7 Reason Whys Thailand Is the Best Travel Destination for Digital Nomads

Thailand is one of the best places to live as a digital nomad. Ranging from its unique landscape to the evergreen vegetation. Be rest assured to have a wonderful stay. As a result of the political stability enjoyed by the country.

Thailand can be said to be among the popular travel destination for tourists and digital nomads around the world. Also in Thailand the cost of living is relatively low as compared to places like China and North Korea.

If any of us have it in mind to travel just to have some fun or reside in Thailand to work as a digital nomad. Here are a few of the few things that distinguish Thailand from other travel destinations around the world for Digital Nomads.

1. Unique Landscapes

One of the major reasons why digital nomads from all over the globe so much love Thailand as a travel destination is because of the diversity in the landscape. 

Unlike some countries in Europe, there is a landscape for everyone.  For those who do not like to visit the beach.

There are a lot of mountain in Thailand where you can go hiking. In the megalopolis capital city of Thailand, Bangkok, you get to have access to whatever can be gotten from a city market.

Ranging from floating market to delicious urban meals that come at a price that will not break the bank.

For folks who love to stay in places with a mix of country side and City. Chiang Mai and Phuket should be the destination of choice as it very close the infamous the Andaman Sea and the pristine mountain.

2. Supersonic Internet Speed

One of the major factor that comes to play when we plan a travel is internet speed of the place to visit. If we dare visit a place with ridiculous internet speed that simply implies we going on a vacation rather than going to work.

Now that’s on lighter mode. The internet speed in Thailand may not be as high a compare to places like China or South Korea.

But then compared to some other places I have visited over the years, I’ll say the internet speed in Thailand is super-fast.

If you are not required to transfer heavy data, the internet speed in Thailand might just be perfect for you. Even in places like Phi Phi the internet speed is higher as compared to some other parts of the country.

You can easily move there in the event that you need to transfer heavy files. If you wouldn’t like to stay in any of the above places have mentioned. You may decide to stay close to places like Beachub and KoHub both of which comes with a beautiful atmosphere and awesome internet speed for digital nomads.

3. Tremendously Inexpensive

The cost of living in Thailand is tremendously cheap as compared to places like the United States of America and China.

Most of us who travel to Thailand always consider it as a treat because of thing a relatively cheap in the country.

Most especially in Chiang Mai, the famous and popular travel destination for digital nomads in Thailand.

In Chiang Mia, you could rent a decent studio apartment for as low as $70 per month. A decent mail cost between $2 to $4 in Chiang Mai and some other parts of the country.

To top it all, we can also rent a scooter for as low as $70 a month. Getting an apartment here in Thailand is as simple as getting an ice cream in the States.

That’s how good it is in Thailand. If you are new  in Thailand, the best way to find your way around things is to consult the locals. They are more than willing to offer some assistance.

4. The locals Are Very Friendly

Throughout my stay abroad, I have never meet locals that are friendly as the people of Thailand. They loving and easy going folks.

There are a lot of lessons to be learnt from the people of Thailand most especially the way they keep a balance their work and life. 

Most of the time you find the in groups either during dinner when you’ll see the grandma serving some hot noodles to the family.

One of the things have come to notice about the people of Thailand is that you’ll always find them smiling.

If you having a bad day, meeting one of this folks might spice up your day because they say laughter is contagious.

5. Fluid in Speaking English

As compared to some other regions in Asia I must say the Thai citizens are fluent in English.

At the very best you do not necessarily need a translator when you need to make some purchase. You could easily relate and great a few number of people in English.

Although at some point, we may need Google translate to help, but it rarely happens. However, in cases where we run into problems of translating. With Google translate we should be just fine.

  • Lot of Nomads Around

Over the years Digital nomads rarely travel to Thailand due to flooding and some other natural disasters.

But in recent years, there has been a tremendous improvement in the number of digital nomads around.

Be rest assured to find other digital nomads around wherever you go, don’t be scared, you are not alone.

To connect with digital nomads in your area or in other places around the world, Nomad List gives that flexibility.

  • Amazing Weather

Although there are no seasons in Thailand as compared to some other places in the world. From reviews and testimonials from Nomad list, I must say the weather condition of Thailand is super awesome.

During the raining season in Thailand you might experience few short showers and the sun too is not so extreme or harsh.

Am sure you are going to love it out there in Thailand. The atmosphere is beautiful and accommodating.

In my experience over the years, Thailand is one of the best places to reside as digital Nomad. In Thailand, you get to experience a mix of work and fun because as there are a lot of fun places to visit.

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