If you have been to a successful walk at one time in your life, it is a thrilling experience. However, the truth of the matter is that the trekking shoes you walk in have a major role to play. It is important for you to make a few considerations on your shoe choice for the walk. Otherwise, you may have the worst experience at your walk in case of discomfort.

Clearly, comfortable shoes on a trek feel like an added extension to your legs while uncomfortable shoes feel like walking bare foot on a bed of thorns. Let us look at some of the things you need to factor in so that you may enjoy your walk:

The walking distance

There are different shoe types for long and short distance walks. Any mistake made in selection may give you a very saddening walking experience. In case you are to walk for a long distance you need well fitting with an extra space shoes, a super flexible sole and a comfortable inner sole to cushion your feet during friction. Putting on shoes that are tight can give you the worst trekking experience. This is because, it is normal for feet to swell soon after walking for long distance. This necessitates that extra space to accommodate the swollen foot comfortably.

Nature of surfaces

Clearly, there is a diverse variety of surface you may choose to take a walk through. These include dry terrains, glacial surfaces, rocky ground and so on. For each of the surfaces, a different kind of shoe may be needed. For instance, for dry terrains simple flat plim soles may do. On the other hand, you may need a pair of warm, thick soled boots for the glacial surfaces in order to keep your feet warm. There is nothing as frustrating as walking on a rocky ground in shoes that have a slim sole and without comfortable inner sole. The kind of heat generated during your walk through the rocks is honestly too much to bear. It will only leave you with swollen blisters that may take a while to heal, not forgetting the punishment as you try to walk in the burning shoes.

Duration of walk

While some people are only comfortable trekking in one day, others prefer a whole weekend and others a week or two. All these categories of people have different shoe requirements. Failure to choose your trekking companion wisely will only end up giving you a very punishing walking session. For instance, a person that intends to walk for a day only may not have a lot of shoe quality demands as that of one week. Ideally, people that are intending to take walks for long period of time need to have a very reliable pair of shoe, preferably boots. The boots should have some extra feet allowance to allow room for the thick stockings, pair of socks that you may have to wear. This also facilitates comfort even when your feet are really swollen. That way, it is super easy for you to go blister-free even after the long walking duration.

So, make sure you slip into the right shoes and keep going.

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