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In as much as being a digital nomad looks like an exciting venture filled with a lot travelling and meeting all new people and places there serious factors one needs to consider before venturing into India. India is a densely populated place and with such comes a few consideration before resolving to drop everything and travelling all the way to India to start a career in being a digital nomad and being a remote worker in India. The following are some of the things one should consider.

  • Personal Definition Of Freedom

The fact is most people resolve to being digital nomads in a bit to get “freedom” from the monotony of daily living and routine but the truth is this may play out differently for different people. Having to leave a stable job and start a new one full of uncertainty is a big step and one needs to be sure of what they really are after to avoid regret and wasted time and opportunity. Freedom may mean being your own boss and in some cases having the freedom to do what you love when you feel like.

  • Building Relationships

Being a digital nomad more so in a place such as India means you will need to be comfortable with the climate and as with the nature of the occupation you will need to be ready to learn how to network with people. That means knowing how to interact on a one on one basis and building new relationships. Interactions and also working remotely in India. When it comes to working online in India there also a lot of logistics and locations one needs to consider.

  • Have A Base

In as much as it is exciting and liberating to constantly be out and and about living your life and exploring new frontiers you will need to have a nice place to always go back home to. It may be a simple apartment or a rented place. Just make sure it is a convenient place for you and if your family if you have one. It can be a real challenge constantly having to move from place to place with no definite shelter. In India prices of houses and apartments may vary depending on the location and value of property it is advised one to do thorough background research before settling on a certain place.

  • Plan Your Goals & Get A Well Defined Plan

Having to go out and be a digital nomad and work remotely is a great way to explore the world and sample new cultures and experiences. But having a set goal and being focused towards trying to fulfil a certain obligation is something also important. It is important to know that the world is full of uncertainties and nothing out there is guaranteed. Lay down your goals and an action plan to back it. It will not only serve as a motivation to keep you going but will also help you improve on interpersonal relations.

  • Have a Plan B

As stated earlier the world we live in is full of uncertainties and India with its vast population, getting to be a remote worker and getting a chance to be outstanding might prove challenging. In as much as it helps to be motivated and go after your goals you can avoid the frustration and possible mid life crisis by having a well laid out plan in case all else fails. It really helps being out and about but having a good back ground in other areas might prove helpful.

  • Have a Routine And Stick To It

Maybe something that no one will tell you is that being your own boss has its advantages but it comes with its fair share of challenges. This means you have to be ready to be accountable for the work you do and you have to learn to follow up on your goals with no supervision. It may not be easy but if you are disciplined then you will enjoy it every step of the way. Look for the time you are most active and productive and try to get as much work done within that period of time.

  • Be Flexible

In as much as it helps to have a routine being a nomad means you will have to be travelling a lot. Learn to adapt to new environments and surroundings. It also means you will have to learn how to be productive even on transit. Whether on a train or on a plain learn to make your laptop your best friend. And that is why having a light laptop is essential you are motivated and you don’t find it hard to get things started.

  • Don’t Stop Learning

We do live in an information age and as the nature of a digital nomad in India and working remotely you will find new and up coming technologies and you will have to be well accustomed to remain relevant. A lot of companies and individuals attribute their success to being flexible and adapting to change and being aware of what the new trends are in the market. Being obsolete is very easy so constantly be up to date with the latest trends.

  • Family

Having to move around may be stressful if you have young kids. Being a digital nomad may not always work best when you have a family and everyone in the family keeps moving out and about. Kids need to enjoy their childhood and have a stable education. If you are a couple then it is best if one of you only gets into being a digital nomad at least at the children’s best interests. That way things can work out. More so being a digital nomad in India.

  • Remember To Have Fun.

Perhaps the most important part of it all is to remember to have a good time. Life is short so if you decide to work remotely in India as a digital nomad, explore the site sample the culture and meet new people. Make the most out of the experience and have fun while it lasts.

So, who is a telecommuter or a remote worker? It’s a person who can work from anywhere as long as they have a stable internet connection and a laptop with them. Our generation is sick and tired. Tired of the current horrible job market, working under supervision over all the years, a thousand-and-one job regulations to adhere to, rising super early to go to work yet get pea-nut payment by the end of the month. Thanks to the digital nomadism lifestytle which has come to the rescue of many fed up employees. Digital nomads in India make money through various ways including blogging, social media marketing, affiliate marketing, e-books, online coaching and other ingenious ways.

If you are serious and passionate about traveling while working online, I will share with you easy real-life steps on how to get started in the digital nomadism career:

  • Join Digital Nomad Communities

Before I joined any digital nomad community, I hardly thought it was necessary at all. I always relied on advice from a few friends who have been remote workers in India and reading blogs of successful digital nomads online which was quite limiting. Interacting with other nomads in digital nomad communities gave me a great exposure on how to find new clients, the best software to use for time tracking, ways of finding talented graphic designers and many other business tips that have contributed to my success story today. 

  • Find a way to generate steady income

Being a digital nomad does not exempt you from expenses; if anything you only pocket the profit after catering for all expenses including accommodation, flight charges, food, co-sharing space fee and so on. Before you can even make your trip arrangements, ensure that you are earning regular income that is capable of sustain you in any foreign country without experiencing financial set-backs. This means you have to increase your money-making avenues like say Upwork, Fiverr, Freelancer, Homework market and any other platforms that will help you generate income. 

