Hiking tents for digital nomads

For digital nomads who have been camping for a while, you might have had an experience where at one time you had to spend a cold night in a small yet very bulky tent that could hardly stay standing on its own. Regardless of how some tents look, there are those which are not suitable for outdoor adventures such as camping, hiking and such like. Digital nomads should give priority to the tents that they get to choose, those capable of providing the level of comfort and safety that’s required.

Packing some top-notch hiking tent when going for an exciting adventure travel is quite important. When you have carried along with some high-quality tent along with you, you can rest assured of sleeping comfortable and in safety as you enjoy your travel. With a variety of hiking tents that are available, knowing what to look for in a tent can be a challenge. High-quality ultralight hiking tents such as the ones shared here have been identified to have some of the key qualities that define a good hiking tent.

A good hiking tent should be lightweight and also easy to set up. A good ultralight hiking tent is suitable for hiking purposes as you don’t want to trek while also carrying heavy luggage. They are also roomy which makes the camping experience comfortable. Good quality tents should be waterproof, durable and warm or cool. The ultralight hiking tents shared below are quite suitable for digital nomads as they possess all the shared qualities.

Coleman Sundine 2 Tent

Hiking tents for digital nomads

This is an easy to set up three-season hiking tent that can comfortably fit two digital nomads including their gears. Coleman Sundine 2 Tent is quite ultralight and that makes it suitable for hiking purposes. The tent is made using breathable polyester with the clip-hole also adding to the breathability. This tent is ideal for digital nomads as its lightweight and also well ventilated. The water-resistant bathtub floor makes it quite suitable for outdoor adventures and travel. The spacious interior is another key thing that distinguishes this hiking tent from the rest.

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Amazon Basics Tent for Camping

Hiking tents for digital nomads

This is a family-size hiking tent that’s suitable for digital nomads that are camping as a team. It’s quite ideal for those traveling on a limited budget given its spacious nature. One thing that makes Amazon Basics Tent for Camping suitable is the fact that it’s stormproof and comes with sealed seams. The tent also has mesh panels for extra ventilation and doors for easy access. The tent also has storage pockets within the tent where digital nomads can keep their stuff.  The material used for making the tent is quite durable and of good quality and that makes it worth investing in.

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Coleman Sundome 3 Tent

Hiking tents for digital nomads

For digital nomads looking for hiking tents that can guarantee them good value, this three-person hiking tent is a perfect choice. Coleman Sundome tent comes in two colors, blue or green which are great for outdoor adventure activities. Coleman Sundome 3 Tent is made from breathable polyester material that provides quality protection from both rain and sun. The rain fly awning also provides that extra shade with the inverted seams and patented welded doors preventing any water leakage into the tent.

For digital nomads who enjoy spending time in a spacious tent, Coleman Sundome also has a spacious interior where three people can comfortably place their gear. The D-shaped doors and the large windows also provide sufficient ventilation. The tent is easy to set up and also pack up. It also comes with a carrying case and Weather Tec System.

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Coleman Cortes Octagon 8-Person Family Tent

Hiking tents for digital nomads

This is such a versatile hiking tent that suits digital nomads that are camping as a team. The tent provides a 360 view and also has about six large windows that provide enhanced ventilation. The mesh roof also aids maximum circulation of air with the two hinged doors also opening just like real doors. Coleman Cortes Octagon 8-Person Family Tent is not only sturdy but also quite easy to pitch and that makes it a perfect choice for digital nomads.

Coleman Cortes Octagon hiking tent is 100% waterproof with a Weather Tec System that’s 2000mm hh. The taped seams alongside the fully sewn-in groundsheet help with keeping the tent dry regardless of what the weather is like. The tent is ultralight and also easy to set up which makes it suitable for digital nomads.

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August 2 Bedroom 1 Living Room Big UV 10 – 12 Person Tent

Hiking tents digital nomads

For digital nomads who prefer traveling as a team and on a limited budget, this is a perfect hiking tent. August 2 Bedroom 1 Living Room Big UV 10 – 12 Person is a sturdy anti-rain hiking tent that’s also suitable for mountaineering, and outdoor camping amongst other adventures. The tent is such a great choice for hikers and backpackers that are traveling as a group. August 2 Bedroom 1 Living room has a large door that makes it well ventilated. It also comes with breathable nylon mesh walls alongside vents that allow for improved circulation of air.

The features are just outstanding with the vestibule area that provides storage space for the gears. The tent is designed using a water-resistant material that makes it impossible for leakage to take place in the tent. The freestanding design is another cool feature that makes this hiking tent suitable for digital nomads who also require ample space to work remotely as they travel.

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If there is anything that digital nomads value it’s having a humble space where they can also work remotely as they engage in outdoor adventures. The ultralight tents shared here are just perfect for hiking and other outdoor activities that digital nomads might be interested in. Apart from the hiking tent, you may also need some quality rucksacks for packing personal staff as you travel.

You may also the perfect camping equipment and hiking shoes that fit any terrain. You can access all that including other digital nomads travel and adventure stuff at www.digitalnomadsindia.com

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