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Has is it ever crossed your mind on chasing the digital nomad lifestyle? I happened to settle for it early this year when I lost my first white collar job. I have always had passion for exploring the world a lot and digital nomadism seemed like the perfect idea for me. Well I had very many places in mind but India seemed to get most of my attention the most due to its diverse cultures, monuments and areas to explore ranging from exotic cities, ancient ruins, religious structures and a diverse land scape with a wide variety of tourist attractions.

Working remotely from India however was not a walk in the park like many of you perceive it to be. It sure had its fair share of challenges that include:

Paper Work Management in India

Registration at the (Foreigner Regional Registration Office) FRRO is one of the vital steps you will undergo. Despite having all the documents in place you are expected to go back at least twice before being certified with an FRRO certificate. The rules and requirements keep changing and sometimes you may be asked to bring documents that weren’t listed. The FRRO is surely not the best way to have as a first encounter in India but once you overcome it, you are good to go.

Banking and Compliance

Carrying cash has never been a safe option for me. While I was working remotely from India, I found using my home debit card to withdraw cash in the local currencies very expensive.  Mostly I use PayPal as my means of payment off which wasn’t a better option as their cross border fees happened to be very high. I got to learn that transfer Wise have made international transfers more affordable; and offer borderless accounts that can hold money up to 28 currencies making the digital nomad’s lifestyle easier.

The most appropriate way of running your business as a freelancer and a digital nomad is becoming an Estonian E-resident. After this you can create an Estonian limited company that you can manage from anywhere in the world. It enables you to connect to your business online directly. LeapIN helps you establish your company and take care of your accounting, taxation and any other legal compliance.

Internet Connection

Internet accessibility in India is not that good for a remote worker in India. I happened to settle in Goa where the internet really sucks. Many budget able guesthouses lacked Wi-Fi and online booking services were not offered. There is also frequent power shortage which implies that good connection might not be accessible all the time. Normally you can access good Wi-Fi at most coffee shops in major cities across India. If you are working remotely it becomes expensive taking countless cups of coffee just to utilize the free Wi-Fi. Getting an Indian sim card can be a great solution but then it involves intensive paper work and a bureaucratic process that takes some days to get connected.


This was the greatest challenge I faced. Indian delicacies are spicier and very hot for most digital nomads. I found locally vended street foods too oily and spicy that may lead to digestion problems. There are luxurious restaurants with your desired type of food and international eateries like KFC and MC Donald’s that are pretty much expensive in the major Indian cities. I preferred the locally vended food as it saved my money a lot. On the other hand if you prefer cooking your own meal, getting your preferred ingredients used back at home may be quite a hassle due to miscommunication.

Local Transportation – Travelling While Working in India can be very cumbersome. The taxi cab drivers and auto rickshaw drivers are very cunning and always find a way to source extra money from you to cater for the transport cost. If you have no knowledge on the local fares you might end up spending more than what is expected. Some cheeky drivers even take a longer route than the usual to keep the meter running for a longer time, with this kind of dishonesty they can even get to an extra mile of robbing you if you are on your own. It is highly advisable to undertake a little research about the private cab drivers just to be safe.


Some of the Indian natives are not concerned with hygiene practices and maintaining their environment clean. I would put the blame it on the large population and illiteracy. The cities in India are crowded with shanties all over. You will face a very ugly scene especially on hygienic practices in public places like local transportation and trains, affordable hotels and the public toilets. Crowded places happen to be noisy and would not be an ideal place for a digital nomad who is strictly there for work purposes and requires silence.

Language Barrier

Despite English being one of the national languages here, remote workers in India face language barrier especially following the new accent from digital nomads and vice versa. This may lead to miscommunication especially if the parties involved have very strong accent associated problems.  Digital nomads face this especially when purchasing essentials in markets and with the taxi cab drivers of whom majority don’t understand English.

Medical Insurance

No matter where you are, a medical insurance is very important. In case of any emergencies a policy is highly needed. Digital nomads in India are required to have medical insurances which are charged monthly. This is dependent on your length of stay. Purchasing medical insurance relatively becomes cheaper if your vacation lasts for a longer period of time.

Digital Nomadism may sound to be a very promising career choice. Remote workers in India get a whole experience of being in a beautiful and diversified country, not forgetting their rich cultures and sight taking sceneries. But just like any other occupation you have to face the challenges associated with your work place. After all life is not always butter and bread.

Digital nomadism may sound as the quintessential dream career. Exploring the world just with a laptop and a few essentials in a back-back , making a personal schedule in a coffee shop from a far away country while sipping your favorite drinks on a beach, moving from a destination to another as you admire the nature’s beauty, yet still make ends meet by the end of the day. But this is it; reality seems to have been romanticized. Unlike the common mentality, digital nomadism is not an occupation title but a lifestyle preference; so is working remotely from home.

I will share with you 7 facts you probably didn’t know about being a digital nomad :

Most Digital Nomads do not make prior plans of being one, they just  find themselves traveling and working

When I wrote my resignation letter and finally presented it to my boss, I had no idea about what my life would turn out to be. All I wanted was to have financial freedom yet work at my own pace, from anywhere. I started remote working by  doing a few blogs during my part time on a daily basis and it later turned out to be something I was absolutely passionate about. Back then, I only had a few details about digital nomadism that I had learnt from a few articles I had read and a several experiences from my friends who are Digital nomads in India.  If you think you love to travel but you’re not yet ready to quit your job, you will probably never be. Just do it!