  • Rent your Home/ sell your home

Becoming a digital nomad sometimes means staying without a permanent place you can call home. If you’re serious about being a digital nomad, you need to be a person who can comfortably embrace this state. Incase you can get tenants to live in your house while you are away,  hire a person they can count on in case any issues arise. Property management agencies are a good option if you want to go the professional way. Alternatively, you can consider selling off your home. But this is a difficult decision to make especially because of the uncertainty of digital nomadism.

  • Get a storage unit to put all your belongings

I was done living a life crowded in all corners especially during weekends and all I wanted was to become a digital nomad in a far away country. But how exactly was I supposed to detangle myself from the script and be a telecommuter? Am I supposed to sell off everything I own including Precious, my pet? These are some of the questions that kept lingering in my mind and they can certainly bother anyone. After you are certain about starting the digital nomadism lifestyle, get a garage sale for all belongings you may not need. There is always that one thing you find really find difficult to part with; yet you cannot travel with everything you own to foreign lands. For such, you may need to get a storage unit and start paying for it a year prior so that you avoid any anxiety while you start your journey.

  • Get someone to take care of your pets while you are away

At first, I had thought I would carry Precious with me throughout my travels. This was definitely not a good idea considering climate change factors and a whole slew of laws and regulations in different states. Hence, do not even consider carrying your pets along as you embark on your trips. You may also have to add extra responsibilities like dealing with immunizations, quarantines. Let your pets remain at home with a person whom you can trust for their long-term care while you’re away.

  • Get a credit Card without International fees

Most of the credit cards have an extra cost for any ATM withdrawals and purchases. You need to avoid any unnecessary charges when you can. Hence, consider a card such as an American Express Card that lacks those extra costs. It is important for you to access your cash at low or no cost at all.

  • Find good Travel Insurance In case of emergencies

Problems are unpredictable and may arise anytime while you’re traveling, so getting good travel insurance is a must-have.  Ensure your insurance is valid throughout the time you’ll be away so as to cater for any emergencies or other health-related incidents that may arise. Always bear in mind that healthcare is a prerequisite need and different states have different healthcare systems.

  • Join a credit monitoring site

It’s crucial that you get a service provider to monitor your credit anytime while you’re away. They should be able to send you message alerts whenever an unusual activity is detected. Issues with credit can arise at anytime and you may only realize 6 Months later that your identity was stolen when you do not have much to do then. The other option would be to get a security freeze for your credit throughout your time away.

  • Book your Housing Prior to arriving

It is always advisable that you find your accommodation before arriving to the actual destination. Whether you will book some cottages or decide to reside in a hostel, do intense research on how to make booking arrangements before arrival. Through my personal experience, I’d advice anyone to look for a temporary accommodation first. On arriving to the desired destination; look for a long-term accommodation.

It took me about 3 Months to get my feet in digital nomad life in India, full-time travel lifestyle. It would take around the same time for any digital nomad in India to find out what’s working best for them. But throughout your lifestyle as a digital nomad, you will have totally different encounters in almost every new place.

Before I made up my mind to go to India for my first remote working experience, I did not have a thousand reasons as to why I should. Nonetheless, I still decided it was worth a trial. India is well known country due to its lively, colorful nature and the fact that it is developing at a very alarming rate. Did I mention the food, colors &exciting festivals and low cost of living?

If you are a digital nomad who aspires to take a trip to India, I have good news for you! There are 300 cities for you to choose from. These include Delhi, Bengaluru (formerly called Bangalore), & Chennai (previously called Madras) which are the prime cities in South India. To the East and North Eastern India respectively are: Kolkata and Guwahati. Regardless of the City you choose to work from, there are various considerations you should make the decision of choosing any of the states as Digital nomads India channel. These include: the phone company that has the best coverage, the data rates for those places as well as a comfortable and convenient accommodation venue.

In this article, I will shortlist several reasons that make India a place to be for any digital nomad.

Relatively Affordable Cost Of Living

Following the latest data updates, India has been ranked as the most cost-friendly country to live in. This ranking is with reference to food, clothing, accommodation as well as day-to-day items. We all know rent typically covers the largest part of our budget on a monthly basis. Therefore, if you are back-packer living on a budget you would probably be on the lookout for such a place as India. The low-cost living standard in India allows you to enjoy a seriously lavish lifestyle, with shows and excursions as you Work online from India.   

A variety of Co-working Spaces/Casual Work Cafe

The idea of casual work café is a more evolved concept in the western countries but has also turned out to be trendy in India with the current wave of development. Co-shared spaces are fun to work from and are life-savers for any Remote worker in India who is hunting for a flawless WiFi network, comfortable environment in order to increase their productivity. Speaking from my personal experience, I spent my first Month of the trip at Delhi which had a wide collection of co-working spaces that were well equipped with modern amenities, mentorship programmes and it also exposed me to a great networking platform. What else would a remote worker be looking for?

