The concept of constant travel is one that society is yet to come to terms with. Everyone has those folks back home asking you how you’re going to “meet someone and settle down” if you keep moving from place to place. But being a digital nomad doesn’t mean you can’t meet that someone special. In fact, considering the number of people you meet, the chances that you will meet someone you like are very high.

Map your destination’s social scene: Make time to meet people at social events, as they are the best places to meet like-minded people. They are generally informal enough to kick back and socialise and there is no pressure to stay till the end of the event. Exhibitions, concerts, even a drink at the bar can be an opportunity to meet someone. Yoga classes, cooking classes, hiking groups can all help you find people you’re compatible with.

Don’t rule out casual dating: You don’t have to jump into a relationship with the first person you get along with. It may be just a drink and dinner or you may just have a few days together or it may be a random travel fling — don’t let the inevitable parting of ways convince you that you cannot date someone. If you click with someone, go out and work on that chemistry. You may not want to get into a full fledged long distance relationship but you’ll never know until you try. In any case, you may end up making a good friend.

Give people a chance: Digital nomads need to be open to new experiences, people and places. As a digital nomad, you are constantly meeting new people. If you judge people on sight, you will miss out on them as a person. You need to keep an open mind while communicating with anyone for any purpose, so don’t put barriers on the kind of person you’d like to be with either. The jerk of your new found group might just turn out to be a sensitive person after all.

Go with your gut feeling: Many on-the-road romances end with the logical conclusion that staying apart is better for both parties, considering their independent nomadic lifestyles, lives back home, spontaneous natures, and many other reasons. Once in a while, all these logical reasons will seem stupid, and that’s not necessarily a bad thing. If you really think someone is worth being with, there is no harm giving it a chance. There might be many obstacles along the way but you might just find them easier to overcome because of the person you’re with.

Online dating for nomads: There are several dating websites meant solely for nomads. Websites like Date a Nomad and Nomad Soulmates cater solely to people who are on the road, which is a good thing. You can meet people with similar interests and again, there is no pressure to stay in touch if it doesn’t work out.

There are countless tales of nomads who have fallen in love while travelling and a large number of them never regret it. It’s true that a lot of them have had to end relationships due to itchy feet but many of them have also found a way to make it work and are still going strong.

Volunteering is a great way to slow travel and understand the people and culture in a particular place. Not only that but volunteering also helps assess a hidden skill that you possess; be it cooking, gardening, teaching or imparting art classes. So let us take a look at volunteering opportunities that India has to offer the digital nomad community.

Teaching: Teaching academics, English and arts to students can be a fulfilling journey as you get present to the creativity and intelligence of the children out there. It can be an opportunity to learn a thing or two from the mini superheroes as their imaginations are at work. Some places where you can volunteer to teach is Volunteer Teaching English Program in Palampur, Travel to Teach, Teaching English in South India, etc.

Community help: If participating in community service is your thing then volunteering in the space of community help should be on your list when travelling in India. You can help in farming, dairy activities, carpentry, documenting the local religious rituals, experience local culture, teach and a lot more activities depending on the location you are at. Different organizations and NGOs have different criteria, duration and structure for volunteering which is quiet flexible per person. Check out these places if you wish to contribute: Rose organization in Uttarakhand, Volunteers for Rural India, Seva Mandir.

Women Empowerment: A quote by Jacqueline King reads, “Women who support, uplift and encourage other women without fear of competition are the most confident women in the world” and rightly so some of us would love to help other women on our travels to uplift themselves and their lives. India is a diverse country with many areas wherein one can contribute towards empowering women. Some activities that you can work on are basic literacy classes, counsel women who have been victims of emotional & physical abuse, training them to be self-dependent, train in basic activities so that they can earn a living. It is a rewarding experience when you see someone progress and shine brightly to better their lives. You can volunteer here and here.

Pet Care: If you like your four-legged friends and miss them while being a digital nomad then pet volunteering is the answer to stay with these lovely creatures. Some activities that you will get to do at a pet volunteering programme is build pet shelters, dog walking, taking care of pets, provide veterinary services, rescuing and rehabilitating the animals, etc. When in India, try your luck at Paws or Podvolunteer

Performing Arts: Does the nomad in you wish to infuse with the local culture of a place then demonstrating your artistic skills is what you can volunteer in. Many such opportunities are available in India wherein you can teach dancing, singing, painting and any other skill that you wish to teach to the locals. Aku Pema Performance Arts is one such group in McLeod Ganj that aims to preserve traditional Tibetan art and culture along with welcoming volunteers to teach other performing arts to their students. Definitely a win-win situation for both!

Happy volunteering readers!

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