Digital nomadism is not always an exciting escapade

Initially, I presumed that being a digital nomad you would not loose it in any way; you can do your work then tour around during your free time; but I got it all wrong. Being a remote worker has its challenges. Like WiFi glitches which sometimes really suck especially just when deadline is here and pages won’t load, missing home (This may sound stupid but at times homesickness affects many digital nomads to an extent of reducing productivity).

Did you also know traveling can be distractive sometimes and make you less productive? This often happens when a remote worker gets overwhelmed by the exciting surrounding hence losing focus. To avoid this, keep reminding yourself that you are on a business trip, not just a vacay.

You will often screw up- and that’s Alright

It is normal for things to sound easier when said yet seem pretty hard to accomplish when it’s time. This has happened to me countless times. Remote workers often come up with a work plan prior to getting to the co-sharing space. In the end, you may realize that you have only accomplished half of the thing in the to-do list. In case you have found yourself in a similar situation; all is not lost. Try having break-out sessions after a reasonable period of working. This tactic is a life saver in enhancing productivity.

Changing environment eventually increases your productivity

Digital nomads are also likely to suffer from carbin fever especially while working from a fixed place for too long all by you. I personally know people who work in isolation even in foreign states, something that makes work both boring and overwhelming. If you find out that you are less productive while working from a certain area, take a trip to a different environment. It works!

Losing your job sometimes ushers- in greater opportunities

When reality finally set in that I am no-longer employed, it was quite intimidating. How would I pay my bills without being on a payroll? I knew thousands of people were dying to get an accounting job in our organization. So it injured my ego to loose the so called “good profession” Finally, the reality hit that I was now on my own and life had to go on anyway. I decided to be better than I ever was throughout my time in job. Eventually, I started finding life easier than ever before. I would work anytime, anywhere and make more money while still enjoying adventure.

Mistaken beliefs can make you a life-time slave to work

When I started writing, I had never thought of it as a full-time employment for anyone. I always viewed it as a way of keeping me sane as I hunted for a “real full-time” job.  The mentality that full-time jobs are the only real jobs has held so many people captive today. Eventually, you end up retiring poor having had no fun; loosing it in both worlds can be really frustrating.

Being a digital nomad is astoundingly inspirational

Being a digital nomad, am constantly moving to new places, interacting with different a person which often gives me new impulses; it makes you aspire to be a better person every day and move out of your comfort cocoon. During my trip to New Delhi, I realized that India is among the countries that are growing speedily in this technological realm. Almost all Digital nomads India channels are full of remote workers each trying to make ends meet. It is a great networking platform that is likely to inspire anyone.

Digital nomading is not for everyone

If you want to thrive as a digital nomad, you have only one major assignment; to make up your mind if it’s right for you! Do you love family? Are you ready to travel every now then? These are some of the questions you may have to answer privately.  Most of the digital nomads in India and worldwide have no family commitments.  Unlike working remotely, it can be challenging to keep moving with family and having to enroll your children to a new school every time you relocate. Being a digital nomad may sometimes mean living without a place of your own; after all, you are constantly moving.

Generally, being a digital nomad has its pros and cons. So if you think it is too demanding for you, Working remotely from home is a good alternative. However, there are countless Remote workers in India and all over the globe that have beautiful success stories of being digital nomads.

Before I made up my mind to go to India for my first remote working experience, I did not have a thousand reasons as to why I should. Nonetheless, I still decided it was worth a trial. India is well known country due to its lively, colorful nature and the fact that it is developing at a very alarming rate. Did I mention the food, colors &exciting festivals and low cost of living?

If you are a digital nomad who aspires to take a trip to India, I have good news for you! There are 300 cities for you to choose from. These include Delhi, Bengaluru (formerly called Bangalore), & Chennai (previously called Madras) which are the prime cities in South India. To the East and North Eastern India respectively are: Kolkata and Guwahati. Regardless of the City you choose to work from, there are various considerations you should make the decision of choosing any of the states as Digital nomads India channel. These include: the phone company that has the best coverage, the data rates for those places as well as a comfortable and convenient accommodation venue.

In this article, I will shortlist several reasons that make India a place to be for any digital nomad.

Relatively Affordable Cost Of Living

Following the latest data updates, India has been ranked as the most cost-friendly country to live in. This ranking is with reference to food, clothing, accommodation as well as day-to-day items. We all know rent typically covers the largest part of our budget on a monthly basis. Therefore, if you are back-packer living on a budget you would probably be on the lookout for such a place as India. The low-cost living standard in India allows you to enjoy a seriously lavish lifestyle, with shows and excursions as you Work online from India.   

A variety of Co-working Spaces/Casual Work Cafe

The idea of casual work café is a more evolved concept in the western countries but has also turned out to be trendy in India with the current wave of development. Co-shared spaces are fun to work from and are life-savers for any Remote worker in India who is hunting for a flawless WiFi network, comfortable environment in order to increase their productivity. Speaking from my personal experience, I spent my first Month of the trip at Delhi which had a wide collection of co-working spaces that were well equipped with modern amenities, mentorship programmes and it also exposed me to a great networking platform. What else would a remote worker be looking for?

