Type of Clients a Digital Nomad Should Avoid

Everyone looks at their ringing phones from time to time to roll their eyes because “that client” is calling. We all go head to head with the people we work with and tend to lock horns with some more often than others. Sometimes, in the interest of our own sanity, there are certain kinds of clients we can avoid, or at least learn how to cope with.

The Clingy Type

Everybody has probably encountered the clingy client who keeps checking in on your progress every couple of hours, even when your deadline is 10 days away. While avoiding such clients may be really tempting, it is definitely unprofessional. The best solution is to make it clear to them that you will get back to them once you have completed the assignment.

The Payment Procrastinator

Freelancers in particular have a tough time getting clients to pay, especially if either party is new at business. This kind of client is probably a freelancer’s worst kind of nightmare because their attitude shows that they don’t value your profession. Definitely steer away from such clients. Maybe they do have a reason for not being able to pay you on time but you’ll do well to hold in your submissions till after you get your payment.

The Unreachable One

Many clients complain about not being able to reach freelancers but occasionally we too get the kind of clients who don’t pick up the phone. This can be particularly annoying if the deadline for the job is close. Whenever you do get in touch with them, always set a date and time as to when you can call them next to update them on your progress. Always check your client’s working hours and make sure you know appropriate times for calling them after work.

The One Who Deems It Urgent

Then there’s the one who talks about the assignment for 10 whole minutes and wants the assignment “soonest possible”, meaning the very next day. Steer way clear of such clients, especially if they seem to be insistent about giving out assignments. It is important to make your terms clear in a situation like this and no amount of money should justify why you should take up assignments with stringent deadlines if it is not your policy to do so.

The “It’s not good enough”

No idea seems to cut it for this client. They have an obsessive need to keep brainstorming and will waste precious time flitting from one suggestion to the next, unable to settle on any one and ultimately, leaving the decision to you. They may even ask you to keep reworking your final piece, claiming that it isn’t really hitting the right note. At such times, it is best to be honest with the client and have an open discussion about what exactly they want. Remind the client that it is up to him to give you a brief and that you cannot work on anything without knowing exactly what the client needs.

At the end of the day, a large part of any work is dealing with people, so anyone is bound to meet these kinds of clients. As a digital nomad, while you do have the advantage of not meeting these people face to face, interactions with people like these can seem trying. If you find yourself wasting too much mental energy on some clients whose priority is not to get the work done, you should definitely steer clear of them.

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