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The online nomads have been wrongly thought to be slaves to work; working indoors all day, all times. However, this is simply not true. It is possible for you to make your freelancing career the best experience ever. Taking clean breaks and having your work done from a different environment is always fascinating. It makes you find fun in what you do best as you also explore and enjoy the natural beauty of nature.

Some of the places that have been considered best in terms of freelancing career adventure are such as Santa Teresa, Costa Rica, Goa in India, Santa Teresa in Costa Rica, Bali in Indonesia as well as Taghazout, Morocco. Discussed below are just a few of the considerations that have been used in ranking them high than others.


The cost of living differs from the resorts of various beaches. While some of them are super pricy to live in, there are still some cost effective yet cosy villas that you can rent for a long term basis. For instance, Lago de Atitlan, Guatemala, Goa in India are just some few examples that are worth mentioning. They are not only adventurous and fun places to be but also cost effective. Generally, the cost per month is approximately between US$ 400-800. Clearly, this is an expenditure that is nothing as compared to the beautiful scenes of beaches and fun in the new environments. It will be a thrilling time working all your stuff from a different environment thus saving you monotony of one place.

Climatic patterns

Among the main reasons as to why most online nomads would love to work from a different vicinity is for the reason of adverse weather conditions. There is nothing that is as punishing as staying up late in the night at a place where the climate is cold, gloomy and winter is the order of the day. Digital nomads from such places are looking to run into places where summer is in season so that they can enjoy the beautiful sun busk at the beaches as they have their tasks done. For instance Santa Teresa, Costa Rica has a super favourable climate. It allows you surf in the morning during high tide, work through the heat at day time and surf at high tide again when it’s dusk.

Speed for Internet

Ideally, among the things that matters most to digital nomads is the speed at which internet is running. One of the things for which the above mentioned places are considered best is due to fast Internet. Goa, India is definitely an example worth mentioning if it is about the speed of Internet. It has been found to have a super strong and fast Internet all through. Therefore, you can easily have your jobs done without much hassles waiting for stuff to load for hours without end.

So what beach are you planning next?

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