Cosmopolitan Cities/Culture

I am a person who appreciates culture and I definitely knew I would love India due to its Multicultural demographics. Precisely, Mumbai is the most cosmopolitan City in India as it has a vast population of Indians from Central, NorthEast, Southern and the East. Besides being a Multicultural city with almost all diversities of the Indian states, it is also hosts the worship shrines for Jews and Parsis who are the minorities. Most of the Indian festivals take place at Mumbai and it was absolutely fun to witness some of the festivals taking place like the Holi (colour festival). It’s not a secret how much I enjoyed the traditional dishes specially prepared from different Indian cultures. If you are a remote worker who is a foodie like me, am sure you’d love it too.

Scenic Natural Sites

I am not only a digital nomad but also a passionate biker, or should I say travelprenuer?; so a motorbike is all I needed anytime I needed to enjoy the beautiful scene of flat plains and the highest peaks of Himalayas, dusty, dry and blue-water beaches. For both is beautiful landscape and diversity of nature, it is a perfect place for Digital nomads India channels.

Data Speed

To be honest with you, how fast internet is during your Digital nomading in India depends on the City in which you are in. Different operators have different coverage in different states. I used Airtel throughout my trip in India as it has super low customer base being the best Telecom operator. The operator used by your co-working space is the one that determines the speed of data on your laptop. Research has shown that 99% of large scale companies in India solely depend on Airtel. This explains the reason behind their huge customer base.

India’s Political Stability

Before I started traveling, I was extremely indifferent about anything political. Later on during my trips to different states, it came to my notice that political decisions affect almost everything in a state starting from Economic and social status. India is the most democratic state and this has helped in maintaining a calm state within the surrounding. In fact, it is deemed as being among the most secure democratic state both economic and political wise. So if you are a remote worker, as you make your travel plans, you should consider the political stability of that state.

Multipurpose Environment

If you are a digital nomad who started with working from home, a closed office set-up, you know how lonely and bored one can get especially if you work round-the- clock. Many people actually get a indefinite metabolism reaction, like a pit in the stomach when they think about shifting careers to writing which may probably make them introverts and antisocial. Thanks to the invention of the idea of working while still exploring the world. It has turned online working into fun, successful and rewarding remote work.

Working as a Digital nomad in India gives you a chance to increase productivity in your work as well as enjoy adventurous activity. Some of the memorable fun activities i  stil remember enjoy are like hiking at the towering peaks and Summit of Himalaya’s Mountains, swimming in the  fascinating rivers as well as bike riding through the challenging terrains and to the beautiful country side. Did I also mention zipping through the jungle atFlying Fox Kikar which happens to be the longest zip line in South Asia?

Precisely, India is among the top epitomes of adventure in the globe for any remote worker who loves adventure to break out of the boredom of working throughout.

We would like to tell you that this special article comes straight from our Founder’s heart, Enjoy the article!

As a digital Nomad , one of the reasons why we are always so envied by folks who go to the office on daily basis is being our own boss and the flexibility we have to travel the world at any time.

A lot of people go to jobs they do not like. I kept on wondering, why do people hold on to jobs they do not like?  Anyways that discussion is for some other time.

In today’s article, we’ll be looking at how to manage our businesses effectively while on the road. Our kind of lifestyle, unlike others, gives the flexibility to do whatever we want at any time.

We must also, however, be aware that too much of a freedom comes with prices to pay most especially for those of us with self-control weaknesses.

Given the level of freedom at our disposal, who says we cannot party every single day, we can decide to close our laptop at any time and go party at the beach with those beautiful Scandinavians or Latinos depending on where we work from.

Our lifestyle is fun and adventurous but could be detrimental to business if we do not strike a balance between work and play.

Effective time management plays a pivotal role here. I wouldn’t judge any of us because I know how tempting it could be times when the locals keeps ringing your phone to join them for a carnival or a pool party. Who doesn’t want to party?

There is nothing bad in doing any of the fun stuffs mentioned above once there is a balance. It only takes discipline, proper time management and to top it all, scheduling ahead of time and all our business goals would be accomplished in no time.

Here are a few of the secrets have enjoyed over the years while running my business on the road.

1. Leverage on your optimal working hours

As a Digital Nomad, noting that time of the day when we are fired to work non-stop is one of the most things to bear in mind while running a business abroad.

Knowing those hour of the day gives the flexibility of getting things done in no time. Often times when I miss my window, am not always happy because for the rest of the day because I’ll be struggling to get some of my jobs done.

Jobs that would take only about half an hour during my optimal working window would take me nothing less an hour and a half. This could be so annoying a times. But here is my advice on this one, schedule your jobs ahead of your optimally working windows. The remaining time of the day could be channelled into doing some of the fun stuffs we love to do, you know what I mean, *winks!*

2. Have a schedule

Now, this is very important, with my experience over the years, I know how hard it could be to maintain a work schedule while on the road.

Most of the time we tend to reschedule some of our tasks because we are always on the move. In an article published by Life hack, it was argued that planning ahead of time gives the following under listed flexibilities.

  • Scheduling ahead of time tends to reduce stress. We get to experience a piece of mind knowing that task would be achieved at a definite time.
  • It gives room to accommodate the unforeseen circumstances that tend to disrupt the working hour
  • It makes job evaluation effortless

That said, advancements in technology has also made life easier for mankind when it comes to scheduling.

