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Remote working is tricky, especially in the beginning. Making ends meet can be challenging but once you begin getting clients, you find yourself earning enough to make a living out of it. There are times though, when your income may dip because of various reasons. When your remote assignments are diminishing, you can always make money by other means.

Online Tutoring: Offering your knowledge in various fields is an interesting way to earn more money. If there’s anything people turn to the internet for, it is to learn new skills, and you can always earn a little extra cash by teaching someone a subject, language or an instrument online. Most tutoring websites have an easy system where you can sign up and state what you’d like to teach and your payment terms.

Contests: Lots of websites run photography and writing contests periodically with cash prizes. A growing trend in travel writing means that your experiences definitely have a place in contests like these. There are times when the prizes may not always be cash, but most of them have great offers in the form of travel vouchers too!

Reviews: Your travel expertise itself can help you make more money when work is low. Certain websites offer partnerships to travellers with a good online presence and the work can be as simple as reviewing accommodations, restaurants and destinations. Such assignments can also be done alongside your regular work and generate a nice income on the side.

Planning custom trips: Certain travel websites look for people who can plan custom trips for clients. Once you’re established as a nomad, your experience and knowledge is highly valued. In addition to general itineraries, specific information about a place and practical travel tips are much in demand, especially if you’re an expert at “offbeat trips”, which seem to be very sought after.

Being a guide: If your online resources and finances are running dry while you’re still on the road, being a guide for travel companies can help you continue to travel. Your contacts at regular travel destinations can help you get small gigs and your familiarity with the place is a big plus when it comes to value for money experiences. Do consider the ethical consequences of such a job though, and before undertaking something like this, make sure that you are not robbing someone of their living.

Work volunteer: Many establishments offer food and lodging in exchange for services of travellers. Jobs like this can include taking care of estates, helping out with the running of farms and dairies, and volunteer work with animals. If your online assignments are dwindling, head to such places to cut back on your expenses. Quite a few farms and research centres around the world offer such deals.

The beauty of being a digital nomad is that as long as you are connected to the internet, you can find ways to make money online anytime. And with the online audience growing every day, there is really no chance that your services or expertise on any topic will not find a target market in addition to benefitting someone.

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