Flying can be one of the most uncomfortable experience especially if you are not well armed with the relevant stuff. Although there were limited traveling accessories when airplanes were first launched, a lot of stuff have been introduced to facilitate smooth flight journeys. The shitty situations that people have been through have acted as a great mother of invention in the flight industry. Here are some of the stuff that you should never forget any time you are taking a flight:

• Carry a tablet holder and a hands-free smartphones

Clearly, we are living in a digital arena where digital devices have become part of us. Probably, you would love to take a flight as you enjoy the beautiful music videos or captivating movies in your smart phone or tablet. Clearly, you cannot hold them on your hands for too long before you are too tired and hence concentrating less. Fortunately, reliable tablet holders and hands-free smartphones are now available in market to save you such hassles.

• Carry a notebook and a pen

Some people have a wrong perception that note books and pens are exclusively for official purpose. Amazingly, it is a very nice way of writing down your fantasy moments as you travel in the plane after having enough of movies. During your down time, ensure that you put into writing some of the defining moments you cannot just afford to forget. A pen may also be of great help when it comes to filling out some technical information the flight attendant may require of you.

• Noise-cancelling-headphones

Majority of the flight travelers freak out when children begin screaming as the plane takes off or due to the annoying sound the plane may produce sometimes. This is why you will need something to block any noises that you may not be enjoying. It will keep you busy and comfortable all along the way.

• Carry your travel, ostrich pillow

An ostrich pillow is a special super comfy pillow named after it’s inventer. It is basically made of cotton and smooth fabrics to make you feel really comfortable all the way. When you feel like passing out, you do not have to struggle sleeping on your laps as this may cause you joint and muscle pain.

• Carry a warm blanket

If you have been inside a plane, probably you have realized that it can get freezing cold. More often, the people sitting next to the window are affected by cold more than those sited within the isles. This is why you will need to have some warm blanket to keep you warm all through. Although some flight companies provide the travelers with one, it may not be always the case.

• A back up battery

It can really get boring when your iPhone, tablet or phone is almost going off while you are in the midst of this interesting scene of a movie. Traveling while idling has never been interesting at all. To avoid this due to power constraints, always carry a power backup with you. It will save you from boredom.

Happy Flying Nomads.

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