There are numerous project management software’s nowadays that could help with project management. I personally prefer Asana and Slack to any other software because  both are highly sophisticated and  easy to use project management softwares.

3. Give yourself some breaks off the road

We should try as much as possible to take so days of the week off the road and dedicate them fully to work.

Scheduling ahead enable us to catch up on some pending projects. Dedicating some days fully to work makes it easier to have more fun when the time comes because we wouldn’t have to start thinking about some emails that has to be sent while hiking.

Sometimes ago I was in an other city to have some fun with a colleague. I discovered all I could think about were jobs left to be done.  I had a divided heart and could not really get the best out of the city I was in.

Ever since then I decided to dedicate both the second and third day of the week fully to getting my jobs done.

4. Know when to say NO

As a Digital Nomad with numerous set skills, we tend to get a lot of job offers from clients all over the world.

Some offers might be so tempting and mouth-watering. But, we just need to know when to say NO. It’s always best to say NO to offers and business proposals that will no way contribute to our core business.

If an offer will not contribute to our business, we need not to be too courteous to say yes. Also, we have to learn how to say NO to folks we meet on the road.

We cannot always to accept every invitation to a party or carnival from people we meet on the road. Some of these guys are on a vacation, they are there just to have fun, unlike us running a business on the road.

5. Strategise ahead

We must endeavour to plan ahead and stick to the plan if indeed we really want to succeed in business.

We need to have a calendar for our activities, when it’s time to have fun do not hesitate to have it to the fullest. When it’s time to work give let’s endeavour to give it the best shot.

Let us try as much as possible to be proactive, every time count in business.

Over the years I discovered that with proper planning I was really able to stay ahead of so many of my projects and I also noticed I had more time to travel. It’s just all about planning.

It’s not really easy sticking to plans atimes. But if we can endeavour to stick to the above strategy I guarantee that we will meet our business goals in no time. It worked for me.

Discipline is very key in business, we can’t eat a cake and have it back. See you around some other time. I wish you have a great time ahead.


Ashish Malviya
(Founder – Digital Nomads India | Webricots)

To know more about the founder of Digital Nomads India. See here.

I know you’ll be like Best Budget Travel Pillows? Like seriously, YES. Have got good news for those of us that could fall asleep anywhere at any time. I will discuss with us in this write-up about some of the rarest and the world most comfortable travel pillows ever made. Wherever we find ourselves either on the train, on a flight or inside a car, this travel pillows is got us prepped up to take a nap on the go. From research, it was discovered that an average Digital Nomad spends close to 144 hours in a year on a flight, no need for hassle as I also will be introducing to us one the best travel pillows for long flights.  As I speak to us today, there are countless numbers of travel pillow on the market, but from reviews by Digital nomads and top rated travel agencies around the world, the following under listed travel pillows has uniquely distinguished itself amongst its pairs.

Viaggi U shaped Memory Foam Neck Travel Pillow

The Viaggi U shaped Sculpted high-density memory foam class itself from other travel pillows with its unique ability to give comfort and pressure relief the neck anytime we decide to take a nap. For those of us that love to travel seated in the middle rear seat of a car, with the Viaggi U shaped Memory Foam Neck Travel Pillow, your comfort is guaranteed.

Viaggi U Shape Memory Foam Neck Pillow

Price: 1299


  • Product is made with high-quality foam
  • Product is designed with 100% memory foam
  • Comes with pressure relief support
  • Snap:  This keeps the makes  100% intact while sleeping
  • Dimension : 28 × 8 ×  30 cm
  • Weight: 250g
  • Colour: black
  • Product is made with firm cushion material


  • Premium made quality
  • Very comfy
  • Suitable for long flights
  • Very relaxing when used in the car


  • The outer cover of this travel pillow is very soft, it could easily get ripped off if not properly handled.

Amazon product link : Buy It Here.

House of Quirk Lean into Ergonomic Travel Pillow

This House of Quirk ultimate lean into ergonomic travel pillow is of the few Amazon travel pillow that could provide lateral support for the whole body while sleeping, a feature which also aids falling asleep easily. With the House of Quirk ultimate lean into ergonomic travel pillow, neck pain becomes a thing of the past as it automatically aligns the head with the neck while sleeping.

Price: 299

House Of Quirk Ultimate Travel Pillow

  • Ergonomically designed to ease tension and neck strain
  • Can be inflated and deflated easily
  • Comes with full lateral support system to support upper portion of the body
  • Dimension : 66×20.3 ×15.2 cm
  • Weight: 200g
  • Material: Fabric
  • Closure system: Snap


  • Enhance neck and head alignment
  • Can easily be deflated/inflated
  • Suitable for use in the following places: on flight, cars and train


  • Restricted to limited colours

Amazon product link : Buy It Here.

Royal Blue Air Cushion Travel Pillow

The Royal Blue Air Cushion Travel Pillow is the product to consider when we are on the lookout for comfortable travel pillow that can be used almost for any of our travel. This product is a one way easily inflated travel pillow with pouch and fatigue relief features. This product is suitable for use at home, in the car, train and on a flight.

