Travelling involves more than taking in the sights. Tourists may visit places to see beautiful things, but travelling includes involving yourself in society. Programmes like volunteering put you deep into situations that the majority of the country faces. An extreme example of this would be to be in a country during the war. Your safety depends on the degree of uncertainty in the country but here are a few steps you can take to ensure your safety:

Visit your embassy: On entering a country in the middle of war, the first trip you make should be to your embassy. Submit an itinerary and contact details for every day of your journey. If you are not aware of emergency procedures, ask for any essential information that you should know in case of any crisis. If you find yourself in a situation where you need to exit the country, the embassy is the safest spot to be. They will recommend a safe place to stay, put you in touch with other citizens of your country, and inform you about flights leaving the country.

Skills: Basic medical emergency procedures like first aid and CPR are skills that every traveller should know regardless of where they are travelling. In high-risk areas, your knowledge of first aid may save lives.

Fake passports: It will be useful to have a camouflage passport, which is a fake passport with a non-existent country stated in details. It is an extreme move and not usually necessary, but journalists who work in war zones are given one to deter abductors.

Training: Many organisations offer basic training courses about what to do in emergency situations.  Such courses cover topics like survival, escape, and protection that can be extremely handy for travellers. Journalists, NGO workers and even corporate workers receive such training especially before visiting high-risk areas. Some of these courses also have weapons training but they can be quite expensive and specialised, and you may need to state a reason for receiving such training explicitly.

Insurance: It is critical to know that medical insurance does not cover the war. Insurance for war-torn countries is sold separately and can often be quite expensive. For corporate travellers, the company usually pays for it, but freelancers should consider it as an important necessity while travelling to high-risk areas.

General safety: Your best source of information in a situation like this is your hotel staff. Before heading out anywhere, make sure to ask them about the condition outside. Check local media as well, to assess how safe it is outside. Do not wander too far off and avoid crowded areas. Stick to areas with security. While moving around in affected areas, be extremely careful of photographing people and places. If the situation escalates, it is safer to stay indoors and get in touch with your embassy.

Most countries that are in a state of war do not advise travellers to visit. However, if you find yourself in a situation where the country you are visiting gets into a state of war, exercise extreme caution and make sure to head to the closest embassy.

For all of us in the business of freelancing, let’s be honest, we’re broke more often than not. The endless vicious circle of “quit job – no money to travel – get a job – no time to travel” is a hard one to escape. Even if you do have a career that entails travel, many of us find ourselves stuck in our hotel rooms tapping away at our laptops rather than taking time off to get out. While there is no perfect way to achieve this, here is how digital nomad strikes work-travel balance:
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Travel provides us with a grand opportunity not only to have fun but also to enhance our brain capacity. As a matter of fact, it has been found out that the traveling freelancers tend to have a super high productivity as compared to the rest of the remote workers around. Here are some benefits that travel gives to your brain.

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You would be forgiven if you wrongly thought that travelling Freelancers have no challenges at all. The truth of the matter is the they are faced with an endless list of struggles during each new day of exploration. In this article, we shall list a number of the challenges associated with most digital nomads.
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If you have been to a successful walk at one time in your life, it is a thrilling experience. However, the truth of the matter is that the trekking shoes you walk in have a major role to play. It is important for you to make a few considerations on your shoe choice for the walk. Otherwise, you may have the worst experience at your walk in case of discomfort. Continue Reading

If you are in India right now here is something really interesting for your taste buds. Take some time out while working in India and make a plan to visit these vineyards. India has a super humble beginning of wine history when it was first launched. Amazingly, it has really taken root in the current today and is among those countries that can be counted on for the most exotic and fun to be in wine places. For all our lovely nomads here is a quick look at some of the top features that make the 6 best vineyards to be considered as being best. These include Continue Reading

Majority of the remote workers find themselves traveling almost every time. One of the main reasons for this is to simply explore the world. Another common reason is in search for a more conducive and productive working environment with a robust WiFi connection. This is something that started small but has really taken root in this digital arena. However there are several challenges along the way as well as some tips on getting over them. Let us demystify some of them:
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For remote workers storage back up devices are a must have tool especially if it is a digital nomad. The sensitive and important files that you have been storing for years could easily be lost within a second. This would mean that you have to begin from scratch to recover the lost work. Worse even, it is super hard to retrieve some of the lost work something that is quite discouraging. This is why you should have a variety of back up devices as discussed in this article: Continue Reading

Flying can be one of the most uncomfortable experience especially if you are not well armed with the relevant stuff. Although there were limited traveling accessories when airplanes were first launched, a lot of stuff have been introduced to facilitate smooth flight journeys. The shitty situations that people have been through have acted as a great mother of invention in the flight industry. Here are some of the stuff that you should never forget any time you are taking a flight: Continue Reading

The online nomads have been wrongly thought to be slaves to work; working indoors all day, all times. However, this is simply not true. It is possible for you to make your freelancing career the best experience ever. Taking clean breaks and having your work done from a different environment is always fascinating. It makes you find fun in what you do best as you also explore and enjoy the natural beauty of nature.

Some of the places that have been considered best in terms of freelancing career adventure are such as Santa Teresa, Costa Rica, Goa in India, Santa Teresa in Costa Rica, Bali in Indonesia as well as Taghazout, Morocco. Discussed below are just a few of the considerations that have been used in ranking them high than others.


The cost of living differs from the resorts of various beaches. While some of them are super pricy to live in, there are still some cost effective yet cosy villas that you can rent for a long term basis. For instance, Lago de Atitlan, Guatemala, Goa in India are just some few examples that are worth mentioning. They are not only adventurous and fun places to be but also cost effective. Generally, the cost per month is approximately between US$ 400-800. Clearly, this is an expenditure that is nothing as compared to the beautiful scenes of beaches and fun in the new environments. It will be a thrilling time working all your stuff from a different environment thus saving you monotony of one place.

Climatic patterns

Among the main reasons as to why most online nomads would love to work from a different vicinity is for the reason of adverse weather conditions. There is nothing that is as punishing as staying up late in the night at a place where the climate is cold, gloomy and winter is the order of the day. Digital nomads from such places are looking to run into places where summer is in season so that they can enjoy the beautiful sun busk at the beaches as they have their tasks done. For instance Santa Teresa, Costa Rica has a super favourable climate. It allows you surf in the morning during high tide, work through the heat at day time and surf at high tide again when it’s dusk.

Speed for Internet

Ideally, among the things that matters most to digital nomads is the speed at which internet is running. One of the things for which the above mentioned places are considered best is due to fast Internet. Goa, India is definitely an example worth mentioning if it is about the speed of Internet. It has been found to have a super strong and fast Internet all through. Therefore, you can easily have your jobs done without much hassles waiting for stuff to load for hours without end.

So what beach are you planning next?

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