You would be forgiven if you wrongly thought that travelling Freelancers have no challenges at all. The truth of the matter is the they are faced with an endless list of struggles during each new day of exploration. In this article, we shall list a number of the challenges associated with most digital nomads.

  • Slow and unreliable network

Finding a descent network for carrying out online business is a must-have necessity for every digital nomad. Essentially, a good network is considered as a blood flow for the online work. Therefore, without it no work can get to any of the clients. It has proven to be super hard finding reliable networks at the new places of travel.

  • Challenge to manage distractions

Clearly, the new places that digital nomads keep exploring form sites to behold. It is not a wonder for a travelling Freelancer who bad intended to accomplish some task online to finish a day having done nothing but exploring the new place. Sometimes, they even find themselves working against time to meet their tight deadlines. Balancing between adventure and the online work has never been easy for majority of the digital nomads.

  • Work pressure

Being a backpacker, the fact is that the urge to enjoy exotic foods, interact with the locals, capture beautiful sites and visit new sites is inevitable. However, with the awaiting tasks to accomplish in mind, sometimes one is unable to enjoy to the fullest. Endless emails from clients asking for their work really take away the adventure fun.

  • Lack of conducive working environment

A remote worker is a person that prefers being in calm environment for the sake of productivity. However, this is not always possible as they travel to new places. Sometimes, one may book a room in a resort that is surrounded by swimming pools, restaurants and bars making it difficult to get the needed serene environment for working. This great affects a person’s productivity.

  • Super high cost of living

Most of the budget-minded backpackers are always looking forward to getting adventure at the lowest price possible. Unfortunately, this is not always possible as they visit different countries. This is due to the difference in economy in the different countries something that really causes inconvenience. Eventually, most of the digital nomads end up spending too much money thus overstretching their wallets.

  • Unfavorable climate

The truth of the matter is that she different places have diverse climate. This means that digital nomads are likely to visit places with extreme temperatures from time to time. In case of super hot temperatures, the productivity at work is greatly endangered and may deteriorate at alarming rates.

  • Lack of family commitment

Although majority of the digital nomads are in their early 20’s and 30′ hence lacking family responsibilities, some of them are family people. Being traveling Freelancers means that, once in a while they will be away from their families; something that is quite uncomfortable.

  • Homesickness

Much as being a digital nomad is fun, there is a great challenge of getting home sick. It is not easy staying away from the motherland for a couple of weeks. It may affect a person’s productivity at times.


Do take good care of you. Happy traveling folks.

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