Imported Inflatable Neck Pillow Soft Travel Air Cushion

Price: 355


  • Material: PVC
  • Dimension: 66×20.3 ×15.2 cm
  • Product comes with a pouch
  • Colour: Royal blue
  • Designed with fatigue relief system
  • Weight: 90g


  • very portable
  • fashionable
  • crush resistant
  • easy to fix in a travel backpack


  • There is size restriction

Amazon Product : Buy It Here.

Three Layer Neck Travel Pillow

The Three Layer Neck Travel Pillow is the travel gear for folks who spend a lot of time with the computer. This product is also one of my favourites as the material is of high quality coupled with an air traction mechanism to give the desired level of comfort.

Neck Traction 3 Layers

Price: 395


  • 100% high-quality fabric material
  • Weight: 210g
  • Colour: Red, Brown, Blue, Grey
  • Dimension : 
  • Weight: 210g


  • Light weight
  • Easy to use
  • Prolonged neck relief and comfort is guaranteed


  • Temperature sensitive

Amazon Product Link : Buy It Here.

Styleys Ostrich Portable Travel Pillow

The Styleys Ostrich Portable Travel Pillow is one of the newest portable travel pillows on the market today. With the new Styleys Ostrich Portable travel pillow, rest assured, we are set to take a nap wherever we find ourself, either on a flight, in the car or on the train we are good to go. This product comes with two opening system that guarantees prolong comfort for both your arm and neck.

Styleys Ostrich Pillow Easy Sleep Protection

Price: 749


  • Material: suede
  • Weight: 299g
  • Dimension : 40 × 30 × 8 cm
  • Comes with two side holes which give room to relax both hands while sleeping
  • Colour: grey
  • Designed with high-quality material and a hole where you can safely relax your head.


  • Very portable
  • Relatively cheap
  • Comes with new and innovative designs
  • Highly comfortable with prolong relief support system


  • Not suitable for children  under the age of 15 years

Amazon Product Link : Buy It Here.

Viaggi Fleece Microbead Travel Pillow

This C shaped Viaggi Fleece Microbead Travel Pillow is designed to enhance comfort and relief pressure on the neck while travelling. Rest assured, soreness will become a thing of the past with he purchase of the Viaggi Fleece Microbead Travel Pillow as it is designed to eliminate any form of soreness while sleeping. This travel pillow is recommended Digital Nomads who suffers from vertigo.

Viaggi Black Microbead Travel Pillow with Flecce

Price: 999


  • Closure system: button
  • Weight: 150g
  • Material: Nylon
  • Fully water proofed
  • Dimension : 33 × 8 × 33 cm
  • Comes with %100 satiny fill
  • Shape: U- shape
  • Comes with succulent soft side fleece that keeps the travel pillow in position while in use


  • It prevents soreness while sleeping
  • Designed to give prolonged pressure relief
  • High suitable for use while travelling


  • Relatively expensive compared with other travel pillows

Amazon Product Link : Buy It Here.

Samsonite Fully Convertible Travel pillow

When on the lookout for lobster clasp travel pillow, the Samsonite Fully Convertible Travel pillow is the product of choice. This product is guaranteed to give your head, and head prolongs comfort coupled with its ability to relieve pressure on the neck. This travel pillow is highly portable making it an essential gear we must always add to our travel backpack as a Digital Nomad.

Samsonite Convertible Grey Travel Pillows

Price: 1690


  • Material: Fabric
  • Colour: grey
  • Designed with microbead stuffing which guarantees enhanced comfort
  • Warranty: Yes, 2years
  • Dimension : 22 × 7.4 × 4.2 cm


  • Highly durable
  • Easy to use
  • Comes with two years guarantee cover
  • It could be used for different purpose
  • Product is fully washable


  • Product is quite expensive

Amazon Product Link : Buy It Here.

Magsin U- shaped Memory Foam Travel Pillow

For those of us who are so eager of getting rid of post flight/Travel neck pain, then the Magsin U- shaped Memory Foam Travel Pillow is our best bet and ideal travel companion as it perfectly aligns the neck and head in the right position while sleeping. In short with the Magsin U- shaped Memory Foam Travel pillow, it home away from home, as it also gives the flexibility of keeping the head in position, preventing us from nodding which could sometimes be very embarrassing. 

Magasin U-Shaped Memory Foam Travel Pillow with Hoodie

Price: 1649


  • Weight: 299g
  • Dimension: 30 × 30 × 9 cm
  • Material: fabric/ Memory foam
  • This product comes with an extra pair of the hood.
  • Designed with Highly responsive viscoelastic foam material
  • Foam is designed to eliminate any form of pain on the head completely.
  • Automatically adjust its temperature to that of the body


  • Highly durable and easy to use
  • Lightweight
  • Prevents nodding  while sleeping
  • Very portable


  • Highly water sensitive, cannot be washed with water.
  • Relatively expensive

Amazon Product Link : Buy It Here.

Some say comfort and peace of mind can never be bought, well I strongly disagree with that line of thought. Buy your way into travel comfort today with just the purchase of any of the above-listed travel pillows.

Ready For Your Next Trip?

As a constant traveler, your travel bag pack should be the most important gear you need to critically consider before setting out on your trip. Isn’t it?

With this in mind, what if it starts to rain while you are on a trip?  The last very last thing on your mind as a digital guy is to get your valuables in moist or drenched by the rain. Then the need for you to invest on a solid waterproof travel bag.

Yes, Invest your money right!

