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The increasing tribe of the digital nomads work on the go, makes professional calls while lazing on the beach or call friends in different countries to share their travel stories. All this is possible in a cost-effective way due to the plethora of apps available. Apps, lifeline for our community, make our lives simpler as we book tickets, check restaurant reviews, check currency rates, learn language translations, edit images, call friends across borders and many more.

One recent entry to the app family is Prisma, a photo-editing app which transforms your picture into an enviable art piece with just a few clicks. It can make your images look like paintings from some of the most renowned artists like Picasso, Van Gogh, Levitan and more. Prisma, developed in Russia by Alexei Moiseyenkov and his team, uses neural networks and artificial intelligence to analyse the image and provide an intricate design unlike what the other mundane filter apps can do. All of this in a few seconds!

Where does it leave our beloved Instagram?

Let us look at both the apps with three filters!

Filter No. 1: Platform

Instagram: Launched in 2010, Instagram is currently available on ios, Android and Windows.

Prisma: Launched in 2016, Prisma is currently available only on ios and is now available on Android in Beta Version.

Filter No. 2: Filters

Instagram: It has 23 filters & detailed editing options which are quiet user friendly. These filters enhance the look of your image and can be shared on Instagram and other social media sites.

Prisma: This newly launched app more than 30 filters to choose from. These are based on artistic styles of famous artists like Munch, Mondrian and Picasso, while some others feature popular patterns or drawing forms, like “Paper Art” or a filter that looks like a manga sketch called “Curly Hair.” It further has filters with names that are unrelated to art at all :  “Running in the storm”, “Light summer reading”, “Illegal beauty” amongst others. The interface is neat and easy-to- use for the user.

Filter No. 3: Video

Instagram: Yes, one can upload videos from 3-60 seconds with various filters that can be applied.

Prisma: No with plans to introduce the video feature soon.

If you see, the apps are not in direct competition to each other and hence no choice can be made as  such because Prisma is a photo editing app whereas Instagram is a step further wherein one can edit the picture and upload it as well.

Thus it entirely depends on the user if he wants to project the natural beauty of the place as is or does he wish to showcase it aesthetically by converting it into an artwork.

Download Prisma on App Store Now.

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