Cosmopolitan Cities/Culture

I am a person who appreciates culture and I definitely knew I would love India due to its Multicultural demographics. Precisely, Mumbai is the most cosmopolitan City in India as it has a vast population of Indians from Central, NorthEast, Southern and the East. Besides being a Multicultural city with almost all diversities of the Indian states, it is also hosts the worship shrines for Jews and Parsis who are the minorities. Most of the Indian festivals take place at Mumbai and it was absolutely fun to witness some of the festivals taking place like the Holi (colour festival). It’s not a secret how much I enjoyed the traditional dishes specially prepared from different Indian cultures. If you are a remote worker who is a foodie like me, am sure you’d love it too.

Scenic Natural Sites

I am not only a digital nomad but also a passionate biker, or should I say travelprenuer?; so a motorbike is all I needed anytime I needed to enjoy the beautiful scene of flat plains and the highest peaks of Himalayas, dusty, dry and blue-water beaches. For both is beautiful landscape and diversity of nature, it is a perfect place for Digital nomads India channels.

Data Speed

To be honest with you, how fast internet is during your Digital nomading in India depends on the City in which you are in. Different operators have different coverage in different states. I used Airtel throughout my trip in India as it has super low customer base being the best Telecom operator. The operator used by your co-working space is the one that determines the speed of data on your laptop. Research has shown that 99% of large scale companies in India solely depend on Airtel. This explains the reason behind their huge customer base.

India’s Political Stability

Before I started traveling, I was extremely indifferent about anything political. Later on during my trips to different states, it came to my notice that political decisions affect almost everything in a state starting from Economic and social status. India is the most democratic state and this has helped in maintaining a calm state within the surrounding. In fact, it is deemed as being among the most secure democratic state both economic and political wise. So if you are a remote worker, as you make your travel plans, you should consider the political stability of that state.

Multipurpose Environment

If you are a digital nomad who started with working from home, a closed office set-up, you know how lonely and bored one can get especially if you work round-the- clock. Many people actually get a indefinite metabolism reaction, like a pit in the stomach when they think about shifting careers to writing which may probably make them introverts and antisocial. Thanks to the invention of the idea of working while still exploring the world. It has turned online working into fun, successful and rewarding remote work.

Working as a Digital nomad in India gives you a chance to increase productivity in your work as well as enjoy adventurous activity. Some of the memorable fun activities i  stil remember enjoy are like hiking at the towering peaks and Summit of Himalaya’s Mountains, swimming in the  fascinating rivers as well as bike riding through the challenging terrains and to the beautiful country side. Did I also mention zipping through the jungle atFlying Fox Kikar which happens to be the longest zip line in South Asia?

Precisely, India is among the top epitomes of adventure in the globe for any remote worker who loves adventure to break out of the boredom of working throughout.


Twitter is one of the top social channels where you can find new information and new connections. However, it is also an underutilized social channel by brands and companies. People find that Twitter is not as easy to use as Facebook is because of the limited content space, the rate at which you can find and connect with people, etc. Only 63.5% of marketers are in favor of Twitter for a good ROI. But it doesn’t have to be that way.

Twitter is a great social channel to invest your marketing time and money in, what with

  • Over 313 million monthly users
  • An average of 6000 tweets sent per second
  • 78% of people who follow SMBs retweet content from that business
  • 75% feel better about an SMB after following and reading its Tweets
  • 69% of respondents have purchased from an SMB after following them on Twitter

With the right kind of strategy in place for this social channel, your marketing can go places.


Be it Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter, every kind of marketing requires a set of objectives—goals that define your marketing success and are in line with your company’s core values. Zoom out and you will find four goals staring back at you.

Your marketing should deliver—

  • More leads and increase sales
  • Build brand awareness
  • Boost brand loyalty
  • Provide social customer support

From here on, you can narrow down your goals depending on a marketing campaign or a product release. This is the (first and) most crucial step towards building a successful marketing strategy. You need to know what you are at, what you are going to establish, and how far you have succeeded. So, take time to figure this part out.


Once you have decided what you are going to achieve through your Twitter marketing, you’ll need to have a strategy in place. Trust me, if you skip this part, you’ll have an unhappy boss, a lot of unexplained questions, and a marketing budget gone down the drain.

Know Your Competition

It’s necessary. It makes your strategizing fun and easy as well. What are they doing right, how are they being a hit, what works, and what doesn’t—you need to know these and everything else there is about your competition and their strategies. There are plenty of tools that can help you get this done in a matter of seconds.


Target Right Audience

There are plenty of Twitter users and it is most likely that your brand or company does not cater to all of them. You need to sort through and identify the right audience to whom your brand is relevant and who are most likely to make a purchase. Twitter offers a comprehensive list of targeting options to help you narrow that down to your niche.

Is One Twitter Account Enough?

Well, this depends on your company, your goals, and the brands you have. For example, if you have different departments and want to handle them through different accounts, then you might have one for sales, another for customer support, etc. If you have more than one brand like Amazon.com does, then you’ll need one for each. Let’s say, your company caters to audience from different countries across the globe, then you might want to have one account for each country that you sell in. You get the drift of it, don’t you?


