Do not screw your long distance relationship

Being in touch with loved ones when you’re on the road can be tough for a number of reasons — you may not have connectivity, you may be too immersed in your work or you may just want to be alone while you explore a place. It gets more difficult when you have a significant other who naturally wants to stay in contact a little more often. You may have the most amazing partner in the world but being apart can cause tension in any relationship. Here are a few pointers on how to avoid screwing up your relationship with your significant other:

Stay in touch: To state the obvious, stay in touch. Schedule Skype sessions every few days, or if possible, every day. Just because you’re away it doesn’t mean you have forgotten about them and you need to let them know that. Don’t stem communication for any reason, least of all, work. If you miss them and need to talk to them, call them.

Share your experiences: Send a photograph of Times square, a video of a boat ride up the Amazon, or if there’s connectivity, FaceTime them from the top of Fujiyama. Share what you’re doing, or call them at the end of the day to let them know that you wish they were there.

Set time aside for your significant other: Every few weeks, take time off to head to where your second half is. You will still have to work but your down time will include spending time with them. If your second half is also a digital nomad, decide to meet somewhere you both want to visit.

Encourage your partner: If you’re out living your life, why shouldn’t your partner? If they’re stuck in a job just to pay the bills and not fulfilling, it’s natural for them to get jealous of you and even begin resenting you. Encourage your partner to take up a class, take a spa holiday or do something that is really important to them. Neither of you should stop living.

Send them gifts: It’s the easiest thing to mail a gift to your second half. If they collect fridge magnets, send them one. If you miss their birthday, make it extra special. Or send them apology flowers if your trip has been extended. It’s also a very nice gesture to send them something after you’ve had a fight!

Calculate time, not distance: Think of your being apart in terms of time instead of distance. While distance emphasises how many miles apart you are, counting down the time you’ll see each other next puts a positive spin on your long distance relationship. It’ll give you both something to look forward to and erase the negativity of being away from them.

There’s no guide to making long distance relationships work. Each of you has your own life and you’ve chosen to share it with each other so it all depends on trust and understanding between two people. While at times it may seem difficult, consider this: the advantage of having a long distance relationship while being a digital nomad is that anytime you miss them, you can pack your bags and visit them!

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