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What are the pre-requisites for a digital nomad who wants to live a life of travel and freedom in equal measures? A good wi-fi, a laptop, some good coffee and constant flow of inspiration, isn’t it? Today’s article will be just that; an introduction to the places that are perfect for the lifestyle of a digital nomad in India.

  1. Dharamkot, Himachal Pradesh: This quaint little area ahead of McLeod Ganj in Dharamshala is filled with cafes that offer free wi-fi connection. Enjoy the wholesome sandwiches and coffees with the views of the mountains to provide you that eureka moment. Be sure to carry an umbrella as it rains pretty frequently there, without any warnings!
  1. Rishikesh, Uttarakhand: The holy town of Rishikesh sees a lot of digital nomads who come to experience the Ganga aarti and settle for some time to work as well. They enjoy the perfect blend of adventure, spirituality and food in the culturally rich Rishikesh. Imagine working four hours in a day at a café and spending the remaining day exploring the narrow lanes, talking to the sadhus and indulging in some authentic Indian cuisine. By the way, the cafes in Rishikesh offer wholesome continental dishes as well, if that is your preferred choice of food.
  1. Wayanad, Kerala: Imagine working amidst nature! Visualize lush greens, gentle breeze flowing past and you are working on your laptop with unlimited cups of the choicest blend of kaapi. When not in the mood to work you can explore the waterfalls, treks, caves or shop for the authentic spices, coffee, tea, bamboo products, honey and herbal plants in God’s own country.
  1. Goa – Life comes to a standstill when you are in Goa with the susegad vibe all around. So then how do you switch on your laptops to work? Well, you just grab a King’s, sit in your room facing the beach, munch on some pork chops, play soothing music and work will be a breeze.
  1. Auroville, Tamil Nadu: Everyone should visit this charming experimental township at least once for a slow travel stint. With their aim of realising human unity, the inhabitants encourage people from across countries, religions and backgrounds to come and stay. Imagine the peaceful vibe when you are at work in this township designed by architect Roger Anger

What are you waiting for? Take your pick and pack your bags!

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