Connect And Integrate

Your strategy should integrate with other departments. If there is a new feature release in your product, then this should not just be posted on your company’s Twitter account but should also be communicated to your Sales and Customer support teams so that they can answer questions being fired by prospects and existing customers.

This kind of communication is necessary to keep your strategy steady and your marketing in place. Else, it has the potential to bring your company down to dust in a matter of minutes.

Your Brand Is Unique

Write a piece of content and share the same post across all social channels. That’s easy, right? But, I’m here to tell you to NOT do just that! Though it might be a shortcut, it might not work for the long haul. Most often people following your brand on one channel will be doing that on other channels as well. You don’t want to present them with the same content on all the social channels, do you?

Create fresh, unique, and custom content for each social channel. It might take a little extra bit of your time but it’s worth it. As an alternative, you can create all the content in one go. You can then schedule it to be published at different dates and times using a social media management software.



Use Twitter Tools

As mentioned earlier, there are plenty of tools that will help you get a lot done and a lot out of Twitter. From social media management softwares to tools that offer specific services, from paid to free, we have all that covered in a neat list.

Complete Your Profile

verified account

A Twitter profile is the face of your company’s social presence. You need to make sure that it is complete, up-to-date, and has a bio that conveys what your company or department does. If you have an account for your customer support then, let it show on the bio.

Add a clear image of your company or brand’s logo. People don’t want to see egg heads for a profile picture.

Get Verified

Yeah, this part is not just for celebrities! If you are a brand or company you need to have the Twitter seal on it. You need to have your account verified. Once Twitter verifies your account, there is a tiny blue tick mark that appears next to your brand’s Twitter profile name. This adds credibility to your brand on Twitter. Learn more at the Twitter help desk.


Marketers have always preferred real-time engagement and it seemed to have worked all these years. However, Twitter has informed its users to focus on right-time engagement. It also encourages brands to have a steady and regular flow of relevant content pouring in. A good social media publishing software can come in handy.

Now, don’t freak out. It’s really easy if you these ingredients when tweeting.

Keep it really short. Though Twitter allows up to 140 characters, 90-100 character long tweets work best. Focus each tweet on one message instead of squeezing in a lot of information. And there’s only so much you can do with a character limit.

Use visuals. Get a little creative.  Throw in a couple of images, a GIF, or may be a short video that complements the content. Twitter says that tweets with visual content get 3x engagement than the ones without visuals. It also lists out a set of dos and don’ts for you to consider when creating visual tweets for your brand or company.

Include relevant hashtags. Similar to Instagram, hashtags are the connecting links that bring users to your tweet. They work like search keywords. You need to find and use those hashtags that are relevant to your brand or company. As a best practice do not use more than two hashtags in your tweet.

Interact. One of the best ways to interact with your audience is to ask questions (of course, relevant to your brand or company). You can even run polls to understand what people think about your brand or to get feedback from customers on a product.

Stay active. Retweeting and replying to tweets is another way of keeping an active presence on Twitter. The noise around a product or campaign can die down quickly if you do not keep the conversation going. It is also necessary to be responsive to questions, comments, or feedback that customers may have about your brand, product, or company.


Paid Advertising

Organic marketing alone won’t cut it. Sometimes, it is best to complement it with a bit of paid advertising. This will help you reach a bigger set of target audience and also achieve your goals quicker. In short, paid campaigns help amplify your marketing efforts. Twitter offers a step-by-step guide on how to achieve your goals and which type of campaigns are best suited for each one of them.


Twitter Chats

With all those tweets, replies, and retweets going around, you could host your own little Twitter chat party for your brand. Twitter chats are a great way to showcase yourself as the thought leader. They also help a great deal in brand advocacy and to help build a community around your brand.

If you are new around here and want to join a Twitter chat instead of hosting one yourself, then you can look for them here:

Twitter Moments

You read that right! Moments are nothing but a curation of the day’s best events and stories. It was opened for everyone last year and I think you should try your hand at it. Here are 10 tried ways you can get it to work for your brand or company.


Live Videos

Live videos were something that Twitter brought in to beat the competition from Facebook and Instagram. It could be a quick message by your company’s CEO or a glimpse of an event you are hosting, you could use live videos to boost your marketing. It is as easy as typing out a tweet. As mentioned earlier, visuals always help get your audience’s attention. And with live video broadcasting, you can spice things up a little.

Influencer Marketing

Influencer Marketing is the in thing in today’s online and social marketing. And it seems to be a hit, thanks to all the humongous fan following for a lot of people. Influencers can help you boost your marketing efforts by many folds. Here are five steps to help you rock the influencer marketing like a pro.

  • Find out about your target audience
  • Research and learn about your influencers
  • Set a goal or objective for the campaign
  • Determine who will create content—you or the influencer
  • Measure results


Twitter analytics

Measuring your marketing progress is necessary for creating the next best campaign. If you do not know what went wrong, how will you fix it? If you don’t know what worked well, how would you leverage it?

Twitter has an inbuilt analytics system to help you define and measure your marketing success. It breaks down the report for you by

  • Engagement
  • Link clicks
  • Retweets
  • Likes
  • Replies
  • Video views
  • Photo or video clicks
  • Detailed expands
  • Profile clicks

It also has options to customize the duration of the reports and download them. The downloaded CSV report gives you a more in-depth analysis on how your brand has been performing. Once you start getting a sense of what’s working with your audience, you can start tweeting similar content.