Most of the time, when we come across anything waterproof, we tend to visualise something unattractive. However, this does not seems to be true in most of the cases, there are a whole lot of classy waterproof travel bags available now to choose from, so pay close attention as we take you through some of the very best waterproof travel bag available for you to buy.

Here you go –

1. The Gleam 0109 Climate Rucksack Waterproof Travel Bag

Having received a 4.4-star rating out of 5 from Amazon, the Gleam 0109 Climate Rucksack waterproof travel bag is one of the most sort after travel bags on the market today. This 75litres capacity travel bag from Gleam comes with padded straps to give you the desired comfort on your shoulder. Also for folks who love to carry a lot of gears while going on a trip, the Gleam 0109 Climate Rucksack waterproof travel bag is the real deal as it comes with internal pockets designed to size up any of your gears.


Gleam 0109 Climate Proof Mountain Rucksack

Price: 2,199


  • This product from Gleam comes with metal frames which aid balance and stability
  • Comes with bottom shoe compartment, designed to size up any shoe.
  • This product is equipped with both internal and external zippers.
  • Comes with adjustable straps
  • Rain cover: this double shields the bag
  • Weight : 1.7kg
  • Material: Made of nylon and polyester
  • Volume: 75 litres
  • Dimension : 40 × 42 ×85 cm


  • Very strong, durable and weather resistant
  • Perfect gear for trekking
  • Highly spacious
  • Relatively lightweight


  • Gleam 0109 travel bag does not have a laptop compartment.
  • It also does not come with waist belt pocket
  • Stitches tend to open up after 8- 10 hours of the carriage.

BUY Gleam 0109 Climate Rucksack – Click Here.


2. Styley Rucksack Waterproof Travel Bag

If you are really into mountaineering, hiking, camping or travelling, the Styley Rucksack internally framed Waterproof Travel Bag is the ultimate gear you need. This travel bag comes with a big main compartment coupled with multiple side compartments for your small size gears. When you are on the lookout for balance performance and quality, the styleys Rucksack Waterproof Travel Bag is the travel bag to opt for.

Styley Rucksack Waterproof Travel Bag

Price: …NA


  • Comes with a single compartment and multiple side pockets
  • Two side pockets for your water bottle
  • Comes  with Zip Closure, water bottle and umbrella pouch
  • Styleys Rucksack Waterproof Travel Bag also comes with chest a chest strap
  • Designed with padded shoulder straps and waist belt
  • Weight : 1.5 kg
  • Volume: 80 litres
  • Dimension : 80 × 36 × 23


  • Durable and light weight perfect for hiking
  • Highly water and weather resistant
  • Perfect gear for hiking and camping


  • Product does not come with a warranty when gotten from Amazon

Buy Styley Rucksack From AMAZON – CLICK HERE.


3. Generic Orange 60L Waterproof Travel Bag

The Generic Unisex Orange 60L Waterproof travel bag is the ultimate gear for folks who love hike. This travel bag comes in multiple colours, giving room for folks who are colour selective. The rain cover of this travel bag offers enhanced protection for your valuables during harsh and rainy weather condition.

Generic Orange 60L Waterproof Travel Bag

Price: 6,954


  • Comes with rain cover, offering multiple protection
  • Material: Nylon
  • Volume: 60L
  • Colour: Blue, purple, orange, black, green.


  • Highly durable
  • Not gender specific
  • Highly water resistant


  • No warranty cover when product is gotten from Amazon India
  • Relatively expensive

Buy Generic Orange 60L From AmazonClick Here.


4. Outdoor Military Four Compartment Travel Bag

The outdoor military four compartment travel bag is the gear to opt for when on the lookout for a lightweight travel bag, this travel bag is designed lightweight without comprise to durability and performance.

This travel bag has a lot of flexibility to offer, as some parts of  bag is fully detachable, inclusive of the waist belt and shoulder straps.

Outdoor Military Four Compartment Travel Bag

Price: 6,598


  • Designed with long lasting waterproof coating
  • Waistband and shoulder pad is fully detachable and also adjustable 
  • Weight: 1.3 kg
  • The travel comes with four compartments


  • Highly lightweight
  • Classy and sleek enough to be used outdoor
  • The travel bag also comes with convenient molle


  • Shipment might take more than a week to arrive destination for places outside Mumbai when product is purchased from Amazon India.

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5. Attache 1025R Rucksack Waterproof Travel Bag

When on the lookout for a travel bag that offers a balance between comfort and performance the Attache 1025R Rucksack Waterproof Travel Bag is the product of choice.  The slim-sleek shape of the Attache 1025R Rucksack Waterproof Travel Bag allows you to swing your arm freely without having to lose your while moving. This travel bag is designed for numerous purpose which include but not limited to summer walking and mountaineering.

Attache 1025R Rucksack Buy Online

Price: 3,899


  • This product comes with a laptop sleeve
  • Zipper pockets
  • Multiple hood pockets
  • Seven-way height adjustment technology
  • Extra bottom compartment
  • Fully padded adjustable shoulder straps
  • Waterproof
  • Weight : 1kg
  • Volume: 75 litres
  • Dimension : 36 × 27 × 80 cm


  • Product is designed with double side mesh
  • Can be used in place of a laptop bag
  • Absolutely lightweight compared to other travel bags
  • Comes with back padding  and chest strap


  • Relatively expensive

Buy Attache 1025R Rucksack From AmazonClick Here

Never let the weather stop you from having fun while on a trip, you can also get the best of your trip irrespective of the weather condition with any of the above-listed waterproof travel bags, protect your valuables from getting wrecked with rain.

