8 Remote working secrets

Ever thought of living a life where you can just pack a few necessities in your backpack and. travel all over the world while still making money? Well, you are not alone. There are millions of digital nomads in India whose such a lifestyle is a reality. From my personal experience, it’s such a relief getting to work at your own time, anywhere and still manage to take care of your bills by the end of the month. Many fed up employees have continuously resigned their 9-5 jobs and embarked on a never ending trip around the globe. The whole experience is both satisfying and fun. I will share with you secrets to make it while telecommuting in India or anywhere in the world:

  • Too much travel can be disruptive

Truth be told, travel is exceedingly fun but also exhausting regardless of how much experienced you might be. Every time you decide to hit the road to work from a far away land, you lose your precious working time to choosing suitable places for travel, booking flights, packing, relocating and making re-adjustments. All this time you would probably be bidding for orders, getting work done and perhaps relaxing. Undue delays in terminal stations also waste so much time.

  • Enabling auto-reply email response can be life-saving for any travelprenuer

It is often difficult to get fully prepared for the unknown especially while abroad. No matter how committed you might be in checking your email; you may miss out some very vital emails especially from clients hence losing great working opportunities. Sometimes your phone, laptop, devices fail indefinitely and it could take a little long to get back online. During your offline period, your, potential clients, clients or colleagues may get impatient and end up cancelling an order and stopping any future dealings with you. To avoid such kind of frustrations, get an autoreply email response.

  • Avoid storing your work files on the laptop’s hard drive

I learnt to be saving all my files in the Cloud, Drop box or any other online storage platforms the hard way. This happened during my first trip of working online from India after my laptop crushed after falling off from a cliff just when I had completed a 10 blogs milestone and deadline was here. For a moment, i regretted having made a decision to work online from India. How would I convince my client that I had actually done the work? The entire experience was both frustrating and de-motivating. Starting all over again from scratch was boring and I finally ended up reassigning the task at least so that I don’t lose my regular client. I always advice all remote workers to save their work online as anything can happen, anytime.

  • Only work from pre-vetted co-sharing space

There are thousands of co-sharing spaces in India advertised online with extremely appealing photos. Unfortunately, some of the photos uploaded online are actually downloaded or non-existent and going to such co-working spaces can be incredibly misleading. Your first trip co-working in foreign and can turn out to be the stuff of nightmares when you finally arrive and realized that the space is no-longer in operation or it’s all cracked up. Only book pre-vetted spaces using credible sources in the co-working industry.

  • Working with a timeline is magical

Has it happened to you that a day ends and you cannot really account for what you’ve done a whole day despite sitting behind a computer the entire time? This often happens especially if you do not have a work plan or a to-do list. You realize that a day is gone, the client has started mailing you for pending orders yet you have hardly finished. Since I begun working with a work plan, such cases are a thing of the past. Every day after rising, I always come up with a bucket-list of what I want to have achieved when the day ends. It’s magical how it works!

  • Always account for a jet lag to increase your productivity

Yes, it’s possible to fall fast asleep having been sitting on in a 60000 miles flight and still feel dog tired on arrival. Travel fatigue is real and unavoidable but good thing it can be anticipated for. So, always allow yourself a day or two at the end of your trip in order to refresh enough. In case you are traveling to a destination that is only a few hours flight, a jet lag of few hours is enough. But if you’re taking a continuous flight from Los Angeles to say India, you better get prepared for a major break down at some point!

  • Make your destination your source of inspiration for increased productivity

It is important to remain focused, but this doesn’t mean you should be ignorant about your surrounding ass a travelprenuer. No matter how determined you may be to get work done, always create time to learn about the local culture in your new destination. This will truly enrich your experience and break the monotony of having to work round the clock. If you fail to pay attention to the existing surrounding as you shift location, you’ll be missing out on getting new great opportunities and distinctive professional abilities.

  • Get out of your comfort zone

It is in the human nature to get comfortable at less involving tasks but I’m here to tell you; that way you won’t grow. It’s time to pull out from that comfort cocoon and get ready to take up new challenges. If throughout your nomad lifestyle you’ve only been completing a fixed amount of work, keep increasing the number anytime you get to an interesting destination. You can start small if you are a beginner, but ensure that every day you do a little more than yesterday.

There are thousands of independent remote workers in India who are performing excellently in their nomadic lifestyle. But it all narrows down to getting personal discipline and determination to live a free and fulfilling career life.

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