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Being constantly on the move – life has its rewards but challenges too. Travelling all the time and maintaining a steady job on the go can be quite a daunting task. Remaining efficient and consistent at your job and constantly being on the top of things is difficult. These few tips might can help –

You are no longer surrounded by co-workers who you can rely on in case you make a mistake or don’t understand certain tasks you’re supposed to do. You’re no longer in an office where you can be sure you’ll get work done because of other people working around you.

It is difficult for your co-workers too, since they may find it difficult to get in touch with you as you maybe in a different time zone. These things too may affect your work performance.

So here are 6 simple tricks to help you stay on track and still be the best while you work remotely.

1. Stay Scheduled
Select a time and stick to it. When you’re not in office it can be difficult to get work done. Fix a time
and place and the number of hours you’re going to work. Create a list of the things or tasks you need to finish. Follow this regime religiously every day and you’ll always be on track.

2. Stay Connected
Make sure you have a strong internet connection. If you work for an organization, your colleagues might need to get in touch with you, you may have to communicate with seniors on Skype calls. A good internet connection is crucial for remote workers.

3. Communication is the key
Communicate with your colleagues properly and stay in touch with them, it is not easy for your colleagues to coordinate with you while you’re not in office, communicate well with them and keep them updated.

4. The Plan B Style
Always have a backup plan. You cannot stop working because your net connection is down or you laptop doesn’t work; you always need to have a plan B, like a nearby shared system, to meet your deadlines in any situation.

5. Search The Hub
Look for a cafes or pubs where you can get a strong Wifi connection. If you find it difficult to concentrate with all the people and activity around you, use apps like Focus@Will that create ambient noise and help you concentrate.

6. Stay Updated
Be up to date with what is happening in the industry you work in. This will help you stay on par with your colleagues and also be up to mark with your work.

Next time, make sure you are a bit MORE.

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