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For all of us in the business of freelancing, let’s be honest, we’re broke more often than not. The endless vicious circle of “quit job – no money to travel – get a job – no time to travel” is a hard one to escape. Even if you do have a career that entails travel, many of us find ourselves stuck in our hotel rooms tapping away at our laptops rather than taking time off to get out. While there is no perfect way to achieve this, here is how digital nomad strikes work-travel balance:

Time Management:

Try to manage time effectively while travelling. Set certain hours of the day aside for your work and do not work at any time apart from those hours. Or try to work during the hours when you know you definitely will not be travelling. Keep clear boundaries between the time you work and the time you explore.

Say no to stringent deadlines:

Once in a while you may go out of your way (pun intended) to commit to a stringent deadline, but do not make it a habit. Or else you will only have work balance. There is a time for being digital workaholic but the time has to be limited! Don’t be tempted to take stringent deadlines all the time just for money. You became digital nomad to have ‘enough’ money to travel and be rich by experience.

Plan around client’s holidays:

Let’s face it, many a times our time gets crafted around the official holidays of the clients that we are catering, too. So, wisely make use of them and ensure that you are strictly unavailable during those days and lose yourself to the unknown joys of travel.

Plan the significant trip around your work calendar:

Being a season professional, we now know which part of the year truly get demanding right? So go by your gut feeling about this and avoid planning the significant trip of your year during this time. Instead choose to be at relatively quiet places that don’t offer too much distraction and steady internet connection.

Research ahead to save time:

As romantic as unplanned travel sounds, research and planning can help you get the most out of your destination. If you only have a few hours to explore a place, wouldn’t you rather know the address of the restaurant instead of wasting time walking around searching for it?

Make the weekends count:

Promise yourself that you will spend every weekend at a new destination. This will automatically boost you to explore more, travel more and be more. Most digital nomads confess that Mondays are not usually tough as client comes alive only be end of Monday. For us Tuesdays are Mondays! So makes your weekend is always extended weekend.

No matter what you do for a living, ultimately it is your attitude towards travel, rather than the time you spend travelling, that is more important. While earning your daily bread is necessary, the real reward comes from travelling. So be a smart and mystic digital nomad who balances the ying and yang of work and travel intuitively.

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