How to choose a right coffee maker

Coffee is what most people around the world are used to starting their day with. This helps them to overcome morning weakness after waking up and maintain productivity throughout the day. Nowadays, coffee has become so regular part of everyday life, that it is offered almost everywhere, from office rooms for recreation, to any place where you can have breakfast. It is also natural that coffee makers, in turn, are also among the most common household appliances in a modern home. From lovers of coffee to those who just occasionally drink a cup or two, hardly one of them will have to explain the benefits of owning a coffee maker. However, with a large increase in the number of coffee shops, even in your own city, not many still clearly see the advantage of making coffee, which, by the way, maybe no worse at home. That is why in this article COFFEELIFIOUS have collected some of the most important tips and features that you should pay attention to when choosing a coffee maker.


Having your own coffee maker can carry a lot of advantages, and this concerns not only saving your money. The main four advantages of such an acquisition are:

And of course, the smell of coffee, which you love so much, will fill your kitchen every morning.

So, here everything is quite simple and clear. Making your own coffee at home gives you more opportunities to choose things like the type of coffee that you like the most or make the perfect tonic that suits your tastes every time you want to use a coffee maker. And no matter how much you deny it, as long as you use your own coffee machine, and give up the habit of constantly buying coffee in the near Starbucks, you will save a considerable amount of money.


The type of coffee maker you ultimately gain can greatly affect your personal experience. There are many options available to you, and there is no clear clue as to which type is best, it all depends on taste and what is best for your situation and budget. At the same time, there are not a few types of coffee makers and coffee machines on the modern market, but we have focused on the most common and most popular options that are used everywhere.

At first glance, the classification may seem rather complicated, but this impression is erroneous.

Coffee makers are:

  • geyser;
  • drip (or filtration);
  • carob;
  • chaldovye;
  • Capsular.

Controversy does not subside around capsule devices: manufacturers often position these models as coffee machines, based on the highest level of automation.

Coffee machines are also divided into subtypes, and classifications are extremely controversial and often serve marketing purposes. The most popular is the one based on the type of cappuccinator (a device for beating milk and cream into foam):

  • with automatic cappuccinator;
  • c manual (or mechanical) cappuccinator.

In the first case, the machine is equipped with a built-in reservoir into which chilled milk is poured, and the machine takes over the rest. In advanced models, there is even a number of options that allow you to set the thickness and airiness of the foam.

Machines with a mechanical cappuccinator beat the milk with steam, which under pressure comes out of a separate metal tube. Chilled milk is poured into a container, put it under the tube and whip it in a circular motion into foam. To facilitate the process, some manufacturers supply the machine with a nozzle “Parnello” – with its help, the foam is whipped faster.

Coffee maker drip Clatronic KA3356

A simple budget model made of high-quality plastic, with basic functions. A big plus of this coffee maker is its compactness. Such a device can even take with you on a trip. The coffee maker has a clear water level indicator and a convenient on / off indicator. The remains of the drops fall on a removable tray that is easy to clean with water. This is the most compact model of the budget.

Coffee maker Kitfort KT-714

Very nice model, referring to the high price category. Well suited for a large family, as in practice it can be used to make 4 to 6 cups of coffee.Kitfort KT-714 has two heating modes and the ability to maintain the temperature for more than one hour. For ease of use, the coffee maker has a power indicator and a water level indicator, a timer and auto power off. The anti-drip system is working properly, so a tray for collecting drops is not required. The stylish gray-black case with blue digital display gives this coffee maker an elegant look. It should also be noted that the model has a digital clock that turns itself off at midnight so as not to interfere in the dark.

Coffee maker drop Bosch TKA 3A031 / 3A034

The average cost and pretty decent quality coffee maker. It possesses the basic set of characteristics necessary for a good model: auto power off, the presence of an auto-heating plate, a switch-on indication and a water level mark, a rather high power. The dense flask from heat resisting glass will serve long. The Bosch TKA 3A031 / 3A034 coffee machine weighs only 1.5 kg, takes up little space and has a compartment for storing the cord.

So next time, Don’t miss the above tips when it comes to choose a new kickass coffee maker. 😉

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