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When it comes to increasing productivity as a digital nomad more so in India, it is really no different from increasing productivity in any other sector in most cases the same underlying principle will still apply. India is a really vast country and has a lot of different climates, the following are more ways one can improve on their productivity when it comes to being a digital nomad.

  • Create a schedule

Having a time schedule is a vital especially for good time management, that means you need to practice a lot of self-discipline and dedication , being self driven means do all you can to optimize on the available time you have an always knowing what and where you are meant to be at a given time. Being in India as a digital nomad it is great to get accustomed with your surroundings, getting to know people as well as knowing how to network is as crucial. Clearly outline your goal scheduling your time.

  • Having set hours and a dedicated working place.

Having a dedicated working place is extremely crucial more so because it gives a sense of responsibility and professionalism, in as much as many claim the main reason they resulted to being digital nomads was to escape the monotonous day jobs characterized by a nine to five working schedule and office desk was to get freedom, the truth is that a professional working environment sets the mood for focus and creativity. It brings a lot of motivation and sets a working tone. Having a set out and dedicated number of hours when you are most productive is the best way to get a lot done.

  • Minimise distractions using technology

When it comes to making the most of your time you will need to keep the distraction at a minimal level that means making a clear distinction between the working hours and adhering to your set obligations and set goals. One thing that really stands out when it comes to technology is just how useful it can be especially when it comes to handling duties as well as planning both long term and short term. That is where applications and calendars come in handy. You can easily plan out your day and your week at your own convenience and even follow up the plans made.

  • Take breaks.

This is probably something that most people never really put to consideration but taking breaks is as crucial as the actual work , breaks are important with maintaining a high level of concentration and optimizing productivity. This is because a person’s concentration span is limited and you cannot extend it beyond a given period regardless of how good you might be. Breaking down your time into bits of thirty minutes is a great way to maintain concentration and ensuring you do not compromise on the quality of your work in the end. Small five minute breaks go a long way, just unwinding and moving around or just listening to your favourite song is a great way to change the monotony of a task.

  • Regular exercise

Working out is something that most people may not consider and may not be aware of despite being very important. There is a direct link between one’s overall health and their level of productivity. This is why exercise is so important; it can range from something as simple as regular yoga to taking up a sport. Exercise takes you out of your comfort zone and brings a level of tolerance and discipline and in the end it results to one being more motivated as well as being in a really good mood. It is no coincidence as to why some of the most successful people in a wide range of fields will so often attribute their success and productivity to regular exercise. It enhances your mood by releasing dopamine which is the “feel good hormone” and in the process ones overall health and immunity improves. This goes on to reflect in all other aspects of life including overall productivity. For a digital nomad this can be a great opportunity to explore one’s surrounding and environment, it’s a fun and exciting way to make the most out of a given location.

  • Get enough sleep.

Sleep time is as important as the working time you have set aside if not more important. Productivity and moods are severely altered by one’s sleeping patterns. That means setting aside time to sleep enough and sticking to the schedule is essential. And this is where discipline comes into play. One must be ready to commit to a given time. Though there is no harm with having a cheat day once in a while.

  • Change your working environment

Consciously being aware of your surrounding and taking the initiative to spice things up by changing the environment and experimenting with stations every once in a while can go a long way in improving your productivity as well as giving you a renewed sense of purpose. It’s a great way to increase your productivity especially if you are in a new environment. This can be something as simple as taking your laptop and going to a lovely park where you can enjoy the fresh air; you will be surprised just how much of a difference it is capable of making. And India with its vast scenic places is bound to be full of beautiful places you can enjoy this. Digital nomading in India can be very exciting especially if are an adventurous kind of person.

  • Take time to appreciate what you are doing.

Perhaps what is my favourite way to keeping productive is appreciating what I am doing. Being a digital nomad more so in India seems like a very exciting venture. But what might be even more exciting is finding fulfilment in being a digital nomad. It takes a lot of courage to get started but if you constantly find something to be grateful for and you constantly take pride in what you do then it will eventually reflect in your level of productivity.

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