But this can get challenging if you have more than one brand to monitor and report on. Get the help of one of the many Twitter analytics tools available to crack this. 


That’s Twitter marketing for you in a nutshell. Go on now and create a strategy for your brand. And don’t forget to come back to tell us how it worked for you. Good luck!

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One of the reasons why a lot of people are drawn towards tech related jobs is due to no other reason than the high level of flexibility that comes with such jobs.

Tech related jobs give the flexibility of working from anywhere on the face of the earth once there is internet connectivity.

Tech related jobs offer a lot of flexibility ones you have the required set skills to compete effectively in the market.

You have the opportunity to choose where to work from. You can choose to work freelance, become a full fled digital nomad or work full time from the comfort of your home, the choice is yours to make.

Having the required set skills may not necessarily be enough to get you a job, but rather knowing where to get the jobs from.

If you really are interested in getting a full-time remote job with a company, then this article is for you. I guess it’s time to quit looking for jobs on those freelance site.

Take your time to carefully read through this article as it features some of the top rated websites where you can easily land a full-time remote job in no time.

If you are an engineer or a web developer you must have heard about Stack Overflow.  Stack overflow runs a job board that primary list jobs related to programming and development.

With Stack Overflow you have the chances of landing any remote job related to web development and design. Why not dust you resume today and start your application here for jobs.

If you are a designer on the lookout for the high paying remote job. Then dribble jobs is the right place you should be looking at for remote jobs.

Ranging from graphic design jobs to UX/UI design jobs, Dribble jobs is got you covered. Dribble jobs run a job board that is fully dedicated to folks with knacks for design.

Working Nomads is the job board for those who do not really have the time to go on a job search.

With working nomads, all you have to do is subscribe to their email list. They also give the flexibility to filter jobs that will be sent to you via email upon signing up.

Remote jobs that are listed on this website include but it’s not limited to web design, graphics design, and some other administrative jobs.

Skip the drive is a like the search engine for remote jobs. With Skip The Drive, all you have to do is input your job keyword into the search box and it will automatically crawl other job boards with jobs related to your keyword.

Although the search result might come with a lot of jobs which you might not necessarily be interested in.

You just have to manually go through the search result to check for those jobs that resonant with what you have in mind.

With Skip The Drive, you could search for any job of choice, ranging from writing to web development jobs, Skip The Drive is got you fixed.

We work remotely is one of the biggest job boards out there where you can easily find high net paying tech jobs.

Tech jobs listed on this job board includes web development, software development, and some design jobs.

They also have some other jobs that are not technically inclined, jobs such as customer support and virtual assistant can also be found on this website.

The advantage this website has over other job boards is that new jobs are listed every ten minutes.

With We Work Remotely you should expect nothing less than five new jobs listed per day in your job category.

There are no doubts that flexjobs is one of the largest job board out there where you can easily narrow down on any remote job in no time.

Flexjobs has over fifty categories of jobs from which you can choose from or filter from doing a job search.

As we speak flexjobs has over 30,000 jobs listed their job board. The constraint with Flexjobs is that you may have to subscribe in other to be able to submit applications for jobs. The subscription starts from $15 per month to $50 per year. In my opinion, I feel the fee is worth the service rendered by this folks because they list loads of high paying jobs per day.

If you are a website developer or designer you will definitely find this job board very useful.

The flexibility this job board has over other job boards is that you do not necessarily need to subscribe or register before you can submit applications for jobs.

Owing to the high level of competition between the male and the female fold when it comes to tech related jobs.

PowerToFly is one of the few job boards out there where you can find tech jobs that are restricted for females only.

The jobs listed here are not that much since the website is only restricted to use by female visitors.

But the good thing here is that, the level of competition here is minimal when compared with job boards that offer jobs for all gender.

With Virtual Vocation, you may have to pay a token in other to become a premium member.

Although you can apply for the membership for free, you might in a way be restricted to some of the website job features.

Some say the jobs here are not really that mush technologically inclined, I disagree with that thou.

This website is often regularly updated with tech jobs, so all you have to do is apply some filters while searching for a job.

System and development gurus should be on the lookout for this website. You can land any type of remote job from this website.

Ranging from full time to part time jobs this job portal is got you fixed.

The constraint with this job portal is that you only few jobs are listed, at times only two or three jobs might be listed for a whole week.

Ruby Now runs as job board dedicated is only to developers. If you are sure of your set skills you should definitely land a job here with time.

However, you may have to be on the lookout for remote jobs here as they list other jobs which are not remote based.

With the above website, you should be able to land your dream remote job in no time, all you have to do is revamp your resume and invest on a badass laptop.

Why not start applying for jobs on the above-listed websites, who knows you could land that remote dream job of yours today.

Please do well to subscribe to our email for daily digest related to the working as a digital Nomad.