Get Ready, Go Places.

Being a digital nomad could be one of our life most accomplishing endeavor. why? It’s what we really love doing. However, our job comes with a lot of sacrifices, such has been on the road most of the time, no time for the family, no time to play with friends. We miss out on all these important stuff just because of the nature of your job, we do not need to feel bad about this. Why? Retirement can make up for them all. Yes, retirement, we are likely to spend three to four decades of our life on retirement, every of the decisions we make after retirement is very vital and key towards the kind of fulfillment we’ve always dreamed of in life. Therefore the need for proper planning. Below are some of the very important things you need to do before you retire as a digital nomad from India.

Prepare a balanced budget

You are most likely going to have a reduction in income due to retirement. The need for you to prepare a quarterly or yearly close balanced budget. Your financial independence is very vital your sustenance and upkeep after retirement.

Ensure Your Debts And Mortgages Are Fully Settled

Ensure all your debts and mortgages are fully settled, if you want to buy a car or a house, buy them now and pay in full before you retire. It could be very ugly settling debts and mortgages with your life savings after retirement.

Find New Hobbies

You might think you have solid plans for retirement. But how sure are you they will all pan out as planned? You need to develop new hobbies now, find new things you love doing aside from being a digital nomad. This will foster your reintegration into a new life, retirement could mean the new life.

Focus on your Health

You might not get the best out of your retirement if you do not take care of yourself now. Go for regular medical check-ups, eat good foods and be mindful of the things you eat. Most importantly, watch for your sugar level, diabetics, hypertension and terminal diseases which might develop now and begin to show symptoms later in life. This ailments are common among retirees.

Consider life insurance

Payment of insurance might be too expensive for you to afford after retirement. If you can’t afford it now, save for it and pay before retirement.

Project on how much your savings will worth on retirement

This is very pivotal to the planning of your monthly or quarterly retirement budget.

Consider Long-term health insurance

We never can tell, anybody can develop any sort of ailment at any time, we do not have control over that. But, we have control on how to mitigate them peradventure they occur, your health care insurance is the gateway to a better health now and also in the future.

Set up emergency fund

You never can tell what life will throw at you after you retire from the digital life. Set it up now while you can so that you won’t be forced from spending from your savings account which might derail you from your retirement goals.

Valid Investment portfolio

You might need to invest in properties, real estate or stocks now. When you retire that might be your only source of steady and stable monthly income aside your savings.

Create more time for family and friends

Yes, you are always on the move, but then create time for your family and friends. By the time you retire, they might all be too busy with life and you might become so lonely and bored.

Consider house planning

The cost of maintaining a bigger apartment while you and your wife or husband will be the only once around might be on the high side. Consider relocating to a smaller apartment to save cost after retirement.

Consider cutting cost to save more

What is the need for the vehicle parked in your garage in India while away in the US for work? .Since you are always on the move, dispose it and channel the fund to your savings or invest with it.


Owing to the nature of your job as a digital nomad, getting a life partner while you are always on the move might be very difficult. Marriage can be very expensive as well, marry now and save yourself the stress and cost of marriage at retirement.

Do a Trial run

Take three or four months break from work. Model your life into that of a retiree, this will give you an idea about what your retirement life will look like

Lower your risk taking  capacity

Taking unnecessary risks might have a significant impact on your retirement. Reduce your risk taking capabilities in all your endeavour before retirement. Do not go on mountaineering without a guide, you might suffer a fracture, which might to using a wheelchair at a later age.

Set your retirement goals

Life begins after retirement, you need to set your retirement goals and adjectives now.

Decide where to live when you retire

For a digital nomad, nobody travel like we do. Having visited a lot of countries and places, you need to decide and make inquiries about a place you will love to live when you retire.

Boost your cash reserve

Save more and spend less. Save for your retirement days.

Set up college/trust fund for your children

Yes, this is really very vital for digital nomads that have children who will most likely be in college at the retirement age.

Reconsider your retirement date

If you are not so happy about your set retirement date, you may need to reconsider a new date. This is the beauty of your job as a digital nomad. You quit when you want to, there is no retirement age.

Above all, as digital nomads, we decide whether to retire or not. We just have to continue doing that thing that gives us a sense of accomplishment and fulfilment in life.

A huge decline in corporate employment is taking place as more and more people take on the digital independence movement. Why would one want to work in an office all day when the opportunities to work remotely with the aid of digital technology is increasing each day? Here are a few differences between in-house jobs and remote job after which you will see the above asked question is already answered.


While it’s a common fact that location independent workers rely on messaging, voice calls and email as means of communication with others, it is determined that office workers use these means of communications at twice the rate location independent workers make use of it.


A many office workers has been in a similar situation, the notion of surfing the web during company work time is still highly speculated. A location independent relies on the power of internet in order to do required research while an office job provides you with all necessary research to productively do your job. It is seen as a general violation of company protocol if an employee surfs the web during office hours as this is seen as not doing ones job.


Team work is often required when working in an office environment and with clashing personalities (as all work sectors have), working together can become a hassle. When working remotely, team work is also required at times but with technological devices such as Skype, meetings can be kept short and to-the-point without having to step on toes or have your toes being stepped on.

