Benefits of having a team

As amazing as it is to be a digital nomad, there are a fair share of problems that we face. Due to the nature of our jobs, we always need to be in an area with good connectivity. Or often, we find ourselves stuck in a room working the whole time without taking a break. Or if we’re handling every aspect of an assignment, we might just go nuts trying to handle everything at once. Here’s why working with a team comes in handy.

Security: Companies that have a distributed e-teams have the advantage of securing multiple backups in different physical places. With so many digital companies, the risk of losing data means backups have to be secure and done on a regular basis. If technical failure results in the worst, there will always be a backup with another employee.

Connectivity: In an office, a connectivity issue means the entire team is helpless to continue working. However, with a distributed team, if one member of the team is disconnected, a client can always connect with another member. Crises like these can be addressed remotely without wasting time waiting for teams to assemble.

Focussing on one aspect: While working independently certainly puts a lot of pressure to manage several aspects like client communication, content management and technical particulars, working with a team gives you the benefit of focussing on your area of expertise. Delegation of work or departmentalisation exists just like in a physical office, only virtually.

No distractions: Distractions that happen at an office like a colleague’s birthday, continuous phone calls, and water cooler chit-chat are much lesser at a home office. Employees are able to choose their zone and perform their tasks with more attention.

More productivity: Employees who work remotely tend to be more dedicated to their work because they have the freedom of scheduling their work hours according to their convenience, as opposed to fixed times at a physical workplace. Such conducive and agreeable conditions greatly increase the overall productivity of employees as well.

Work flexibility: Working remotely makes working hours flexible for everyone. It gives all the employees the ability to manage their personal and professional lives as per their convenience, resulting in happier workers who are willing to give more to the company.

Worldwide experience: Many big worldwide companies who work as a distributed team have a high rate of success because they have employees from all over the world. Hiring people from all over the world means that you can work with the best in the field. Working from different timezones also means someone or the other is available at all times for clients to get in touch with.

Time and cost savings: Distributed companies that work remotely save a lot on renting or buying a physical workspace as an office. Employees too, do not have to waste time and energy in commuting to and from a physical workplace. Besides, a lot of capital is saved on infrastructure that an office would require. This greatly contributes to the efficiency and quality of the employees’ work.

The biggest advantage of working with an e-team is the scope for expansion. The camaraderie formed while doing your part to achieve a common goal only makes groups more motivated to tackle bigger projects and aim for higher goals. The satisfaction that comes from teamwork also increases the morale of the entire team and encourages their support as well.

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