Succeed as a Digital nomad

How to Succeed At Becoming a Digital Nomad

If you are tired of working at the office, have a passion in travelling, and would like to take the skills that you have on the road, so that you create business out of what you love, or work in different places across the world, then you are a good candidate to become a digital nomad.

According to Wikipedia, digital nomad is a person who makes use of technology in order make money, usually online, and lives a nomadic life. The term nomadic life refers to the practice of not staying or living in one place for long, and being in the mood or practice of travelling. These people move fluidly and quickly from one place to the other. They can set up temporary office anywhere; in the library, inside or outside coffee shop, aboard a bus, etc.

The following two tips will help you succeed at becoming a digital nomad.

Make full use of technology:

To succeed as a digital nomad, you have to the full use of technology because you will mostly be working online as you travel. In major cities, Wi Fi is readily available, and you will get it for free in most restaurants, cafes, and hotels. However, in some rural areas, you may not easily get these services, but that does not mean you should stop working.

Ensure that you get a reliable mobile data plan. If you have a smartphone, you can tether it in to your laptop and enjoy fast internet connection. Learn how to tether your mobile to laptop wirelessly, and by use of USB cable. It will help you get connected and working in virtually every location you are.

Plan well:

To succeed as digital nomad, you must plan well. What do you want to do? Do you want to write articles, offer online consultation services, offer SEO services, web design, programming, or any other? Have a list of to-do- activities in terms of their urgency or importance. Learn about the pitfalls to avoid, such as taking a lot of money in order to make more money, and end up delivering work of poor quality.

Ensure that you take only the work you are qualified and able to do, as per the client guidelines and instructions. Also take your time and identify the best sites you will be bidding for jobs. If you decide to set up your website, plan how to market it, and how to attract and retain clients, and such related issues. Establish clear communication channels and methods with clients, to ensure that their concerns are addressed sufficiently on time.


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