Is Digital Nomading Worth It

We’ve all had those times when we question our digital nomadism for various reasons. Maybe there’s a lull in the assignments or we genuinely have run out of money or we miss our families. At some point or the other, we all contemplate the safety and security of a stable job. It’s mostly just a phase that we go through, but here are some ways to combat that low.

Remember that you chose to travel: The reason you are not stuck in a cubicle working Mondays to Fridays and craving weekends is because you wanted to escape the monotony that came along with it. While everyone may have different reasons for choosing to travel, the motivation behind your decision is the same: to break free. If you ever doubt that travelling is worth it, imagine yourself back in that cubicle and you’ll find your answer.

Revisit special places: As a reminder of why you chose to travel, go back to the places that inspired you to travel. Revisiting spots where you learnt something or had a moment of self realisation or simply felt at peace with yourself can help you remember why this nomadic life matters to you.

Head to that dream destination: Everybody has a dream trip planned, that one destination that they want to eventually head to. When you find yourself jaded by travelling because of itchy feet, head to that destination. It will remind you why you love travel and give you motivation to continue travelling. Besides, you get to plan a trip to your next dream destination.

Keep in touch with family: When homesickness hits, call home. Talking to your loved ones will definitely make you feel better. If you miss your family too much, take some time off travel and work to spend some time at home. Returning to your old room can be a pleasant change from waking up in unfamiliar hotel rooms and can be a nice break from moving around.

Take a break from digital-nomadism: Yes, we said that! If you have been on the road for long, this may wear you off. Hence, take a break from digital nomadism and spend time may be a few months by working from home, not necessarily take up a full time job. When you go back to mundane life, the magic of digital nomadism will capture you all over again.

Speak to non-digital nomads: When you speak to your buddies and family members about regular stuff, you suddenly realize that you have somehow come miles ahead of their thinking and being. They still talk about ordinary things that are crafted out of societal pressure. You definitely don’t want to be one of them again, you can’t be!

Travel changes you for the better and is the best teacher. Imagine the person you would be if you hadn’t taken the chances that enabled you to travel and learn things. While everyone considers their student days to be behind them, travel teaches you things that no one can teach you in a classroom.

You learn skills like tolerance, communication and awareness that make you a citizen of the world. Guess we can all agree that in today’s world, it is these lessons that are going to prove humanity’s worth. It beats a desk job any day.

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