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Are you a digital nomad? an aspiring digital nomad?or simply a content creator?

Are you on the lookout for a place where you can submit Daily High-Quality guest posts?  Do you have the passion and flair to write to about trending topics and happening in the Digital Nomad Space?

Guess what,

we have got you covered. Here at Digital Nomads India, you have the chances of getting all your articles published on our website once you can strictly adhere to our guidelines.

     Why Guest Blogging Is Of Great Importance to Your Business

There are lots of reasons why guest blogging might be of great importance to your business depending on the kind of business or job you do. Here at Digital Nomads India, having taken our time to go on extensive research on why guess blogging is of great significance for businesses.

Here are some of the facts we were able to come up with :

  • High probability of generating traffic to your website organically
  • You will in no time become an authority in our chosen business niche
  • Ability to reach out to your target audience in no time.
  • More credit to your brand or business
  • Greater audience reach
  • Networking made easy
  • Generate new leads with ease

Digital Nomad India Guest Blogging Guidelines

Here at Digital Nomad India, we take the quality and uniqueness of submitted articles as our number one priority. Before you submit your guest post be sure to be very clear and adhere strictly to the rules listed below.

  1. Duplicate or spun contents will dependably be rejected.  Be sure to send us contents with 100% uniqueness ( we as a rule without discrimination for race or colour subject all articles received for plagiarism test)
  2. Your post has to be relevant, resourceful and as well very informative.
  3. All submitted posts must as a rule be in a way or the other be related to the Digital Nomad space
  4. Any posts related to PR writings, product description or promotion of any sort will effectively be regarded as a sponsored posts.
  5. Guest bloggers are encouraged to make use of the following in their write ups :
  • Headings
  • Sub headings
  • Bullets list
  • Featured images

    All submitted post must, as a rule, be accompanied by images that are related to the subject of discuss. Also, all non-commercial images must be fully credited.
  1. Every submitted articles must, as a rule, be accompanied alongside with an author’s biography i.e. 2- 3 sentences describing you or your company.
  2. No other links are allowed to be included in the author’s biography aside you or your company’s social media links. (Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn .etc.)
  3. All articles must, as a rule, be a minimum of 800 words. Any articles with word length lesser than this will be rejected.
  4. Any articles with affiliate links will dependably be rejected.
  5. Only links related links to the subject of discussion which when evaluated by our team to  add more value to the subject of discuss will be accepted

Important Notice

It should be noted that any posts which are not written in accordance with the above guidelines will, as a rule, be rejected. In exceptional cases we might decide to publish posts in which the above guidelines are not fully followed. However, we are as a rule have the right to edit or modify your content so as to meet the guidelines given above.

Here are some of the topics we cover

  • Digital Nomads Lifestyle
  • Technology Advancement in the Digital Nomads Space
  • Artificial Intelligence and Digital Nomads
  • Digital Nomad Travel Guide
  • How to” related topics for Digital Nomads
  • Travel and Foods
  • Hacks and Tips
  • Trending Digital Nomad Nelated News
  • Jobs

Important Notice

It should be noted that contents to be submitted must in a way or the other be related to the Digital Nomad niche.

With the above guidelines in mind. You can please do well to forward you posts to us in a .doc file format.

It should also be noted that it might take up to 36 business working hours to have a feedback from us regarding your guest post.

Looking forward to receiving and publish your articles.
From all of us at Digital Nomads India have we say have a blissful day ahead.