Countries offering Digital Nomad Visas

Many countries have seen their economies tremendously impacted negatively by Covid 19 pandemic especially those whose economies depend on tourism. During the lockdown, many countries encouraged their citizens to work from home and that has brought a surge into the number of people opting to work remotely. As a way of reviving their economies, a number of countries are offering visas to foreign visitors who work as digital nomads as a way of providing them with the opportunity to enjoy their vacation as they also work remotely.

After experiencing a remote working lifestyle for several months, many people tend to prefer the freedom that comes with a digital nomad lifestyle. Here is a list of countries that accept long-term stayers with visas that are designed specifically for digital nomads and freelancers.

Countries offering Digital Nomad Visas


Mauritius provides a premium visa that allows foreign digital nomads to stay on the magnificent Island for a period of 12 months. The person seeking the visa has to prove that they are going to stay long-term in the country through proof of rental agreement or other means. The person visiting should show proof of working for clients and companies that are based out of Mauritius.

Application of Mauritius Visa is completely free and the application process is 100% done online.

Countries offering Digital Nomad Visas

Aruba, Netherlands

Aruba’s remote work visa may not go for a longer period of time since it goes for 90 days but the application process is one of the easiest. There is no specific visa charge, however, one is expected to purchase a package that also includes accommodation and transfer. Visa is part of the deal, so one doesn’t have to go through the application process all over again. In order to visit, all that one needs to do is to check if they meet the set requirements such as; the applicant must be a US national, the person should be self-employed and also working for a company or a client that’s not based in Aruba.

Countries offering Digital Nomad Visas


The government of Bermuda has introduced a special digital nomad visa that comes with work from Bermuda’s permit. Remote workers are free to enjoy a full-year workstation in the country. As much as there isn’t any minimum income requirement; there are set criteria that individuals are expected to meet. One is required to own a location-independent business within the country or should be a remote employee of a company out of Bermuda. The digital nomad is also expected to have travel insurance.

Countries offering Digital Nomad Visas

Montserrat, UK

Montserrat is a British territory that lies in the West Indies. The country recently launched a remote work visa program that allows digital nomads and freelancers to stay in the country for a period of 12 months. Digital nomads are expected to meet certain requirements such as; the individuals should be an employee of a company that’s located outside Montserrat, or should be working for clients that are based outside the country.

The annual income for the individual should not be less than $70,000 and they should have valid health insurance.

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