Now, We understand that most of the time nomadic lifestyle doesn’t prefer high end luxuries but here we don’t know how many dollars/euros or rupee you are earning. So if luxury is your thing then here is a list of most exotic hotels that you must visit while being in India. Oberoi group is the organization behind the scenes for the many classic hotels that have been established in India. Days are gone when most of the resorts in India were only good enough for budget-minded back packers. Nowadays, super magnificent and luxurious hotels have taken root thus attracting numerous tourists. Let us look at the utmost 10 hotels in India that seem to rule the tourism industry there:

Rajvilus in Jaipur

This is a super stylish and classic resort that has been set on 32 acres of land. It also hosts some pretty attractive swimming pools and contains 54 spacious rooms with air conditioning equipments. Even better, it has some four posts bed and washrooms contain attractive sunken Italian marble bath tubs. It’s ornamental gardens are a site to behold. It has been a hotel of choice to many tourists who quality comes before budget.

Amarvilas in Agra

This is another outstanding resort whose stylish design can only be attributed to the Moorish and Mughal architectures. It has been designed with the mind of creating a comfortable place for people that are simply looking for nothing short of the best. The services offered are of International standards hence attracting massive traffic from tourists. The glorious monument they host greatly contribute to the resort’s beautiful appearance.

I’ve always been drawn to solitude, felt a kind of luxurious relief in its self-generated pace and rhythms. Caroline Knapp

Udaivilas in Udaipur

One of the best things about this glorious hotel is that it is designed with an aim of creating a comfortable zone for visitors. In fact, the management’s commitment to work is to ensure that they give all guests a more than just comfortable stay.

Devi Garh Fort Palace

This hotel has been characterized by it’s modern and unique design aimed at giving tourists the best of the best hospitality services. The ornamental garden setting is also a thing you will not find everywhere. It has been carefully designed to ensure that tourists that are particularly looking for the best find nothing short of that.

Amanbagh in Alwar

Amanbagh is another pretty unique resort whose beautiful appearance can be attributed to nature. The bountiful fruits, eucalyptus trees as well as palm trees have greatly enhanced the landscaping of the hotel. It is indeed a pleasure to enjoy both the modern assets of the exotic as well as the awesomeness of nature around. Among the things that keep this hotel ahead is the spacious rooms with the smallest one being approximately 900 sq. Ft

Mumbai – The Taj Mahal Palace

Everybody would love being in a super amazing environment on a good traveling season. This is among the top ranked hotels in India where amazing appearance and high quality services are the two principles that rule. The hotel’s strategic location by the gate is another thing that makes it ideal. It has beautifully designed ornamental garden that gives guests stunning relaxing places where they can enjoy capturing their defining moments.

Aside from the above discussed striking resorts in India, other include: Himalayas – The Oberoi Wildflower Hall, a paradise hotel with all qualities of a 5 star hotel, Jaipur – The Taj Rambagh Palace, a classic and cozy resort giving you the best moments and Ranthambhore – The Oberoi Vanyavilas, famous for it’s awing ex-hunting grounds.

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