Majority of the remote workers find themselves traveling almost every time. One of the main reasons for this is to simply explore the world. Another common reason is in search for a more conducive and productive working environment with a robust WiFi connection. This is something that started small but has really taken root in this digital arena. However there are several challenges along the way as well as some tips on getting over them. Let us demystify some of them:

• Lack of time for commitment to family

Clearly, digital nomads are not only single persons but family people as well. Most times, the success of a remote worker is determined by how supportive their spouse it on the same. It is never easy to keep moving from place to place leaving behind your kids and husband. No wonder majority of the remote workers have to be in the same career as a family to avoid family wrangles.

• Uncertain occurrences

One of the greatest challenge about traveling to work from different countries is fear of the unknown. Some countries are praised for their great adventures but have super poor working environment due to reasons such as parties around and so on. Another fear that the digital nomads commonly have is fear of the cost of living in the new places. It would not add up staying in a place where they are spending more than what they are earning.

• Border rules and policies

In different countries, there are different do’s and don’ts especially when being inspected. Although some remote workers cannot imagine working without having their pets around, sometimes they just have to. This could be due to restrictions of getting to a plane with them. This could affect their productivity to a great extent.
How to stay productive

1. Book apartments in the outskirts of a town where there is a cool and conducive environment.
2. Avoid purchasing too many stuff along the way as they will end up becoming added liabilities.
3. Purpose to be more productive than earlier before in every new environment.
4. Consider the efficiency of the WiFi networks in the new country in order to avoid unnecessary delays due to network error.

Essentially, a good number of digital nomads are doing super well soon after adapting to the new life mode. However, it takes a high level of discipline to ensure consistency in terms of performance. The best thing about working on the way as a remote worker is that it helps you to explore the beautiful sceneries of the world and still earn at the same time.

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