What is a digital nomad

What is a digital nomad & How To Become One?

The term digital nomad has become popular these days. If you want to know how to become one, you need to know what the term means.

What is a digital nomad?

Different people have come up with different explanations to define or explain what a digital nomad is. Put in simple terms, digital nomad refers to a person who travels frequently, at will. These people rely on internet, laptop, and other technological devices in order to undertake and complete sufficient amounts of work, and make their targeted income. Almost exclusively, digital nomads are freelance contractors or owners of businesses, but a few number of satellite employees who fit well in to their requirements, may be involved.

How do you become one?

Frankly speaking, there is no one specific way to follow if you want to become a digital nomad. People start differently, but they all end up being digital nomads. The main three factors that will make you a digital nomad are that, you travel frequently, and you work online to make income. The second part is the most important here. You have to be working online, and making money, usually lots of it. So how and where do you get these jobs?

How and where to get digital nomad jobs:

Because digital nomads work online, it is important to know and where to find the right jobs. The best option for most people is at the freelancing sites. There are very many of these sites, but oDesk (now popularly known as UpWork) and Elance.com are the most preferred by digital nomads.

You may choose not to work with freelancing sites, but you are likely to incur a lot of costs if you choose this option. Without freelancing sites, a digital nomad will have to create infrastructure that can easily link them with clients, and thereafter do a lot of marketing. In this option, it may take a little bit of time before you begin making money, because businesses normally take of slowly and may have to operate for many months or even years before they begin making the desired profits.

In the well-established freelancing sites, digital nomads can get closer to job providers and employers by only making some minimum investment. Because the platform is already established and in place, the clients will readily use it to get work done.

Another advantage of freelancing sites is that you select the job or project that you feel can complete on time, and as per client requirements in instructions. Once you complete this project and submit it, you are free to disconnect and continue with your travel.

There are some disadvantages of working with freelancing sites, such as the stiff competition, poor pay in some jobs, the fees charged, but they still remain the best option for most digital nomads, especially the beginners.


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