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Apart from being creative, what does a dancer, painter, writer, singer and chef have in common? It is the opportunity to work from anywhere and provide their services to lead a good life. Their creativity can boost their travel plans and vice versa. Well, how is it possible? In this article for the digital nomads, we decode the ways one can utilise Facebook to their advantage while on the road.

There are various interest-based groups on Facebook that can be utilised to get work in remote locations, volunteer and promote travel in general. We list some of them below:

Digital Nomads Around the WorldAs the name suggests, it is a great platform to exchange knowledge, share stories, ask for assignments, endorse one’s services & capabilities. No wonder, it enjoys a great membership of 20,000+ members in spite of being a closed group.

Girls Love Travel – It is a travel social club for girls who travel solo or in groups. In their words, they are a community to assist the members with growing their travel bucket list, finding others to explore the world with and help empower with safety and support when they are out traveling! It has a massive following from members across the globe. The last I saw, it was 68089 members and still counting!

17000ft Foundation – It is an organisation committed to improve lives of people by improving education and creating livelihood opportunities in very remote villages of Ladakh. They offer volunteering services and thus it is perfect for all the digital nomads to participate in the same. They enable volunteers to stay, share their knowledge and time and take back something incredible in return; priceless moments with the local kids.

Making it Anywhere – This one seems to hit the bull’s eye! It is a global network of entrepreneurs, helping each other to build successful businesses across a huge range of industries. With features like monthly video hangouts, free trainings, constructive criticism leading to improvement and virtually meeting like-minded individuals, this seems to be a community for every digital nomad to be a part of.

Airbnb Action – The name needs no introduction as it is quite popular with the traveller fraternity. This group on Facebook is a community of hosts and guests who believe in the power of home sharing. The fraternity of digital nomads benefit both ways, by hosting or by being a guest, as there is a lot of cultural exchange involved.

So which community are you going to be a part of?

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