For remote workers storage back up devices are a must have tool especially if it is a digital nomad. The sensitive and important files that you have been storing for years could easily be lost within a second. This would mean that you have to begin from scratch to recover the lost work. Worse even, it is super hard to retrieve some of the lost work something that is quite discouraging. This is why you should have a variety of back up devices as discussed in this article:

External hard drive

No wonder this is the most common way to create a backup, the sad fact is that many people still do not carry a EHD. Being a remote worker you can never operate efficiently without having an external storage device. External hard drives have proven to be reliable for the back up of any sensitive files. The Western digital my passport is a good example of a slim and robust hard drive to travel along with. The good thing is that you can find a big memory up to 1Tb that will serve all your storage requirements. Seaget backup plus slim is another slim and portable storage gadget. These will serve you right in your entire remote working career.

The cloud

Our bags are prone to theft together with our laptops and storage back up devices. In case that happens, we are left with nothing but the little information that is online such as email messages. This is where The cloud as an online back up comes in. Although it requires you to have some Internet communications in order to load your stored data, it still remains worthwhile. It is a safe way of backing up messages such that it cannot easily get lost at whatever cost. One Drive and Drop Box are the most common options.


Another amazing storage back up technique is the Backblaze. Although it was loading in long durations of time when it was first launched, it has greatly been improved in order to take lesser time. It allows you to store uo to super large data volumes and be able to access them anytime. Although it involves some monthly charges of $5 per Month, $50 in an year, it still remains worthwhile. Therefore, it can always be counted upon for quick and easy upload of files for storage.

While the above named backup tactics have proven to work for many,it is also important for you to have a spare hard drive with some relative or family. This will ensure that you can still have an access to your saved work incase the laptop and back up devices at hand are stolen.

Work hard and backup.

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