Digital nomads always find themselves moving from one place to another. Clearly, there are different traffic rules for different countries. Therefore, somewhat it is never easy to put up with the many must-do’s for each country. Among the mandatory requirements while moving in to any country is having a copy of driving licence, original copy. Other countries demand that you should have an international Drive Permit in order to be allowed to drive through their vicinity. Fortunately, a good number of states allow you to drive against your national driving license. This clearly shows that license is just an excuse. Let us look at some of the mandatory requirements in several countries:


In Australia, drives are to the left. Driving through Queensland, New South Wales, Australian Cap as well as South Australia, it is allowed for you to drive against your nation’s driving licence up to three months time. This is enough time to allow you to organize on how to grab a driving licence at Australia. However, it is worth noting that they only allow you to drive the exact brand of vehicle that you are licensed for. This is an indicator that you can not blame on licence as a hindrance for you exploring Australia provided you abide by the set rules.

France ( Drives on the right)

Many people have clearly enjoyed their visit at France. The good thing about the country is that there are relatively lesser traffic demands as compared to other countries. All that is needed is for you to be a holder of a valid Indian driving licence which they allow you to drive against for up to one year. Although they do not consider it a must for you to have an International Drive Permit, it is wide for you to have one in order to be on the safer side. However, it is a mandatory requirement for you to be well conversant with French language in order to be able to converse with authority around.

United States of America USA
( Drives on Right)

In USA, there are a number of must-do’s to adhere to in order to be allowed to drive through. Among them is having a Indian driving licence that is written in English. The good thing is that you are allowed to use against your driving for one year duration. Additionally, having a copy of International Drive Permit is a must if you are to be allowed to drive.

Generally, a good number of countries are lenient enough to allow you to drive against your Indian driving licence. However, in countries where they may find challenges understanding Indian language, they demand for you to have an International Drive Permit. This means that for no reason should license be a hindrance for exploration.

So now what are you waiting for? Get On The Road.

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