If you are in India right now here is something really interesting for your taste buds. Take some time out while working in India and make a plan to visit these vineyards. India has a super humble beginning of wine history when it was first launched. Amazingly, it has really taken root in the current today and is among those countries that can be counted on for the most exotic and fun to be in wine places. For all our lovely nomads here is a quick look at some of the top features that make the 6 best vineyards to be considered as being best. These include

Sula vineyard

This is quite an old vineyard that was launched back in the year 1999. It does not only have a strategic location in the outskirts of the town and hence some peaceful environment but has top wine services too. Even better, it is characterized by the super interesting festivals and endless events that always entertain the visitors. The commitment of this vineyard workers is in ensuring that you enjoy every moment of your stay at the vineyard even as you take your wine. The setting alone has a stunning appearance that everyone would love to be associated with. It is basically an awesome place to be in.

Grover Zompa

This is another well known and among the ancient wine places at India particularly located at Bangalore in Karnataka. It was among the first places where wine began being produced thus giving them a long span of experience that almost guarantee super high quality wine. Additionally, they use super modern and classic machines in their wine making thus producing nothing short of the best. Among the main determinants of taste and quality of wine is the brewing equipments that are involved. This vineyard also posseses a super attractive and serene environment that graces the entire thing.

Charosa vineyards

One of the most interesting things about this vineyard is the fact that they were the first to introduce Tempranillo grapes that makes some quite tasty and unique wine. This vineyard is also well known for the fact that it is the only place at India where white wine is produced. This makes it a super unique place not forgetting it’s strategic location within a super calm and peaceful environments. Most times when people at India go out to take wine, they are basically aiming at having some peaceful environments without the everyday distractions that freaks them out. This place gives exactly that.

Fratelli vineyard

This is a super fantastic wine location that is sited on a 240 acre piece of land. It is well known in India as being the utmost place producing red wine. It is an automatically fun place to be.

Nashik vineyards

This is a great wine place that is characterized by cozy lodging rooms around. It also has a super high quality and tasty wine. The cost of being in Nashik vineyard is definitely worth it.

Chateau d’Ori

Chateau d’Ori has been ranked as being among the best wine places in Nashik region. As a matter of fact they have won themselves several awards periodically following the high quality wine they produce. It competes favorably with the well performing wine places in India.

So make sure you don’t stay thirsty for long time.


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