India is a land of incredible diversity, painted in broad strokes by ancient tradition and modern multicultural landscape. It’s a country brimming with people and littered with famous locations and overwhelmed by the sheer number of events one can enjoy. Yet, in spite of all this, it is still a mystery to many people, even to those who have visited the country. It’s such a different yet familiar, strange yet captivating world. In order to fully enjoy it, try to veer off the popular paths every now and then. However, just like any country whose culture is much different from your own, there are dos and don’ts you have to follow if you want to explore India off the beaten track.

Explore India Off the Beaten Track: Dos and Don’ts


Manali is a mountain valley in Himachal Pradesh that sees a lot of adventurers flocking in to explore its trails. However, if you want to avoid all this ruckus, head to Kalap. Located 2,300 meters above the sea level, this tiny village in northern Uttarakhand is not accessible by road. The surroundings are pristine and breathtaking. You’ll have to trek so bring enough bottles of water with you. In fact, while you are in India, always have several extra bottles of water in your backpack, since dehydration can be a real problem. Additionally, if you want to explore India off the beaten track, try to avoid going too much to the north-eastern border with Pakistan if you are American or European. You might end up becoming a target for hostile individuals.

Explore India Off the Beaten Track: Dos and Don’ts


Maheshwar is a beautiful holy town in central India. It is dedicated to Lord Shiva and it lies on the banks of the Narmada river. If you are inclined to do so, stroll along the ghats and enjoy a sunset boat ride along the river. However, be warned — heat and humidity can be too much for some people to bear, which can lead to skimpy outfits. This might sound problematic, but if you are a woman, it would be best if you wore long sleeves and avoided shorts and skirts that go above the knees. Likewise, if you have the permission to enter any of the temples in this small town or any other, take your shoes off.

Explore India Off the Beaten Track: Dos and Don’ts


If you want to marvel at some of the most intricately carved temples you’ll ever see in your life, you have to visit Osian in Rajasthan. You’ll find it about an hour and a half north of Jodhpur. These wonders of ancient architecture date back to 8th to 11th centuries. If you are in the mood for more adventure once you see the temples, you can go on a camel safari at Osian’s Thar desert location. It shouldn’t be too strenuous for you, but make sure you are insured in case you lose something along the way. In fact, you need to make sure you have travel insurance before you arrive to India in case of loss, thefts, and medical emergencies. Additionally, you should make sure you’ve been properly immunized with vaccines before you come in direct contact with the endemic fauna of the region. After all, camels can be very dirty creatures.

Explore India Off the Beaten Track: Dos and Don’ts

Hidden gems

All in all, going off the beaten path in India is a good thing, especially if you avoid cities. Visiting small towns can be a discovery on its own and a true adventure. For example, the handicraft villages in the Kutch region of Gujarat are incredibly vibrant. The region is also known as India’s “wild west”. Additionally, if you are in the mood for high altitude, visit Spiti on the altitude of whopping 3,800 meters. On the one hand, big cities offer various accommodations. If you want to share the accommodation with flatmates, look for them on various websites, meet interesting people and save money along the way. However, if you spend most of your time out of the cities, you’ll avoid the traffic nightmare that is unavoidable in all bigger urban areas.

Explore India Off the Beaten Track: Dos and Don’ts

Visiting a new country is like plunging into uncharted waters. It can be a daunting experience. However, with some knowledge under your belt and a few pre-learned tricks up your sleeve, you’ll certainly make the most of it. India is a unique country with too many beautiful sights to count. This gives you an opportunity to create a perfect vacation just for yourself.

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Ahoy! So where have you started you next flight to? Some mountain or still want to be a beach bum? What makes you a digital nomad? The inclination towards working with delegates across the world while you travel to some awesome places exploring and discovering mountains, beaches, valleys and lots more.

Sounds exciting, right?

Sometime being a digital nomad, does not mean that you are at leisure all the time. It comes with a baggage of responsibilities, yes you heard it right! Because who want’s life to be easy and breezy, there should be some kind of turbulences that you need to go through in order to reach somewhere.

In order to be a successful digital nomad, you need to work on a whole new set of skills. These skills have nothing to do with what you want but will help you out in how you do your work. Listen to us carefully because this is how you do your nomad roll.

Let’s get you going with the top soft skills you may require as a digital nomad while traveling in India:

1. World class perfect communication skills

Travel, travel and more travel. When that one thing is common with everything else following, it is very important to improve your communication. When you will travel, you will meet a whole new set of travel. If you are good with your communication, then your stay will be best. It’s all about being a rock star communicator.

P.S: Also remember to keep your client/boss updated with the work that you are doing while traveling. It creates less panic.