Employment options

Should you choose to work in an office, you would need to either search for a job opening that is close to you or you can travel to and from each day without having to adjust time schedules. In contrast, should you choose to work remotely, you can choose from any employment industry opening you may find. A number of requirements will be needed like any job would and if you fill all those requirements, you can apply for the job, no matter where you are. You would need a secure internet connection in order to communicate effectively but the limitations are very few.

For the employer

If you’re an employer, you need to think of several options when looking for new employees and how their work location will impact them. To determine this, you need to ask yourself a few questions:

  • Will my employees by more efficient if I place them in a crammed office space or in the comfort of their own environment?
  • What will the level of interaction be when I place them in an office or let them work remotely?
  • Will I be able to better motivate them in an office environment or from a remote location?
  • Will I able to get the correct employees from where my office is located or do I branch out to international candidates to work remotely?

When taking these questions into consideration, not only will an employee be able to make the right decision, but the employer as well.

When your life is all about making friends and connections on the road. A lot of these friends become contacts you need in your professional life. Apart from maybe getting new assignments, you may also need their professional services sometime. Here are some people who could help you out during your travels:

A Travel Agent: When you have to take off at short notice, a friend who’s a travel agent can get you the best and cheapest fare. They also have news about good deals and if their own network is extensive, even some competitions that have getaways as prizes. In any case, having a travel agent as a close friend ensures that you’ll always get tickets whenever you need them.

A Health Advisor: The benefits of having a health advisor as a friend are countless. The risk of facing a medical emergency is a serious possibility when you’re on the road. Vaccinations are an important part of international travel and they can also advise you about what medicines are legal in other countries. Having health professionals as friends is also an opportunity to educate yourself about emergency medical procedures like CPR and first aid.

An Emergency Finance Pal: When your clients are delaying your payment and you need to move on in life, you need a friend you can borrow money off temporarily. Also, in case of financial emergencies while travelling, they should be able to send you money on short notice. Needless to say, this should be quite a close friend who doesn’t mind you borrowing money occasionally.

A Fellow Traveller: Fellow digital nomads who have to travel like you do are very valuable friends. They know where you should head to, or where not to head to and can become your biggest general advisors. A lot of networking online is based on swapping information and they of course make great travel companions too, in case you find yourself going to the same destination. These friends are the best emergency contacts

An Admirer Of Your Profession: And finally, it doesn’t hurt to have a friend who thinks your travelling work life is the best thing in the world. They can sing your praises and convince your skeptical relatives that your job is meaningful even though it doesn’t involve sitting in front of a computer all day long. They are the ones who spread tales of your adventures far and wide and can even drum up some business by unofficially publicising your work.

Asking for help in the digital world is easy because you are connected to countless like-minded people. Apps like Twitter are a great resource for connections like these and new information is always pouring in. These are technically what is bringing the world closer together and making travelling much easier for a lot of people. Always make sure you have such people to keep yourself safe and make the most of your travels.

We’ve all had those times when we question our digital nomadism for various reasons. Maybe there’s a lull in the assignments or we genuinely have run out of money or we miss our families. At some point or the other, we all contemplate the safety and security of a stable job. It’s mostly just a phase that we go through, but here are some ways to combat that low.

Remember that you chose to travel: The reason you are not stuck in a cubicle working Mondays to Fridays and craving weekends is because you wanted to escape the monotony that came along with it. While everyone may have different reasons for choosing to travel, the motivation behind your decision is the same: to break free. If you ever doubt that travelling is worth it, imagine yourself back in that cubicle and you’ll find your answer.

Revisit special places: As a reminder of why you chose to travel, go back to the places that inspired you to travel. Revisiting spots where you learnt something or had a moment of self realisation or simply felt at peace with yourself can help you remember why this nomadic life matters to you.

Head to that dream destination: Everybody has a dream trip planned, that one destination that they want to eventually head to. When you find yourself jaded by travelling because of itchy feet, head to that destination. It will remind you why you love travel and give you motivation to continue travelling. Besides, you get to plan a trip to your next dream destination.

Keep in touch with family: When homesickness hits, call home. Talking to your loved ones will definitely make you feel better. If you miss your family too much, take some time off travel and work to spend some time at home. Returning to your old room can be a pleasant change from waking up in unfamiliar hotel rooms and can be a nice break from moving around.

Take a break from digital-nomadism: Yes, we said that! If you have been on the road for long, this may wear you off. Hence, take a break from digital nomadism and spend time may be a few months by working from home, not necessarily take up a full time job. When you go back to mundane life, the magic of digital nomadism will capture you all over again.

Speak to non-digital nomads: When you speak to your buddies and family members about regular stuff, you suddenly realize that you have somehow come miles ahead of their thinking and being. They still talk about ordinary things that are crafted out of societal pressure. You definitely don’t want to be one of them again, you can’t be!

Travel changes you for the better and is the best teacher. Imagine the person you would be if you hadn’t taken the chances that enabled you to travel and learn things. While everyone considers their student days to be behind them, travel teaches you things that no one can teach you in a classroom.

You learn skills like tolerance, communication and awareness that make you a citizen of the world. Guess we can all agree that in today’s world, it is these lessons that are going to prove humanity’s worth. It beats a desk job any day.

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