Digital Nomads Save Money

A famous quote says, “If travelling was free, you would never see me again

Who better than the digital nomads to endorse this quote with their consistent urge for travelling for long durations! However, the treasured green piece of paper (Money :p) comes in the way. They are known to accomplish their dream to travel by incorporating travel hacks in their daily lives and saving on cash. We bring to you ways in which the internet will hold you good through the rough days on the road. These will help you save on cash for a rainy day.

Referrals – Many brands work on referral basis wherein the idea is to refer your friends and folks to utilize their services or place orders online. In this scenario, the nomad in you can make use of this opportunity to refer your bunch of besties to use the service that in return will contribute to your pool of online cash/ points. You can comfortably use these points to book your hotels or at times flight! Case in point being websites such as Goibibo, ixigo, etc.

Online offers: Time and again travel portals come up with interesting discount offers on flights and hotels which should be taken advantage of every now and then. Another hack is booking a flight much in advance than the trip date which results in saving a decent amount. You can visit to avail of such discounts

Bank retail offers: Retail bank offers are another way to keep your travels going. While the money is safely parked in the account, banks give a lot of offers that can include discounts on purchases, lucky draws, free trips, etc. from time to time. Take advantage of these offers and thank us later!

Mobile wallets: Mobile wallets function like your debit/ credit card albeit you can easily operate it from your mobile phone. These hassle-free wallets are a perfect way to manage your money and save time as your purchases can be paid via the e-wallet system. Paytm, Mobikwik and Oxigen wallet are the major mobile wallet players in India.

Comparison sites: What if before every trip you got to know the flight cost in comparison with other airlines? You would be able to save a lot by booking the cheapest one and Skyscanner is one such website that you should log on to for checking out comparative rates. Wego is a similar website that assists you in comparing rates of flights and hotels.

All set to implement these tricks to make the most of your travel!

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