Life on the road, new destinations and meeting new people from different walk of life might be pretty exciting and at the same time, it might also come with various challenges. Been your own boss comes difficulties and challenges. Most of the time you’ll have to get things done super fast with a terrible internet connection. As a Digital Nomad, you’ll definitely be faced with some challenges which hitherto would have never have been a challenge if you are aware of some website or you have installed on your laptop or mobile device some of the applications I’ll be outlining to you in this write up.


This is totally the coolest website you’ll definitely need to visit, most especially when you are working in a noisy environment and you need some level of concentration. This website claims to use neuroscience approach in selecting cool background music while working. The free trial version of this web application limits you just to an hour of play. But you can as well go for the paid version which cost a token of $4 per annum.


For folks with limited design know-how. Canva is the ultimate tool needed to get your designs done in no time at ease. This website has a library with over ten thousand stocked images from which you can choose from in case you don’t have a perfect one for yourself. This website also gives you the flexibility of curating professional looking website graphics, flyers, info-graphic design just to mention a few.


This is the perfect project management tool for you and your team. This supplication comes handy most especially when you are multi- tasking between different projects or you have a large team of guys working on a project and you’ll have to stay updated at all times. Asana works perfectly with iOS and Android devices, not so surprised why it is regarded as one of the must have tools for a Digital Nomad.

Rescue time

Rescue is the perfect time management tool you’ll have to get installed  installed on your laptop as it helps your keep track of your numerous tasks.it tells you the time you spent on watching a movie, writing or surfing through the web. Just name it. Rescue time basically helps you keep track of every of your activities.

XE Currency

This is one of old time Digital Nomads favourite. This application gives you the flexibility of converting in between currencies. The coolest part of this application is that you can sync ahead of time and recall when needed most especially when you don’t have a working data.

Other must have applications and websites for a Digital Nomad

  • WikiSherpa
  • Trail Wallet
  • Tripit
  • Ditto
  • Flycut
  • AutoHotkey
  • Wisetamp
  • Rapportive
  • Boomerang
  • Trello
  • F.lux
  • Shopify
  • Everytime Zone
  • Zero
  • 1password
  • Work from
  • Sugar Sync
  • Schedule once
  • Spaxtel
  • Earth Class Mail

To stay ahead of time as a Digital Nomad it is advised you consider installing some of this apps on your laptop and mobile device or you visit the site listed on this website.

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The President-elect of the United States seems to elicit reactions from people all over the world, regardless of who they are, what they do, or how remotely they are going to be affected. There is no doubt he is going to affect several aspects of the world, including outsourcing, freelancing and digital nomading. Here are a few ways he many have an impact on professions that are outsourced.

The IT profession and the H1B visa

Trump’s policies talk about discontinuing the H1B visa, which could mean the IT industry, which generally has people from all over the world, could lose a large number of employees within the USA.

Professions that depend on worldwide talent

The internet has opened up countless talent and given them the ability to find work worldwide. Many media houses use freelance worldwide talent for things such as writing, coding, and web designing. Trump’s policies talk about potentially stopping all this outsourcing. This would seriously limit options for freelancers for US companies.

Increased Taxes for Freelancers & Outsourcing

Many US companies were turning freelance, reducing their dependency on corporations. This also reduces chances of wealth being concentrated in a the hands of a few people. Trump’s new tax laws talk about lowering the tax rate to 15% (it is unclear as of now if this a a flat rate or a cap). However, many small businesses are already in this tax bracket and won’t find much of a change in their tax reduction. On the contrary, If their outsourcing is taxed, it could increase their taxes to the upper limit of the 15%.

Social Impact

For professions like writing that promote diversity, this possible taxation could seriously affect the quality of content. Since there is already a shortage of diversity in many aspects, it doesn’t look like it will better the situation. There has been a reported rise in social issues like racism, which begs the question — how will it affect representation in content?

Many non US freelancers may have to look for other opportunities as there might be a shortage of gigs coming their way. There may possibly be increased taxation for companies that provide freelance services for US based companies. While industries like freelance writing are project-based and still too small to be affected, bigger industries that offer continuous content may find themselves out of work. For example, people in coding or website designing or front end/back end managing who work on projects with certain clients for months at a time may not get anymore work considering they can find coders  and designers within the US as well. The companies that really require outsourcing may still hire freelancers abroad but may not pay as much. International freelancers too may have to brace themselves for a decline in work work from USA coming their way.

There is no doubt that this will bring major changes in the international freelance network around the world and we hope for the best. 🙂

Festivals are a major part of any country and timing your travels to celebrate a festival could be one of the best ways for digital nomads to explore a culture. India, being incredibly diverse, has a number of them. Festivals of all faiths are celebrated with much gusto and with entire communities taking part. Cultural festivals and music festivals are becoming centres of multiculturalism and pull crowds from all over the world. Such festivals take place as a show of humanity and many of them support social agendas.

Try one of the following festivals in India to make 2017 more eventful. Just remember to celebrate responsibly!

Religious festivals to attend in India

Dussehra: Dussehra is celebrated all over the country but for a really good show, visit the city of Mysore in Karnataka. The palace is lit up beautifully and the annual parade is a splendid display of decorated elephants and their mahouts. It generally takes place in the month of October, though dates will vary from year to year.

