobs, we always need to be in an area with good connectivity. Or often, we find ourselves stuck in a room working the whole time without taking a break. Or if we’re handling every aspect of an assignment, we might just go nuts trying to handle everything at once. Here’s why working with a team comes in handy.

Security: Companies that have a distributed e-teams have the advantage of securing multiple backups in different physical places. With so many digital companies, the risk of losing data means backups have to be secure and done on a regular basis. If technical failure results in the worst, there will always be a backup with another employee.

Connectivity: In an office, a connectivity issue means the entire team is helpless to continue working. However, with a distributed team, if one member of the team is disconnected, a client can always connect with another member. Crises like these can be addressed remotely without wasting time waiting for teams to assemble.

Focussing on one aspect: While working independently certainly puts a lot of pressure to manage several aspects like client communication, content management and technical particulars, working with a team gives you the benefit of focussing on your area of expertise. Delegation of work or departmentalisation exists just like in a physical office, only virtually.

No distractions: Distractions that happen at an office like a colleague’s birthday, continuous phone calls, and water cooler chit-chat are much lesser at a home office. Employees are able to choose their zone and perform their tasks with more attention.

More productivity: Employees who work remotely tend to be more dedicated to their work because they have the freedom of scheduling their work hours according to their convenience, as opposed to fixed times at a physical workplace. Such conducive and agreeable conditions greatly increase the overall productivity of employees as well.

Work flexibility: Working remotely makes working hours flexible for everyone. It gives all the employees the ability to manage their personal and professional lives as per their convenience, resulting in happier workers who are willing to give more to the company.

Worldwide experience: Many big worldwide companies who work as a distributed team have a high rate of success because they have employees from all over the world. Hiring people from all over the world means that you can work with the best in the field. Working from different timezones also means someone or the other is available at all times for clients to get in touch with.

Time and cost savings: Distributed companies that work remotely save a lot on renting or buying a physical workspace as an office. Employees too, do not have to waste time and energy in commuting to and from a physical workplace. Besides, a lot of capital is saved on infrastructure that an office would require. This greatly contributes to the efficiency and quality of the employees’ work.

The biggest advantage of working with an e-team is the scope for expansion. The camaraderie formed while doing your part to achieve a common goal only makes groups more motivated to tackle bigger projects and aim for higher goals. The satisfaction that comes from teamwork also increases the morale of the entire team and encourages their support as well.

The desire of every remote worker is to have some super fast Internet connection in order to easily and quickly finish up one task and begin another one. There is nothing that is as frustrating and disappointing as taking hours without end to have just a single page loading. This greatly demotivate a person to the extent of loosing hope on whether we shall be able to meet the deadline. In India, strategies to deal with this problem have been implemented. They include: Continue Reading

This digital arena will never cease to amaze most of us. Days are now long gone when analogue watches were the only thing available in market. Today, there is more to smart phones since the smart watches were launched in market. The good news is that these watches are serving more purpose that just displaying time and being used as alarms. Continue Reading

Having a number of things to observe such as tight deadlines, reliable storage of work, reliable WiFi networks and so on?. The good news is that mobile app developers are working round the clock to ensure that each individual need of remote workers is met adequately. As a matter of fact, you will find that majority of the people that are up to date with the latest Apps in market are the remote workers. Let us briefly analyze a number of must have Apps for digital nomads. Continue Reading

The use of technology for a flexible working environment is the new trend of the future. Office culture as the only way of earning a living is becoming a thing of the past. Indeed, technology has brought about a distinctive change in the job market by bringing about remote working culture that is more convenient. Consequently, remote culture also has brought about some significant change in technology. Let us look at some of the changes it has successfully effected: Continue Reading

It is true that not everyone can fit in the office and work comfortably. Some people want to explore different environments and therefore, they become remote workers and more specifically, digital coffee makers. Are you interested in this job? Get to know the necessary prerequisites that must be present. The fact however remains that if you do your best, you can easily become the best coffee maker in your country and therefore, attract a great traffic. Continue Reading

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