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Waking up to a sunrise in a different country is what you dream of, don’t you?

The dew on the grass, the birds chirping and the aroma of freshly ground coffee is inspiration enough to make you feel completely alive and start the chores of the day. What if this picture-perfect life comes to a standstill due to an earthquake ripping the city apart that you are currently in?
Yes, nature has its own way to balance everything and with no control over natural disasters we have to accept it. Here is what you can do in case a natural disaster hits the town you are vacationing in:

Even before a disaster strikes: While you are setting foot in a new place, ensure your passport/visa details are given to friends there who can assist in case of a disaster occurs. It is a good idea to download apps that can send SOS messages with a click to your family in case of an emergency situation. Check out Life360, Disaster Alert, Earthquake Alert, etc.

Emergency Essentials: When tragedy strikes, be alert and pick up certain essentials like phone power-bank, wallet, laptop, travel documents and medical supplies in that order before vacating the spot. It is important to always pack your bag in a way that you always pick these at a go and just rush to safe spot!

Smart Reflexes:

  • In case of an earthquake, help yourself by immediately running in an open area wherein no physical thing or building can fall on you. Check out for any wire cables and stay away from them as they can electrocute you.
  • In case of floods, move to a higher area and help others to do so. It is extremely crucial to be away from wires and also switch off any electrical appliances in the vicinity. Hold onto any floating object to stay afloat if the pressure of the water is high.

Support: Once you are safe and sane, it’s time to help others.

  • As people lose their homes and loved ones in natural disasters, they undergo an emotional turmoil which needs immediate attention but is often overlooked. At such a time, we can help these strangers with a few words of encouragement, therapy or medical help, art therapy classes to make them experience a different side to the grim reality. 
  • If you are able and willing, you can help in the relief measures being taken on-ground that can include cleaning debris, being an emotional support for children & senior citizens, provide shelter to others, etc.
  • Being digital nomads, it is easy for us to get help digitally from friends, folks or people willing to help disaster victims. Apart from updating your social media pages about your safety, you can start a Facebook page, start a WhatsApp message chain or broadcast videos of the situation to garner any sort of help. Be specific and ask for monetary help or help in terms of food and basic sanitation items.

As a digital nomad, we can showcase our humane side to the strangers and friends that we have made during our stay in a particular city in case of natural disasters. Be Safe and Keep Exploring.

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