Diwali: One of the biggest festivals celebrated in India, Diwali can be appreciated from anywhere in the country. Oil lamps are lit to symbolically banish evil and darkness from their lives and people celebrate by lighting fireworks. It falls on different days every year, according to the Hindu calendar so make sure you get the dates correctly before planning anything around this time.

Holi: The festival of colours is one of the most anticipated festivals for everyone including tourists in India. The festival is celebrated over two days. A bonfire is lit the previous night, followed by the celebration of colours the next day. Water, colour, sweets and the traditional but intoxicating (and dubiously made) drink of bhaang are how you can celebrate the festival authentically.

Durga Puja: Majorly celebrated in east India, Durga Puja is another festival celebrating good over evil. The city of Kolkata celebrates the festival most enthusiastically. Idols of the goddess Durga are located all over the city, and women come out in full force to celebrate the power of the goddess. Song, dance and elaborate prayers are carried out with entire communities taking part.

Ganesh Chaturthi: Not many people are aware that Ganesh Chaturthi became a public celebration only in 1893. Today the celebrations are on a much larger scale and take place all over the country, mainly in the state of Maharashtra. The ten day festival is in honour of the elephant-headed god Ganesha, with idols springing up in almost every lane of major cities.

Eid-ul-fitr: Eid-ul-fitr is celebrated in either June or July, according to the Islamic calendar, right after Ramadan, the month of fasting. Communities get together, people offer prayers, and feasts take place to celebrate the end of fasting. In major cities like Mumbai and Delhi, street food stalls spring up, selling kebabs, biryani and other traditional fare.

Cultural Festivals to experience in India

Khajuraho Dance Festival: The ancient temples of Khajuraho are already known for their erotic sculptures but the Khajuraho dance festival is another reason to visit this city. The annual event which takes place in February showcases artists who perform various classical dances. Certain artists and troupes also specialise in fusion dances, merging two or more classical forms or even contemporary forms of dance. Dates for 2017 will soon be updated HERE.

Hornbill Festival: The Hornbill festival is a cultural extravaganza and the largest gathering celebrating the lives of the indigenous tribes of the state of Nagaland. It runs for ten days, with dance, music, art and craft exhibitions, film festivals, concerts, games and a lot more at the Naga Heritage Village, about 10 kilometres away from Kohima. It takes place in the first week of December and usually begins on the first of the month. You can find more details about the festival HERE.

Pushkar Fair: The biggest camel and cattle fair in the country, Pushkar is a popular festival not just for cattle owners, but for photographers and musicians as well. It runs for five days in October or November, depending upon the calendar, beginning with a camel race. It has gained quite a following among tourists across the world and even attracts contemporary musical acts from all over the globe. Read more about the festival HERE.

Rann Utsav: Also known as Kachch festival, this is one of the most popular festivals in the country. This year, it began on November 1st and is scheduled to run till 20th February 2017. Celebrating all sorts of art from the region, it highlights the artistic talents and natural beauty of the state of Gujarat against the backdrop of the Rann of Kachch. You can find more information HERE.

Goa Carnival: Rooted in Portuguese traditions, Goa Carnival is a fun, colourful festival that takes place before Lent. Parades and processions move through major cities in the state, with dancers and performers, and ends in the red and black dance in Clube Nacional in the capital city Panaji. Carnival will run from 25th to 28th February in 2017. For more details, click HERE.

Jaisalmer Desert Festival: The three day Jaisalmer Desert Festival takes place during the winter. The event was specifically set up to promote Rajasthani culture to people from other countries and celebrates the heritage of the state. It is held in February every year, at Sam Sand Dunes, a few kilometres from Jaisalmer. Contests like turban-tying and the moustache competition are extremely popular with tourists. To find out more about this festival, click HERE.

International Kite Festival: Every January, Ahmedabad comes alive with hundreds of kites being flown to celebrate the International Kite Festival. Kites of all shapes, sizes and materials take over the skies – some displaying messages of social importance, others that are positively feats of design and engineering. It is traditionally celebrated on Sankranti in January and is slated to take place between 7th and 14th January in 2017. You can find more details about this festival HERE.

Must attend Music Festivals in India

Ziro Festival of Music: The seven sisters have always been the epicentre for rock and alternative music and Zero Festival of Music in Arunachal Pradesh celebrates this. A fairly new festival, Ziro began in 2012 and has showcased acts like Indus Creed, Madboy, The Supersonics, and some famous local acts. It is held every year, towards the end of September, in Ziro Valley in Arunachal Pradesh. Indian and international tourists require permits to travel to Arunachal Pradesh so make sure you have this document before you head there. You can read more about the festival HERE.

Sunburn: The biggest music celebration of the year, Sunburn takes place in Goa during New Years’. If you are a fan of electronic music, Sunburn cannot be missed. While the original event takes place in Goa the brand itself is spreading all over the country and even to Sri Lanka and Dubai. Electronic artists from all over grace this much coveted music festival and it has never known to disappoint. You can find out more about Sunburn HERE.

NH7: NH7 travels to multiple cities and is one of the largest music festivals in India. You can catch it at Pune, Delhi, Begaluru, Kolkata, Nagpur, Mysore, Puducherry, Jaipur, Hyderabad or Shillong between October and December. It covers several genres of music so you can’t go wrong with NH7. You can read more about the festival HERE.

