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We are location independent business visionaries with energy to venture to the far corners of the planet and a longing to give ourselves an existence of experiences. We are presenting this ideology among those who are still trapped inside their cubicles, who are still in hope to get time to fulfill their desires. This concept is gaining popularity all over the globe and this is our effort to bring in this culture shift here in India.

Here on Digital Nomads India we help you to explore the ways to get free from the tempting trap of cubicle. There are tips to start your life as a Digital Nomad, essential elements that will increase your productivity, travelling tips to ease your roam around experience and many more things that will make you think twice about your office box.

We are believers of the fact that toward the end of the road, we’re going to regret the things we didn’t do. The people we didn’t met. The experiences we didn’t opt for. The odds we didn’t take. The life we didn’t lived. We strongly believe all of us can all pick the life we desire. We have the chances and choice to pick and we’re settling on that decision each and every day of our life.

Would you like to spend whatever remains of your life slaving without end in an occupation you despise, never having sufficient energy to travel, carrying on with the life another person needs you to live and grow old while you watch your fantasies cruise you by?
Ashish Malviya, Founder : Webricots, Digital Nomads India & Way Back Roads

The decision is always yours, to break free from the chains that are tying you down and begin a journey all on your terms, assembling a business that makes you confident and monetarily independent so you can invest all your time and vitality doing what you want to do, meeting new individuals, and go wherever you want.

There’s a life out there sitting tight for you that is loaded with experiences.

What’s more?.. We would like to help you and make that life turn into a reality for you.

The team of Webricots welcomes you to the world that rejects offices and cubicles for a world of travel, exploration and experiences. This platform is completely dedicated to ‘Digital Nomads and Travelpreneurs’ and plans to getmost valuable content to them regarding their Lifestyles, Work and Travel Behavior.

Introducing this culture in India : We aim to cultivate an entrepreneurial mindset and Escapism : that many ‘wish’ and do not ‘plan’. Through Digital Nomads India we are trying to get more value to your nomadic life introducing the whole new level of living your life unchained.

We will soon be bringing you more value in terms of – Jobs, Nomad Stays/Bookings, Events and An Online Shop. Stay Tuned.

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