A good number of Freelancers are struggling with issues of rushing against time to meet the tight set deadlines. Another common problem is distractions that are around us almost everywhere and may cost you too dearly that you end up doing absolutely nothing in a whole day. This is where the pomodoros principles come in. Indeed they will help you to find working more fun and thus bringing about a feeling of satisfaction after achieving the set goals. Here are some tips out sourced from these pomodoros principles:

Avoid distractions

If you have a challenge of dealing with distractions in the surrounding while you have to much work on your desk, you are not alone. The truth of the matter is that this is a common challenge in almost every remote worker. However, it is upon you to be able to manage your distractor ensuring that they do not cost you your hard earned clients. The common distractor for most people is the smartphones, house chores and friends. Identify your priorities and know what to do when.

Have an everyday plan

As a remote worker, you cannot afford to operate without a daily schedule to follow. This means that each single morning, you should take your time to analyze the amount of work at hand as well as the quantity of work you are intending to finish on that day. This will give you some motivation as you strive to achieve your set goals. By the end of the day, also take your time to have a look at your day’s coverage. Determine if that is what you could do best. If not, come up with means to enhance your performance.

Take short breaks

Among the most effective ways of increasing your productivity is taking short breaks within your working session. Ensure that you do not take too long on the break to an extent of interfering with the predetermined working time. It is also worth noting that too long breaks may cause you to get lazy thus reducing your productivity. This is only made possible once you get strict to yourself concerning the breaks you take. Remember you are your own boss.

Work within time, not against it

Among the things that are saddening about remote workers is that we can easily become slaves to work. How do you avoid that? Ensure that you work super fast within a short time and hence achieving the set goals within incredibly short time. It takes a high level of discipline in order to achieve the predetermined goals.

Happy Working DNs

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