Mahindra Blues: Asia’s largest Blues Festival has seen blues legends like Buddy Guy and Joss Stone over the years since its inception in 2011. The two day festival runs every February and will be held on 11th and 12th February in 2017 at the popular Mehboob Studios in Mumbai. More details about the festival HERE. 

Ragasthan: Ragasthan is a most aptly named music festival that takes place on the dunes of the Thar desert. Flea markets, a sports arena, restaurants and bars, and multiple stages lie sprawled over the desert sands near Jaisalmer. Featuring bands like MenWhoPause, Parikrama, and Advaita, Ragasthan is a much awaited event every year. Dates for 2017 have not been announced yet but you can bet the three day festival will pack a punch. You can find out more about Rajasthan HERE.

So we hope you have a great time all around the country. Do share this information with other. 🙂

You will agree that one of the stimulating experiences for a digital nomad is meeting like-minded individuals as it gets quiet lonely for a solo DN traveller with only his laptop for company. In a foreign land, it helps bring a different perspective to life, acceptance of different kinds of people and hence a great learning experience. There are tons of meet-ups that happen globally which can be for purely networking purposes or have an agenda attached to it. Here we list a few for our readers:

Thames Valley Tech & Digital Community: It is a reading-based platform bringing together the fast-growing entrepreneurial ecosystem of Thames Valley’s including tech and digital economy. Founded in April 2013, it already boasts of 653 members with a record 187 Meetups in the past.

Digital Nomads Berlin: A meetup.com group, Digital Nomads Berlin encourages people who love traveling, online marketing and freelancing to attend these meetups. Join this digital nomad community in Cologne! Within a span of a year this 686-member group has already organized 11 meetups with active participation from registered members.

Find a Nomad community: This is a free-for all community wherein details of digital nomads are available; where are they hanging out right now and also enables to check their profiles and reach out to anyone who you’d like to possibly meet up with. Another feature is to add information about your future travel plans, to be able to know beforehand of who shall be in that city to arrange meet-ups with.

Digital Nomad Girls: As the name suggest, these are for female travellers who work while on the go. With their laptop lifestyle, it is essential to exchange ideas with others and hence being a part of this group makes a lot of difference. They customize meetups according to your availability. So if you express about having a meet-up then they will create an event at that location for you. All the best for a girl’s night out with the traveller clan!

Coworking Europe Conference, Brussels, Europe: A coworking conference, this event aims to talk about the differences between coworking and cosharing workspaces, and explore the opportunities available to people who want to get involved in the coworking scene. The attendee can attend this 3 day event at a cost of €225 wherein 50 speakers and panellists will talk on related topics. Check it out this year from November 28–30th.

Which one are you headed to on your travels?

South Asia has often been an area of conflict. Ideological and political differences between countries have lead to unrest over the years. With the shift in world power and the rise of power in South Asian nations, one particular relationship between two countries has grown to play an important role in world events. Indo-Pak relations have kept fluctuating over the years since partition, and once again, the citizens of both the countries find themselves on the brink of escalating tensions. While words get rougher, we need to take a moment to consider how travellers to and from both these countries are going to be affected.

Travel in India and Pakistan

As travel destinations, both India and Pakistan are beautiful. While India has extremely diverse physical landscapes and people, Pakistan has a rich Mughal history and shares the same roots as India as far as ancient civilisations go. The modern border seems to have split these historical sites, making us forget that we have more in common naturally. For purposes of tourism, there is not a considerable exchange of visitors between the two countries, which is not surprising given the violent exchanges between the two countries in history as well as the recent past.


Visa procedures between both countries is generally tough. Indian nationals get a 30 day tourist visa provided they travel through certain tour operators. However, for the protection of citizens of both countries, requirements may get more stringent. Visas to visit family and friends is easier to obtain but comes with certain restrictions.

Travel in other countries

For both Indian and Pakistani citizens, racism is a problem. While most of the world has a progressive outlook and holds racism in the contempt that it should be held in, racist incidents crop up in the most unexpected places. When an element like terrorism is linked to the countries’ relations, both of them cannot escape having a negative profile to other countries. Tourists are looked at suspiciously, security procedures increase in intensity and in worst cases, incidents of harassment take place.

What travellers can do

Indian and Pakistani travellers are numerous in the world. Many countries have peaceful communities of both who face no problems. It may be a different case for travellers who keep moving. In small places where visitors aren’t common, where you’re from always becomes a topic of conversation. Even during procedure, prejudice does get in the way at times and Indian travellers can find themselves denied visas. If you do find yourself questioned by authorities, it is best to not hide any information. Keep your documents and receipts updated and ready and answer any questions politely. Always try to report to your country’s embassy to find out who you can contact there in case of an emergency. Planning your travel ahead of time would also keep you prepared to answer any questions.

Sadly, tension within countries in South Asia means the whole world begins getting wary of visitors from this region. People derive a collective impression from the travellers, based on region and race and by extent, even to their lifestyle. It may seem there is no way to stop stereotypical thinking from taking root in the world but we can make sure to correct it where we go.

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