How to be good in Convincing Traditional Clients

Yes, Its hard sometime when it comes to convincing traditional style clients that being a Digital Nomad Doesn’t Mean You Will be Unavailable. Right?

So lets talk about it,
Most people’s lives are a tug of war between following traditional job life and  moving towards global living. Concepts are getting redefined and it applies more to jobs than to anything else. Making a living no longer means having a 9 to 5 job that gives you a comfortable salary and a company car. People work out of offices, out of homes, and even while travelling. For those of us who are digital nomads, our more traditional clients often have trouble grasping the concept of our lives. In some cases, we even lose out on work because they have trouble believing that we take our work seriously. Here’s how you can reassure them that even though you aren’t stationary, your work or your role in an organisation is no less important.

Always be connected: The first logical step to convince your clients that your not a beach-bumming procrastinator is to be connected. Make sure your internet connection is fast enough for them to always be able to reach you. Stay online during your working hours so you can address any email sent by them promptly and keep them updated.

Be prompt with your work: Deadlines are the most important thing to a freelancer. If you want to show your client that you are serious about your chosen assignments, always make sure to submit them on time. Submitting them before time would make a better impression of course, but try not to ask for more time. If there’s anything an already skeptical client would not accept is postponing a deadline.

Have Skype meetings: Regular email updates are an important way to notify your clients of your progress and to keep you on top of things as well. But a better way to reassure a client would be to suggest having a daily Skype call to make your report in person. Being visible to your clients enforces that you stand up for your work and take accountability for it wherever you may be.

Don’t mix your leisure with work: Everyone has their own workflow. If sitting on a deckchair and working by the poolside while sipping a drink helps you get your work done, so be it. If however, it is proving a distraction, it is best to head back to your room, sit in a straight-backed chair with your laptop on a table and finish your work. Keeping your working hours separate from your travel time will ensure you get your work done well in time.

Being a digital nomad requires a balance in your life. The reason we are nomads is that we want to learn more about the world, and the only way to do so is to literally get out. While we know that this doesn’t need to interfere in our work lives, it could be challenging to convince clients the same. The best way to do so is by proving that travelling is your way of life and not a fancy, and that it does not affect your work in any way.

Stay Confident! and roll the way you do. 

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