Digital Independence

A huge decline in corporate employment is taking place as more and more people take on the digital independence movement. Why would one want to work in an office all day when the opportunities to work remotely with the aid of digital technology is increasing each day? Here are a few differences between in-house jobs and remote job after which you will see the above asked question is already answered.


While it’s a common fact that location independent workers rely on messaging, voice calls and email as means of communication with others, it is determined that office workers use these means of communications at twice the rate location independent workers make use of it.


A many office workers has been in a similar situation, the notion of surfing the web during company work time is still highly speculated. A location independent relies on the power of internet in order to do required research while an office job provides you with all necessary research to productively do your job. It is seen as a general violation of company protocol if an employee surfs the web during office hours as this is seen as not doing ones job.


Team work is often required when working in an office environment and with clashing personalities (as all work sectors have), working together can become a hassle. When working remotely, team work is also required at times but with technological devices such as Skype, meetings can be kept short and to-the-point without having to step on toes or have your toes being stepped on.

Employment options

Should you choose to work in an office, you would need to either search for a job opening that is close to you or you can travel to and from each day without having to adjust time schedules. In contrast, should you choose to work remotely, you can choose from any employment industry opening you may find. A number of requirements will be needed like any job would and if you fill all those requirements, you can apply for the job, no matter where you are. You would need a secure internet connection in order to communicate effectively but the limitations are very few.

For the employer

If you’re an employer, you need to think of several options when looking for new employees and how their work location will impact them. To determine this, you need to ask yourself a few questions:

  • Will my employees by more efficient if I place them in a crammed office space or in the comfort of their own environment?
  • What will the level of interaction be when I place them in an office or let them work remotely?
  • Will I be able to better motivate them in an office environment or from a remote location?
  • Will I able to get the correct employees from where my office is located or do I branch out to international candidates to work remotely?

When taking these questions into consideration, not only will an employee be able to make the right decision, but the employer as well.

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