Convincing Indian Parents

In today’s world, a desk job that isn’t 9-5 is still considered an anomaly in society. In less aware company it is synonymous with ‘not being serious about life’. Even our parents’ generation may not understand that being a digital nomad is in fact, no less serious than a “job”. Most parents are just clueless about how to tackle society’s confused reactions to them having children who “waste money” on travelling rather than making life plans to “settle down”.

Get yourself sorted financially:

Every parent’s prime concern about their children is if they are financially secure. If there’s one thing they’re right about it is that money doesn’t grow on trees. Make your finances rock solid and get them in order. In addition to a travel fund, saving up is important for several reasons like medical emergencies, future plans and most importantly, for rainy days. This is especially important for freelancers, who may not get regular work during certain times. Also make sure that you get travel insurance every time you travel as it covers you for any major damages that occur on the road.

Take responsibility:

Older generations may think that we are not settled since we move around so much. However, we can remind them that even though we may still be under their roofs, it doesn’t mean we aren’t independent. Make sure to chip in, in whatever way you can. Pay the bills. Choose to pay back student loans by yourself. Give them a break from cooking and take over the kitchen or take them out to dinner. Or just do the grocery shopping once in a while. Contributing to whatever you can when you’re not travelling (or even if you are) will ensure them that you are taking responsibility seriously.

Stay in contact:

If you’re parents are the kinds to want to keep tabs on you all the time, share your travel itineraries with them. Assure them that they can reach you at all times and if they can’t, make sure they can send and receive messages through someone at any time. Parents can get extremely panicked if they don’t hear from you on a regular basis, especially if you have promised them that you will text them so make sure you do. Showing them that your safety while travelling will never be a low priority will make them more confident in you and will ensure their support.

Share your travels:

Include your parents, if not directly, through your travels. You don’t need to share every single detail with them because no matter how safe your homestay in the highlands of Scotland is, their first thought will be all the dangers that you could run into while travelling. But you can quash their paranoia by sending them photographs from the road. Tell them something fascinating about your destination or show them something you saw that reminded you of home.

Maybe you could cook a new dish for them when you get back. Show them a new craft you learnt. Share your experiences with them. If you show them that travel actually teaches you lessons that no cubicle-bound job can teach you, they will have faith in your nomadic way of life.

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