When you find yourself stuck in a 9 -5 work-life routine, the type of digital nomadism that you get to view on social media can be quite captivating. The view of someone working from exotic locations as they enjoy the sunny waves, pictures of them meeting new people and enjoying their food and culture has the potential of leaving one with a feeling that they are missing out on living their lives well.

As someone who has been a digital nomad and with the experience of visiting 4 continents and several countries while working remotely; I have come to realize that digital nomadism isn’t for everyone.  There are factors that one should be well conversant with before deciding on becoming a digital nomad.

Here are some of the downsides:

Inability to stay focused and meet deadlines

A lot of discipline is required when living as a digital nomad as a number of factors might arise that completely hinders one from staying focused on work and meeting deadlines. When it comes to meeting new people and visiting new places; it’s possible for one to get absorbed into those moments until they end up sabotaging their work life. Discipline is therefore vital if you’re to ensure that work is done on time and deadlines met.

Increased risk of burnout

Emotional burnout is a common thing with digital nomads as they get to spend a lot of time working and traveling which can be overwhelming at times. The more hours one commits to work without taking any rest, the higher one chances of experiencing burnout. Digital nomads also tend to experience a lot of stress associated with having to adapt to the new environment and dealing with separation from loved ones.

Lack of sustainable momentum

In order to be successful as a remote worker, you have to develop your skills effectively to the extent that you get to stand out within the competitive space. It takes time to become great at any skill and a steady momentum is required in your work as well as your habits. Establishing such a level of momentum can be challenging especially if you have to be on the road most of the time.

Work-life balance challenge

It’s important to note that digital nomads are not tourists taking their time to explore the beauty of other countries; they are actually people who work and at the same time also make money. Such conditions require that one takes time to organize themselves effectively if they are to experience work-life balance.

Sense of Loneliness

When you get started as a digital nomad, it’s just a matter of time before you begin to understand what loneliness really is. Humans are social beings and having one on one communication with the people you love is wonderful. For digital nomads, finding time to regularly engage with loved ones can be such a challenge.

If you’re to realize success as a digital nomad then you need sufficient information on the subject alongside engagement with people who are already realizing success in the field. Visit https://digitalnomadsindia.com/  for relevant information on digital nomad’s lifestyle.

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