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Being a digital nomad could be one of our life most accomplishing endeavor. why? It’s what we really love doing. However, our job comes with a lot of sacrifices, such has been on the road most of the time, no time for the family, no time to play with friends. We miss out on all these important stuff just because of the nature of your job, we do not need to feel bad about this. Why? Retirement can make up for them all. Yes, retirement, we are likely to spend three to four decades of our life on retirement, every of the decisions we make after retirement is very vital and key towards the kind of fulfillment we’ve always dreamed of in life. Therefore the need for proper planning. Below are some of the very important things you need to do before you retire as a digital nomad from India.

Prepare a balanced budget

You are most likely going to have a reduction in income due to retirement. The need for you to prepare a quarterly or yearly close balanced budget. Your financial independence is very vital your sustenance and upkeep after retirement.

Ensure Your Debts And Mortgages Are Fully Settled

Ensure all your debts and mortgages are fully settled, if you want to buy a car or a house, buy them now and pay in full before you retire. It could be very ugly settling debts and mortgages with your life savings after retirement.

Find New Hobbies

You might think you have solid plans for retirement. But how sure are you they will all pan out as planned? You need to develop new hobbies now, find new things you love doing aside from being a digital nomad. This will foster your reintegration into a new life, retirement could mean the new life.

Focus on your Health

You might not get the best out of your retirement if you do not take care of yourself now. Go for regular medical check-ups, eat good foods and be mindful of the things you eat. Most importantly, watch for your sugar level, diabetics, hypertension and terminal diseases which might develop now and begin to show symptoms later in life. This ailments are common among retirees.

Consider life insurance

Payment of insurance might be too expensive for you to afford after retirement. If you can’t afford it now, save for it and pay before retirement.

Project on how much your savings will worth on retirement

This is very pivotal to the planning of your monthly or quarterly retirement budget.

Consider Long-term health insurance

We never can tell, anybody can develop any sort of ailment at any time, we do not have control over that. But, we have control on how to mitigate them peradventure they occur, your health care insurance is the gateway to a better health now and also in the future.

Set up emergency fund

You never can tell what life will throw at you after you retire from the digital life. Set it up now while you can so that you won’t be forced from spending from your savings account which might derail you from your retirement goals.

Valid Investment portfolio

You might need to invest in properties, real estate or stocks now. When you retire that might be your only source of steady and stable monthly income aside your savings.

Create more time for family and friends

Yes, you are always on the move, but then create time for your family and friends. By the time you retire, they might all be too busy with life and you might become so lonely and bored.

Consider house planning

The cost of maintaining a bigger apartment while you and your wife or husband will be the only once around might be on the high side. Consider relocating to a smaller apartment to save cost after retirement.

Consider cutting cost to save more

What is the need for the vehicle parked in your garage in India while away in the US for work? .Since you are always on the move, dispose it and channel the fund to your savings or invest with it.


Owing to the nature of your job as a digital nomad, getting a life partner while you are always on the move might be very difficult. Marriage can be very expensive as well, marry now and save yourself the stress and cost of marriage at retirement.

Do a Trial run

Take three or four months break from work. Model your life into that of a retiree, this will give you an idea about what your retirement life will look like

Lower your risk taking  capacity

Taking unnecessary risks might have a significant impact on your retirement. Reduce your risk taking capabilities in all your endeavour before retirement. Do not go on mountaineering without a guide, you might suffer a fracture, which might to using a wheelchair at a later age.

Set your retirement goals

Life begins after retirement, you need to set your retirement goals and adjectives now.

Decide where to live when you retire

For a digital nomad, nobody travel like we do. Having visited a lot of countries and places, you need to decide and make inquiries about a place you will love to live when you retire.

Boost your cash reserve

Save more and spend less. Save for your retirement days.

Set up college/trust fund for your children

Yes, this is really very vital for digital nomads that have children who will most likely be in college at the retirement age.

Reconsider your retirement date

If you are not so happy about your set retirement date, you may need to reconsider a new date. This is the beauty of your job as a digital nomad. You quit when you want to, there is no retirement age.

Above all, as digital nomads, we decide whether to retire or not. We just have to continue doing that thing that gives us a sense of accomplishment and fulfilment in life.

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