2.  Language Precision

Here’s the drill- before visiting a place learn a language. Try to pick up slangs that can help you while you travel. Remember addressing people with respect and adding a familial word always helps, right bhai?

P.S: Do it with a smile.

3. Clock you time

Discipline is a must! Remember you need the money to travel. Do not get flown away by the beauty of the place. Make a strict routine that can help you sort both work and travel. It will give you sweet dreams, trust me.

4. Knock, knock- Internet

One thing that connects you to your work life is the internet. Before you start your voyage to the next stop, remember to research on wifi and other connectivity. There are a lot of places in India that provide free wifi. Spot such hotels or hostels and then take a seat, relax and enjoy work.

5.  Be a true researcher

When you travel in India you will find out that every place has a history of its own. Be a sucker of such information. Trust me, it will not only help you build a strong perception about Indian but also you will learn new things.

6. Be a loveable person that you are

Indians like to spread love and when you are a sweet heart they make you feel like one. Always remember to leave a trail of your sweetness. Works! ( with a wink)

7. Make friends

While you travel, make friends with the local. You never know, you could be invites for meals to their places and given free tours of the place.

P.S: Always be in touch.

Get ready to polish your soft skills because you are going to need them all. Happy work-leisure.

What are the pre-requisites for a digital nomad who wants to live a life of travel and freedom in equal measures? A good wi-fi, a laptop, some good coffee and constant flow of inspiration, isn’t it? Today’s article will be just that; an introduction to the places that are perfect for the lifestyle of a digital nomad in India.

  1. Dharamkot, Himachal Pradesh: This quaint little area ahead of McLeod Ganj in Dharamshala is filled with cafes that offer free wi-fi connection. Enjoy the wholesome sandwiches and coffees with the views of the mountains to provide you that eureka moment. Be sure to carry an umbrella as it rains pretty frequently there, without any warnings!
  1. Rishikesh, Uttarakhand: The holy town of Rishikesh sees a lot of digital nomads who come to experience the Ganga aarti and settle for some time to work as well. They enjoy the perfect blend of adventure, spirituality and food in the culturally rich Rishikesh. Imagine working four hours in a day at a café and spending the remaining day exploring the narrow lanes, talking to the sadhus and indulging in some authentic Indian cuisine. By the way, the cafes in Rishikesh offer wholesome continental dishes as well, if that is your preferred choice of food.
  1. Wayanad, Kerala: Imagine working amidst nature! Visualize lush greens, gentle breeze flowing past and you are working on your laptop with unlimited cups of the choicest blend of kaapi. When not in the mood to work you can explore the waterfalls, treks, caves or shop for the authentic spices, coffee, tea, bamboo products, honey and herbal plants in God’s own country.
  1. Goa – Life comes to a standstill when you are in Goa with the susegad vibe all around. So then how do you switch on your laptops to work? Well, you just grab a King’s, sit in your room facing the beach, munch on some pork chops, play soothing music and work will be a breeze.
  1. Auroville, Tamil Nadu: Everyone should visit this charming experimental township at least once for a slow travel stint. With their aim of realising human unity, the inhabitants encourage people from across countries, religions and backgrounds to come and stay. Imagine the peaceful vibe when you are at work in this township designed by architect Roger Anger

What are you waiting for? Take your pick and pack your bags!

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Now, We understand that most of the time nomadic lifestyle doesn’t prefer high end luxuries but here we don’t know how many dollars/euros or rupee you are earning. So if luxury is your thing then here is a list of most exotic hotels that you must visit while being in India. Oberoi group is the organization behind the scenes for the many classic hotels that have been established in India. Days are gone when most of the resorts in India were only good enough for budget-minded back packers. Nowadays, super magnificent and luxurious hotels have taken root thus attracting numerous tourists. Let us look at the utmost 10 hotels in India that seem to rule the tourism industry there:
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Songs have been written on it and movies have been centered on it, such is the street food of India. Like the culture of our country the food here too is diverse. If you’re a digital nomad, one of your biggest expenses is definitely food. Digital nomads usually survive of affordable, local food and what would fit better in that category than street food. Continue Reading

In today’s business platform, everyone does not have to sit in the office in order to have a feeling of being employed. There are other working environments that enable people to earn good amount of money that can sustain their lives together with their families. This refers to digital nomads who prefer working from home a restaurant or a coffee shop. In this article, you will learn about the words from a digital nomads and the experiences they go through. Continue Reading

Once you have qualified for your Visa to India, the contract is only legally binding within the predetermined period. In case you have any plans of extending your stay there, there are protocols and procedures to follow. Failure to do that may cost you dearly to an extent of being jailed or even being deported from India something that is quite embarrassing. In order to avoid this, here are some of the things that you should observe. Continue Reading

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