Friends on the go

When your life is all about making friends and connections on the road. A lot of these friends become contacts you need in your professional life. Apart from maybe getting new assignments, you may also need their professional services sometime. Here are some people who could help you out during your travels:

A Travel Agent: When you have to take off at short notice, a friend who’s a travel agent can get you the best and cheapest fare. They also have news about good deals and if their own network is extensive, even some competitions that have getaways as prizes. In any case, having a travel agent as a close friend ensures that you’ll always get tickets whenever you need them.

A Health Advisor: The benefits of having a health advisor as a friend are countless. The risk of facing a medical emergency is a serious possibility when you’re on the road. Vaccinations are an important part of international travel and they can also advise you about what medicines are legal in other countries. Having health professionals as friends is also an opportunity to educate yourself about emergency medical procedures like CPR and first aid.

An Emergency Finance Pal: When your clients are delaying your payment and you need to move on in life, you need a friend you can borrow money off temporarily. Also, in case of financial emergencies while travelling, they should be able to send you money on short notice. Needless to say, this should be quite a close friend who doesn’t mind you borrowing money occasionally.

A Fellow Traveller: Fellow digital nomads who have to travel like you do are very valuable friends. They know where you should head to, or where not to head to and can become your biggest general advisors. A lot of networking online is based on swapping information and they of course make great travel companions too, in case you find yourself going to the same destination. These friends are the best emergency contacts

An Admirer Of Your Profession: And finally, it doesn’t hurt to have a friend who thinks your travelling work life is the best thing in the world. They can sing your praises and convince your skeptical relatives that your job is meaningful even though it doesn’t involve sitting in front of a computer all day long. They are the ones who spread tales of your adventures far and wide and can even drum up some business by unofficially publicising your work.

Asking for help in the digital world is easy because you are connected to countless like-minded people. Apps like Twitter are a great resource for connections like these and new information is always pouring in. These are technically what is bringing the world closer together and making travelling much easier for a lot of people. Always make sure you have such people to keep yourself safe and make the most of your travels.

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