Digital Nomad’s medical kit should have this!

There are some who travel for work and some who travel to work. The latter category of people have been titled as digital nomads which as the name suggests are nomadic in nature and work on-the-go utilizing internet to their advantage. Now when some of us digital nomads travel to off-beat locations, explore far-off destinations to satiate our wanderlust, we might experience different weather, terrain and food constantly. This can sometimes affect our health due to the sudden change in the environment. Therefore, we would love to share our two-piece of advice for this burgeoning community by listing down what are medical essentials for a digital nomad.

  1. Country-specific medication: With our obsession to travel far and away to distant countries, it is a must that you study the health risks a country can cause. For e.g. many tropical regions are known to pose a risk of malaria infection. You can visit here to check country specific health details and prepare for your trip accordingly.
  2. Allergies: Some of us have very specific allergies that can come alive anytime anywhere! It’s good to find-out your allergy triggers in advance and ensure the medications to counter them are part of your kit. Also, get the prescription of these meds from your doctor. Make sure these prescriptions are part of your kit, so you don’t have to look through your bags for it.
  3. Special medical needs: For instance, if you are asthma patient, you will need to make sure you have all sorts of meds and backup meds, as you may not get all the medications at the right time. Similarly, if you have an ailment that needs regular medical check-up fix your check-ups in your travel country beforehand. 
  4. Basic Kit:
    1. Antiseptics & antibiotics: An antiseptic liquid, lotion and anti-fungal cream are must-haves for every digital nomad. What if you slip or attract skin allergies while doing a strenuous trek? With respect to antibiotics, carrying a box consisting of basic medication post you have consulted your doctor. You can be prepared to pop one in case of indigestion, acidity, headache and other minor health requirements. In case you are already on medication, do carry those for sure.
    2. Swiss Knife: Yes, you heard that right! A Swiss knife due to its multipurpose utility can be used to cut a bandage or open a medicine bottle. It is compact, useful and totally a must-have in your medical kit.
    3. Camphor: Sniffing camphor works wonders when you are travelling to high-altitude areas. People with mountain sickness should definitely carry it in an air-tight pouch/ container.
    4. Feminine hygiene: Many girls & women these days are travelling and utilizing different modes of transport to reach their destination. This also means using various washrooms on their way. In such a scenario, it makes lot of sense to tuck in that gentle care wash and sanitary napkin and panty liners in the corner of your bag.
  5. Insurance: Yes, you will not carry documents in your medical kit but travel insurance is equally important as you frequently change your locations. Rules of this will change basis the country and the duration of your stay. Lot of Indian banks offer travel insurance like ICICI, Bajaj Allianz, HDFC Ergo, etc. A travel insurance makes sense as it covers not only your medical requirements but also your camera breaks, flight cancellation, death of a family member, loss of a bag, or in case of theft. Why would you not buy it?

An important thing to keep in mind is that you should consult your general physician before you travel and carry any particular medication required. Everyone’s body reacts differently to a different country and thus it is key to know your body thoroughly.

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